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A Prison for Singing Words By: Rohit Jain

Charger Cup Audio for Poem Two teams compete From the same school One blue and one gold Footballs soaring Our shoes flying Explosions of Balloons past, Can be heard wailing throughout campus Disk golf Frisbees flying, Like little saucers roaming, Quickly to their planet A giant tug of war Teacher and faculty scrambling,

Grunting, hollering, and yanking! While both scores are good, Together they would have been Higher than ever before As the winners were announced They rose victoriously Screaming, singing, a little bragging, In an ocean of blue They spread out over the Glistening grass fields But the other team Warned them We'll get you NEXT YEAR!

The Not So Magical Horrid School Bus Audio for Poem Little Timmy was starting school His mom in tears His dad patting him on the back He scrambled on the school bus Little Timmy, Immediately regretted His decision to get On so joyously The bus was full of Stinky, sweaty, horridly Smelling smells It made his tears start tearing up! Farting, burping, and sneezing What was this nightmare? Full of slimy giant spiders And crawling slobbery maggots!

And then the Monster at the wheel yelled, It was the most excruciating sound He had ever heard Was it the wailing of the sirens? The scream of Godzilla? What kind of monster had Timmy Just encountered? And then the bus Swerved to the right jolting Timmy awake! Sitting straight up in bed still as a statue

Timmy finally said "What a bad dream to have right before school starts!"

The Demanding Guy in My Mouth Audio for Poem My sweet tooth Drives me crazy I could devour, A candy planet My sweet tooth Pounds its fists, Screaming I want more More! MORE! It steers me

To the desert bar Where it takes over, Eating as much as it can It treats my stomach Like it’s a black hole It’s the border control, As long as it’s sweet It can cross So don’t blame me, It’s not my fault I just love sugar!

Tailgate Audio for Poem Hotdogs, burgers, fries, and more Chips and dip, snacks galore

Running, hurdling, lots of athletes An Olympics in which our school competes A crowd of people roaring Ecstatic fans are chanting! The other team may get a presentable start But we win; we play with all our heart They can try will all their might, But we have a clear goal in sight! Soccer balls seem to be asking For us to get kicking The smooth pavement cheers Our athletic runners With all of our charger spirits We cheer our school to use their wits We win with our smarts, strength, and courage With every win we feel even more above average!

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