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Dead Rosebush of Poems A Poetry Collection Riya Thomas 10/9/2012

Ode to the Teacup Audio Recording

Ode to the Teacup Oh how I reminisce, When I first walked in the door, Your picture was the first I saw and instantly made me restless. I knew I had to have you, With one word or more, I asked for you and that’s when we first met. My lips burned like feeling the sun when they interacted with your rim, But that didn’t stop me from continuing to sip out of you. The noisy slurping sound that I made was like a gulp of a fat frog

When I put you down I wanted you back immediately. You were the rock to my crazy day life,

The spring to my step. All of my every day energy was in you small cup. Without you I couldn’t last my day without a snooze. You’re the one I could never loose. Until we are done and I have won.

And now I have a craving for coffee…

The Old Man’s Hum Audio Recording

I hurried across the gray cornfield, thinking of what was for supper. I passed the old church where the nuns say prayers and even the small school where the children made their melancholic sounds of hate. I was tired for I had a crippled knee, so rested near brown oak tree. Trying to wipe the tired tears out of my eyes, I heard a wonderful noise. I looked behind me to see a poor old man wearing a farmers hat and humming. He didn't know that I was listening to him. He stood up and said "Boy, where do you stay?" I responded politely, near over there up on that hill. "Do you like my humming?" He asked.

"Yes of course I do!" I responded. Everyday when you feel tired come to this tree and I will hum for you. I agreed and ran off after hearing the bell for supper. The next day I came back to that spot to find what was expected, the old man sitting there with his guitar. His hair was grayish white and his poor smile made my day. I came for the next year to that exact location. When I left he would just sit there. One day I was too tired of working that I forgot to come sit with him. After dawn and I started working again, I went back there. He was not there. He did not come for the next week and I was worried. Mum said that he probably was just too busy working. Next week they found his body sitting near the tree.

I tried hardest not to cry for looking at the wrinkly smile on his face made me feel like I was about to implode any second. The man who found him dead told me that there was a note in his overalls for me. I opened it and it read: "When I see your face boy, I want to hum for you. When you came to me you were my only friend. Here is some change start your new life. But never forget my hum." And I didn't. I never forgot the old man's hum.

Virulent Pain Audio Recording

Breaking the path by random steps, you move, and thoughts make a ritual dance. In a wingless flight, a cosmic gloom envelops you. You try to stop the dark rumors, Yet you don’t feel safe in a crowd.

Life has changed it does not touch the yonder. The brain does not work, and memory is not authentic. Emotions are bruised,

and time is becoming ruthless. Knowledge explodes the myths, and hurls the naked truths.

In a corner of my heart, a song dies I refuse to listen, I decline to see, a world crumbling before my eyes. My disbeliefs engage, the intense poetry, of my turbulent mind, to understand the virulent pain


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Riya T  
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