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My Little Life By: Preston Gabson

Poem 1: My Weekend- One, two, what I’m going to do today, don’t have a clue Three, four, open the bathroom door Five, six, sink doesn’t work, something else my dad will have to fix Seven, eight, brother’s in the bathroom, guess I’ll have to wait Nine, ten, do it again One, two, it’s the afternoon Three, four, run for the kitchen door Five, six, eat a bag of trixs Seven, eight, wash my plate Nine, ten, do it again One, two, put on my tennis shoe Three, four, run out the back door Five, six, give a soccer ball a few kicks Seven, eight, go to bed late Nine, ten, do it again

Poem 2: My Family- My brother is like a flower in a swamp unique compared to everything else

My mom is like water in the desert it always good to have

My dad is like the sun on a cold day makes you feel good and warm every time he is seen

My sister is like a peacock, also showing off her feathers

My grandma is like the earth, it keeps moving no matter what happens

My cousins are like flies, kind of annoying at times

Poem 3: The World Outside-

I love to go out in the sun and have some fun

I love to go outside, the ice-cream truck passes by and my eyes open wide

I love to swim, and help my dad when there are trees he has to trim

I love cold drinks, but I love even more sausage links

I love everything outside, because there is nothing there to hide

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