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Raining different colors By: Olivia Halferty 1 1

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It seems like heaven out here surrounded deep blue not like the sky more like a perfect jewel I could be surrounded in jewels right now I feel like a princess relax swim breathe A sudden rumble disrupts this paradise dripping water falls lowering the steady boat sinking no longer a princessI am a warrior going into battle relax swim breathe

they will find you, someone will look, and yes, you taste awful relax swim breathe flailing like a worm, paddle all of my thoughts telling me togive up; I keep swimming. it would be easier, stopping; sinking; no one to bother you. relax swim breathe back to heaven

The scarf and the ribbon

Splashes and sand, absorbing sun all day; Mom waiting inside, fatigued by the ribbon. The little pink ribbon as small as a pea but the ribbon is a strong bull Her clothes draping, over her worn body the ribbon is squeezinghas been squeezing too tight weak from the drugs girls waiting for mom sometimes to play dress up otherwise-

No looks of sorrow because without her girls, she's alone no one to hold her hand waiting waiting for the news spending summer by the waternot quite; in the hospital bed looking over the beach somewhere her girls are there waiting for Mom The pink ribbon, fighting; the scarf covering the ribbon and when the scarf comes off, the pink ribbon does.

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