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I kept on shrinking and shrinking Until I was the size of my Barbie doll. I was barley 10 centimeters tall, But the house was nice. It was my type. Pink, purple and blue. It’s quit cozy, The color is quite rosy. There was a chair, That’s beyond compare. There was a coffee table, That's very stable. The frame of the flower, Was near the shower. I have been staying here for a while. And I know I am just a child, But this is going well, This is very swell. This is my home, This is where I may roam

Hilarious and nice That’s what I like Beautiful and creative That’s going to make it Genius and cool That’s people at school Unique, Now that’s me

My heart was pounding I had a black suit on With a checkered tie My armpits were sweating like After you ran the marathon Thank fully she did not notice She had a beautiful white dress With ruffles at the bottom And her earrings, Ohhh, Her earrings were beautiful in the moonlight They shined as bright as the sun As colorful as a rainbow And as delicate as a glass cup I trying to walk over But I was too wobbly So of course I fell And you could say That I was LITERALLY Falling for her