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MY Poems By Nadeen Atieh

My Life Vocaroo:

My life is simple and true, But sometimes it cannot always stay cool. You never know what may seem; For in life some things are quite mean. Sometimes life can be exciting, And during those times life is delighting.

Rain Vocaroo:

Rain falls through the sky; Like diamonds in those mines We love to play in the rain, For in rain you feel a joy Unless there is a storm Then stay inside and stay warm. You never know rain can be either good or bad.

Soccer Vocaroo:

I run The wind blows My hair catches the winds, My team seems to struggle the same. We run towards the goal; But none of us make it We are forced to go back, We run again

My teammates try to steal the soccer ball; But with no luck I run and slide and steal it from the other team. I dash and dash until my feet start to hurt. I pass to the side, She passes back. I shoot. Time slows Pondering on the idea‌‌

It hits the goal post. Past the Goalie, And into the goal. We cheer We won the game 1-0

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