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The Poultry of Poetry By Michelle S.

Oh Mallory By Michelle Schwartz

Oh Mallory, Where do I begin? How do I describe such a crazy creature? Might I begin with, You are an amazing best friend Like a sparkler, You shine bright and seem to never end, Your eyes glisten with creativity For you are a song, filling the cold empty air, Making everyone sway to beat of the rhythm As nutty as peanut butter, You can't eat peanuts though, Or else you will choke and die. So don't be as nutty as peanut butter, You are as nutty as a fruit cake! Outgoing and courageous, you are never afraid to step outside of the box And show your true colors Heart like an open window, You are never afraid to let anyone inside your heart Trying your best at everything you do, You never give up Responsible at the strangest moments,

You know where to draw the line You are larger than life, Acting in ways that are almost impossible Like two peas in a pod, I will stick with you until the very end Oh Mallory, Where do I end? How do I conclude all the amazing things you are? Might I end with, You are an amazing best friend.

Gossip Gossip, Gossip, Here and there, Gossip, Gossip, Everywhere, Gossip, Gossip, You know its mean, Gossip, Gossip, You cannot keep Gossip, Gossip, The secrets inside Gossip, Gossip, And all the terrible lies Gossip, Gossip, You spread and said Gossip, Gossip, Like butter on bread Gossip, Gossip, You cant close your mouth Gossip, Gossip, That’s how it gets out Gossip, Gossip, Making others look bad, Gossip, Gossip, It just makes them mad Gossip, Gossip, Trying to make yourself look good,

Gossip, Gossip, I think you have misunderstood, Gossip, Gossip, You can no longer be trusted, Gossip, Gossip, Our bond has rusted, Gossip, Gossip, Doing it as you please, Gossip, Gossip, You are just plain mean Gossip, Gossip, You try to keep, Gossip, Gossip, Making others Get on their knees, Gossip, Gossip, Begging you please Gossip, Gossip, Stop spreading your social disease.

Jumpers Last night I sat in the rain, I felt the rain pound against my back, I felt the rain gather beneath my feet I listened to the rhythm beat against the concrete, I listened to the frogs mingle amongst each other I smelled the sidewalk saturated in rain, I smelled the dirt and trees release their scent I tried to encounter the universe through my feelings I closed my eyes to focus on the emotions stirring inside of me, But I was fearful that someone was lurking behind me Instead I strolled down my drive way and looked for frogs, I found one by the edge of the showered grass I started to introduce my self , But he quickly hoped away I tried to once again to start a conversation, But he hoped away, And so I named him Jumpers.

Michelle S  
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