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The Hunt for the King The wind whistles through the canopied forest, ruffling the gnarly branches, waking the one-eyed tiger and the occasional Loris. As the intruders soundlessly stalk the most mighty lion, doomed to meet his horrible fate by the powerful sword and shield of Orion. But the intruders make a mistake, treading on a branch, hard and dry. The lion stirs: ears up, head tensed, and turns one fearful eye. The intruders hold their alcohol-laden breath, praying that the king of the forest will pay no attention. But the lion feels the sharp pang of the rays of death, as he moves with great fear and apprehension. The king lets out a roar of perseverance and fury, for he knows that he'd be poached like an egg if he were to stay. A chiseled arrow flies past him, but he does not hesitate, he runs swiftly, gaspipng and panting, until he is far, far away.

The Flight to the Ocean Our leathery, hard eggshells crack as each of us breathlessly awakens. We prepare for the massive attack. The golden beach will be shaken. Our internal clocks nervously tick. Our souls nearly shatter. We'd be a delectable fish stick if we thought mere seconds didn’t matter. But we are integral to the survival of earth, it is ingrained in our tiny brains for we inherited instinct at birth. We paddle on the sand, one by one, our massive flippers nearly immobilized, bodies burnt by the baking sun. Birds of prey tauntingly circle and swoop, catching hundreds of us in their sharp beaks. The unlucky will become leatherback soup. ButSome of us are left, fighting for our lives. For it is essential for one of us to survive. And I'm still living to tell my harsh tale which was captured by determination, dedication, and mother nature's will to prevail.

A Letter of Distress Dear Friend, I am dreadfully afraid that I am not working hard enough. Your malevolence has gotten a bit out of hand. I miss the days when you would give thoughtful, yet constrained compliments. When you never breached promises to others. When you never doubted yourself. But you have become inhibited and turned into a monster created by society. Those little sparks that you see in that golden pile of autumn leaves, those should be reminiscent of your days as a young child. Those should give you hope. But they don’t. And all I am telling youis to taste your words before you spit them out. To think before your wrath becomes heightened and you perform yet another misdeed. To consider the consequences of a blackened city annihilated by hate.

And I shall ask you a question: What have you become? Or more importantly, What have I become? Sincerely, Your Conscience

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