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Growing Music In a time some time ago, there was a boy. Who loved music. He poured his heart into his music It was always beautiful. It was a true and wondrous talent. He could hear and feel what the music was whispering. Time went on and the boy grew older. And he could no longer hear the music. It disappeared slowly in time. "Why" he thought. “Why now" he did not know. Time went on and the boy grew elder. He had finally given up on trying to get the music back. In the night it then came back to him. The music. Softly it spoke. And never again did the boy question his music.

The Kitten The kitten is a fierce and ferocious beast, That is in the kittens mind. In the kittens mind it is as large as a tiger. Pouncing on its prey as it stalks through the wood. Silent in its mind, The kitten can be as sweet as a flower just after bloom. As it rubs its face along your arm, Slowly the kitten is drifting into a sound sleep. The kitten kneads the ground slowly to soften its bed. It looks around with soft eyes. Then it is quiet until morning.

On The Floor Waiting to walk onto the mat. The smell is hair spray from all of it that was spritzed. The nerves, the excitement, the fear All things I feel. All that I can hear is the applaud for the team That has just performed. Every hand is held, As the first person touches the floor. The floor that we will either win or lose on. As we half-skip, half-run onto the floor. Strobe lights so bright that you feel blinded. The spotlight is on me. Everything seems glittery from the sparkles surrounding my eyes. I feel as if my smile is as wide as my face. I feel confident, prepared, and happy. Nothing can stop me. The speaker pulses as it plays the music. And it starts A hard routine Flipping, throwing, running, leaping Everywhere Mad chaos But heaven to me It seems to go by in a second Hugging, smiles, tears of joy follow. No matter what, we are winners.

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