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Poems in Flames By: Katherine W.

The Silent One Audio for poem Walking. Snap, shocked we slowly turn to see what had made the sound. Raising our eyes in fear, Its red gleaming pupils as red as fire, Staring back at us, An obvious sign to keep out. Backing away slowly, It roars like an agony of despair. Breaking into a run, Shoes covered in mud, bits of poison ivy, and smashed berries. Looking behind us we see nothing. We stop and looked relieved. But then it was heard again that sound of pain. Stopping in our tracks with fright, The tension was unbearable, Stretching our necks to see any signs of it.

Slowly it immerges again and the look of fear is once again replaced in our eyes. Carefully, watching as it opens it large mouth and roars again Frozen with terror, our eyes are large round saucers. Watching as it heads back giving us one last, long look as it slowly trotted back The wind sings as it knocks emerald green leaves to the ground, But there was no more sound.

Ice Skating Audio for Poem

Feeling the cold breeze, Spinning fast and jumping high, Determination

The Jaguar Audio for Poem

Creeping through the woods, Slowly lurking to the prey, Attacking fiercely

A Calm day Audio for Poem

It’s a calm day. The gentle wind whistles through the willow trees, As a rabbit dashes through the grass, as fast as a cheetah, to a place where no one can see. A hummingbird flies to ever single flower, To get a special powder. Birds flying through the trees, And everywhere they we shall see. A dew drop on a ruby, red singing flower, And a sprinkling crystal shower, It’s a calm day.

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