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My 2 Cents By Kate H.

"Stuck in the Middle" Audio for Poem It’s different than I imagined No fading into the light No victorious celebrations Just‌... Blank. As I lie here, Not a muscle moves in my body Every bone rusted like a tin man Eyelids glued shut Mouth; dry as the Sahara Desert. In spirit... I'm alive A wild horse in the wind But my body is stuck Boxed in like a package in the mail All I have to pass the time is Think. I think about everything Cause heck, I have an eternity of time But eventually all thoughts will have been thought And all answers will have been sought Then it will be time for me To go.

"You" Audio for Poem Everyone always says to be you To do what you want to do But no one is ever new Our personalities….. Are just different version of our friends and families It’s hard to picture, you see Knowing is the real key… In truth… We are all as one But I'm not quite done So what's this idea of an individual No one is ever different like the shine of a toy But we are all the same and quite dull Still, there's no need to pout Everyone can still stand out Stand up, scream… SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT!! My work is through There is nothing left to say but to Just. Be. You

This Bright Night Audio for Poem On this bright night, The stars shimmied across the sky On this bright night, The clouds hid behind a wave of darkness On this bright night, The moon sobbed of loneliness On this bright night, The wolves yelled with the voices of their sorrow On this bright night; The fantasies of mankind swam in pools of imagination On this bright night; The sun dreamed of tomorrow.

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Kate H  
Kate H