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Collection of Thoughts Kaitlyn W.

Background Audio for poem Have you ever felt invisible? Like people can just run through you. Like you are stored away, Or wherein camouflage, In the back ground. You are a fly, Small and quick. You can see everything, And it feels like no one cares. You see people do wrong, And you resist the urge not to tell. Seeing people cup the hands real tight. Like they’re going to scoop up water. But instead the lean in someone's ear, And you can't hear them, But you can still see them. You can see them laugh or gasp when the secret is over. The teacher tells people to pare up And all the sudden people are leaping out of their chairs Scurrying across the class rushing to get there best friend, A few seconds later you realize your alone. People pointing fingers, And shouting out names, You can see it all, Like you’re just in the background.

Guide Auto for poem We are on different paths, paths that has been laid out for us. And even though we get lost We always find a way back And we always will. Even when there's a mountain, or a river. There is always a way around or across. There's always a key to a lock. And if one is really meant to open a door, the key will be found. It's a long journey, but believe that it won’t go to waste. There is a reward, a BIG reward, Just waiting for you at the end. There will be bumps, and curves. But everyone finishes this task. Believe me it’s not easy, but there are ways to make it easier. Simply just breath, and know that you have a guide.

Me Auto for poem Sometimes I wonder about me, and if this is who I would be. If I lived somewhere else and did other things, Would I still be me? Does my every move affect who I am? In the past if I simply pressed a different button, Or crossed a different street, Would I still be me? Would I still know what I know now, If I said something else, Or did something different, Would I still be me? Maybe these questions do not have answers, But it might not even matter. Just do your best to be yourself, And it will be ok.

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Kaitlyn w