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Poems by Me By Justin T


I have a dog. His name is Scout. He's the best, Without a doubt We play lots of games, Like Frisbee and Catch. He's a good retriever, Even the Newspaper he will fetch. He gets into trouble, All of the time. But I still love him, So I made him this rhyme.

The Icecream Truck

I hear the sound, From miles away. The loud annoying music, That gets stuck in your brain. It's the sound of happiness. It’s the sound you love. It's the sound of the ice cream truck, A sound from above. It makes kids scream, And yell for joy, As they run outside their houses, Little girls and boys. As they run towards the sound, Which gets louder and louder, They get really excited, And run faster and faster. As they approach the truck, They become really happy. And reach into their pockets, To find they have no money. When they realize, They grow sad. And slowly mope home, Feeling really bad.


Poems… I can't write them. No matter how hard I try, I can’t. I’ll sit there for hours, Trying to think, About what I should write. But no matter how hard I try, It doesn't come to me. Is it the lack of creativity? Or the fact I can’t express myself? I don’t know But I keep trying And keep failing Over and over Again and again But I’m going to learn to And maybe one day, Some day, I’ll figure it out.