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A poetry compilation

By Jihad Libbus

Cure For Fear

Mama says the cure for fear love’in .

Pop says the cure is being brave and hunting. Sis says the cure for fear is hiding in your bed. But what I think is maybe, it’s all in your head,

Is fear real does it even exist.

Whatever I do fear still seems to persist. Now there is a line, between danger and fear Danger is obvious and very, very clear.

Fear is our imagination of danger.

It is not real you may not have an encounter, Now danger is present it does not change. Unlike fear is a choice, you control the range.


in the dark

they creep

without a meep eager ’n hungry

craving a currency

greater than money

tepeeing houses

running round like mouses counting and trading

sitting and ranking Halloween!!


If you really want something you have to go and get it . even if it takes a while through all the obstacles through all the rain and pain, if it’s worth it never let it out of

your sight, because in seeing it in your heart and mind you believe.

If what you desire is worthy it won’t be easy to catch, so to catch it you have to have two things, you have to have a plan to get there and believe in that plan for without

belief and commitment, you can never accomplish your plan.

But, for if you believe anything’s possible, and you will be able to go and do your plan you will not be able to fail and finally get what you are after.

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