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Words of thought-by Brent S.

The final frontier By, Brent Shelton

What is in the great dark sky? Is it hiding something behind the stars? It could be a blanket or a shadow. Are the stars codes that other plants read? Is the moon just a fake is the sun really real? What is behind the night sky?

Are there aliens about to attack, or Marshons and star ships Is the Earth just one in millions of planets out their Is the Earth small like a grain of sand in an ocean? What is up there behind the stars behind the galley is there more. People said that they have seen aliens up there that are green Some people think that everything out there is just stars and blackness There are some that say Earth is the last good piece of food at the table Or the last living planet in the galaxy

Are the stars speaking to us every night when they come out with their bright ness? Do shooting stars really fly in the night shy when we are not looking? Is Apollo really pulling a chariot across the sky every day? One time a man said that space was the final frontier? Is it really, is there more beyond the night sky.

-Space the final frontier the last thing left to explore the last hope for our world.

Water We drink every day and use it over again It gives us strength without it we would die It heals us and make us better people We play in it and compete in it

What is water? Why is it always moving? Does it every stop moving? What do we do for water? It helps us live and all we do is use it

Is water cold or hot? Does it have feelings like us? Why are people afraid of water? It’s killed some people but it helps everyone live.

-water the element of movement always giving never wanting anything back

Fire Always hungry for more Never stopping never letting go People run and scream at it It just yells back Flams so hot that touching the skin will burn it

No one understands fire even if they say they do To know fire you must feel the fire Trying to stop it will not help it will never stop Never stop growing killing trees, bushes and people

Why do people run when they though it will die? Cumming all in its path never stopping Killing the life out of everything Killing the life out of me

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