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The Meaning of Life is 42 A collection of poems by Brandt E

The Tiger By: Brandt Evans

Completely silent Hidden by the blades of grass Until it pounces

The tiger’s bright pelt Black painted onto Orange In brilliant strokes

Its bold mightiness Shown graceful yet ferocious Awe inspiring

Homework By: Brandt Evans

I'm free, To do what I please with the weekend No school, no worries, My heart bursts with joy, I ponder the amazing, And fun things I can do, Until my parents say the time old phrase, "Do your homework."

The happiness and glee disappear, And replace themselves with hatred and rage! Oh, how I hate homework, A trap that catches you, Just as you glimpse freedom A torture device used to drain your spirit, And tear your soul to shreds Piles on you and you struggle to get free, Try to go through it piece by piece, But that never works‌ Just as you finish one thing, Another thing is waiting around the corner, Ready to trap, strangle, and frustrate you.

And I sit here relieved that, I have jumped another one of these hurtles, And am ready to move on to the next

The Battle By: Brandt Evans

The battle is all there is, All there was, Never ending, When a victory is won, Another war comes, It is the way, You see

Because there is Always something to fight for, More battles you will encounter, With some, You don't know why it was started until it ends With others, The reason is changed, misshapen, deformed, or lost all together

But we will keep fighting, And striving, There is never a victor, When you always end up fighting, Yourself

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