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The Three Poems By Amy C.

A Zoo Where Humans are the Ones in Cages

In the near future Humans will be in the zoos On display Having the animals stare back Through the cages that forbid us to go anywhere Humans Sitting on an old broken-down couch Reading, playing video games, watching TV Existing, wasting your life in a room Staring into blank space Nothing to do Wondering Why is it now us In the zoo Like how the animals were locked up The world has turned upside down


In a group There will always differences Some don't get along Different ideas and opinions There could be A war or a fight Separating Again and again Turning against each other Dislike and hate Becoming enemies Telling bad rumors of others http:/

Then there is peace Coming together again To form into a better group Working together Liking each other once again


Halloween Dark at night When witches, ghosts, and zombies roam the streets Scaring kids, adults and even themselves Hiding, scaring, and collecting candy that fell out of bags Dressing up As anything you would like Asking for candy Telling jokes And Laughing Like no one was around Being brave With your friends Trying not to be the weakest At the end Getting to eat all the candy Getting a sugar rush Jumping around the room Falling sound asleep What a scary Halloween