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The Normal Everyday Life By: Addison L.

The Bad Restaurant Voice link At the restaurant mice and birds are pets at the restaurant people will eat like a dog at the restaurant the chicken taste like wood at the restaurant people will eat and dash At the restaurant the people are mean at the restaurant food is not food at the restaurant the service is poor at the restaurant the cooks are not cooks At the restaurant the walls are covered in dust at the restaurant the floors are pasta sauce and It’s Just One more Bad Restaurant

The time of his life Voice link As a new freshman in collage he will live the time of his life, He will experience many funny things and sad things, He will not miss his past life, His life will be at its best and he will love it. His family will miss him and he will miss them, He will have new friends and old friends, He will have the time of his life, This is all be the best time of his life.

At the lacrosse game Voice link The boy would run like a cheetah across the lax field, He would pass the ball as smooth as butter and as fast as a bullet when he got the ball he looked like he was trying to trick the others He shot was lighting fast and it would hit the goal like a bullet. The goalie would almost jump out of the way for his shots, When the game was over he had scored 7 goals and he scored all of them, The score was 7 to 0.

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