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Through My Eyes “She believed she could, so she did.” -Unknown Abby G.


Stilettos slid onto feet Gucci resting lightly on your shoulder Red lipstick applied then slid into your bag Pink Iphone in hand Cover girl mascara slid upon your eye lashes Everything you've ever wanted Right in your reach But darling tell me, If you heard what they say Would you change?


The crotchety old man Stumbled across the old English street With a frown planted upon his face He waved his walking stick at passing cars He made his way down the hill Until he saw a single daisy Growing in a clay flower box Three stories high Apart from all the other colorful flowers But his frown did not waver And he continued on his way "Wait!" a voice came from the terrace And he turned around to see The elderly woman interrupting his walk "For you are a daisy too," she continued "You may frown at everyone, But you have yet to bloom" And with that she took the daisy Into her cupped hands And planted it with the other flowers Five years later The crotchety old man wasn’t so crotchety He had happened to be lonely But he married the woman with the flowers And they planted a garden full of Colorful Flowers Together

Movies Mommy says I imagine too much And I should go make real friends

But Cinderella is a princess And I ask her if the girl across the street is And she says no I asked mommy if the girl across the street can fly And she says no But Wendy, Peter and Tinkerbell can fly Jasmine has a pet tiger, Does the girl across the street have a pet tiger? And she says no Bambi can talk And I ask if the girl across the street has animals that talk And she says no "But I know what the girl across the street does have;" She says I jump Not expecting this "What?" I ask And she takes me over there And shows me a movie cabinet Full of Cinderella, Wendy, Peter, Tinkerbell, Jasmine and her tiger, Bambi and more And the little girl and I sit and watch movies Until the sky grows dark