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Without a doubt attaining and maintaining physical

fitness is one of the most important core treatments for good health. The Fit Beginnings program, which I helped the Columbia Association develop, is a great way for anyone to start making physical activity part of their lifestyle.

the Columbia Association

Columbia Association offers three state-of-the-art fitness facilities as well as an indoor swim center, golf clubs, tennis clubs and 23 outdoor pools. CA’s fitness and recreational facilities and programs are designed to make wellness accessible to everyone – especially those who are just starting out! Ranked in the Top 100 Club list by Club Industry magazine, CA has been providing quality fitness and recreational services in Columbia since 1971.


Beginnings A Physician Referral Program Focusing on Exercise



DR. HARRY OKEN Columbia Association’s Medical Director; Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of MD

Dr. Harry Oken

In three weeks, I lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol. My doctor

Nathan Tunson

was amazed, and I didn’t need any medicine! N AT H A N T U N S O N Columbia Association Member Elaine Pollack

How do I get started?

Physician Referral Forms available at

Ask your physician to complete the Fit Beginnings Referral Form and fax it to CA. A CA professional will contact you within a few days. He or she will invite you to one of CA’s fitness facilities for an introduction to the program. From there, you’ll be on your way to achieving your personal goals!

Columbia Athletic Club 5435 Beaverkill Rd • Columbia • 21044 • 410-730-6744 Columbia Gym 6151 Daylong Ln • Clarksville • 21029 • 410-531-0800 Supreme Sports Club 7080 Deepage Dr • Columbia • 21045 • 410-381-5355

How much is my investment? Your investment is only $1 per day. If you attend at least 14 of the 16 sessions with your Fitness Professional, you can apply the full $60 toward an annual CA membership. Your $60 program fee is tax deductible and reimbursable through Health Flex plans.

For information,

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please contact Shawni Paraska at 410-715-3128 C O L U M B I A A S S O C I AT I O N

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• More energy • Sleep better • Feel stronger • Ease joint pain • Better flexibility • Improve mood • Breathe better

What is

Fit Beginnings? A 60 day, Physician Referral Program designed to help you successfully integrate regular exercise into your lifestyle. Columbia Association (CA) Fitness Professionals will provide you with the guidance, motivation, and support needed to help you get the most out of the program.

As a Fit Beginnings participant, you receive: Eight hours with a Fitness Professional who develops your physical activity program in small group sessions, twice a week for one half-hour each time.

A 30-minute, personal consultation with a Certified Nutrition Consultant who helps you learn positive and healthy eating habits.

Full access to all programs and services that CA’s fitness facilities have to offer. Classes such as Tai Chi, yoga or aerobics for mature adults

improve strength, flexibility, stability and stamina in a fun, social atmosphere. Water exercise in CA’s indoor hot water therapy pool provides buoyancy to cushion impact on joints, making this an ideal form of exercise for individuals with arthritis or joint problems, or those recovering from an injury.

Now is the time – just get moving!

Columbia Association New U Program: Fit Beginnings  
Columbia Association New U Program: Fit Beginnings  

Fit Beginnings is A 60 day physican referral Progam designed to help you successfully integrate regular exercise into your lifestyle. Columb...