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COLUMBIA 94 MILES of Columbia Association Pathways Today


More than

50 MILES of recommended additional pathways: 11.7 Miles Columbia Association 37.7 Miles Howard County .5 Miles Howard County Public School System 1.6 Miles Private Land Owners

Find out where you can go next by viewing the Action Agenda at

What is Connecting Columbia? Columbia Association has developed an Active Transportation Action Agenda to create a more interconnected and comprehensive bicycling and pedestrian circulation system. One of the early outcomes of this project is a list of action items that will improve pedestrian and bicycle connections throughout Columbia, with an emphasis on CA’s pathways. Columbia Association is also coordinating with Howard County as the county prepares its Bicycle Master Plan.



What is the goal of the plan? To create a more interconnected bicycling and pedestrian circulation system in Columbia for health, recreation and transportation purposes.

What are the objectives of the plan? Increasing Connections, Reducing Missing Links: Improve and expand pathway network infrastructure, connecting to key destinations for pedestrians and bicyclists. • Designing Pathways: Develop principles and guidelines for pathway design. • Inspiring and Motivating More Pedestrians and Cyclists: Implement projects and programs that educate and encourage people of all ages and abilities to use Columbia’s pathways. •

What is the timeframe for the action agenda’s implementation? Columbia Association hopes to begin implementation as soon as possible with a few projects that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. These pilot projects will demonstrate key solutions including a pair of directional signage projects — one in east Columbia and one in west Columbia to make it easier to get from here to there. And there are scores of pathway enhancements including new short pathway segments and as well as longer ones, to connect to key destinations that will be implemented over a number of years. In addition, the Action Agenda documents recommendations CA is making to Howard County to improve the safety of intersections for pedestrians and cyclists and recommendations for new or widened sidewalks and pathways within roadway corridors.

What else does the Action Agenda recommend? Connect gaps in the pathway system. • Enhance the design and utility of CA pathways with a new standard width of 10 feet for most pathways. • Build a new 2.75 mile pathway that will link Lake Kittamaqundi to the Patuxent Branch Trail. • Measure and monitor pathway usage through path recording and tracking user counts at key locations. • Improve the ease of using the pathways by implementing directional signage. • Increase the frequency of CA’s pathway replacement cycle. • Increase educational efforts to encourage people to use the pathways for everyday activities. • Partner with Howard County to increase comfort, security and user safety on the pathways. •

Where can I find the action agenda? Connecting Columbia Investing in CA pathways and programs so you can walk, amble, meander, run, jog, hike, stroll, strut and/or bike a bit longer.

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Columbia Association has developed an Active Transportation Action Agenda to createa more interconnected and comprehensive bicycling and ped...

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