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5 questions

A group of local health professionals developed the Columbia Optimal Health program.

to determine if Columbia

The program is a multidimensional, lifestyle intervention that can significantly improve your health.

Optimal Health is for you:


Optimal Health

A Physician Referral Program Focusing on Exercise, Nutrition and Behavioral Health


DR. HARRY OKEN Columbia Association’s Medical Director; Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of MD

Are you more than 20 pounds overweight?


Dr. Harry Oken


Have you tried dieting and you’re still overweight?


Have you developed diabetes, heart problems, joint pain or other medical issues due to your weight?


Are you gaining weight as you age?


Is your weight affecting your sleeping, energy level, or mood?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, ask your doctor if you would benefit from Columbia Optimal Health. Your physician should complete the Columbia Optimal Health Medical Evaluation and Referral Form and fax it to Columbia Association, 443-283-4247. A CA professional will contact you within one week to discuss the program with you. How much is my investment? Your investment for the eight-week, comprehensive Columbia Optimal Health program is $550 for CA Members and $650 for Non-CA Members. Join with a friend and you each save $50.

Physician Referral Forms available at

Columbia Athletic Club 5435 Beaverkill Rd • Columbia • 21044 • 410-730-6744 Columbia Gym 6151 Daylong Ln • Clarksville • 21029 • 410-531-0800 Supreme Sports Club 7080 Deepage Dr • Columbia • 21045 • 410-381-5355

For information, please contact Shawni Paraska at 410-715-3128 C O L U M B I A A S S O C I AT I O N

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• More energy • Lower blood pressure • Get stronger • Ease joint pain • Reduce heart disease risk • Manage stress • Lose weight

What is Columbia

Optimal Health?

An eight-week, Physician Referral Program designed to help you lose weight through motivation, physical activity and healthy eating. Medical, Fitness, Nutritional and Behavioral Health Professionals work closely with you to assess your current level of health and to create a personal plan to improve your overall wellness.

As a Columbia Optimal Health participant, you receive: Six group meetings to motivate you and to address all areas of your life that are keeping you from obtaining optimal health.

Twelve hours with a Personal Trainer who develops a physical activity program tailored to your needs and then continues to guide and encourage you.

A one-hour personal consultation with a Certified Nutrition Consultant who helps you understand positive and healthy eating habits.

Full access to all programs and services that Columbia Association’s clubs have to offer, for example: pools, including a warm

water pool; indoor walking track; Tai Chi, Yoga, and Arthritis Exercise classes and much more. CA’s fitness and wellness programs are designed with every segment of the community in mind – especially those who are just starting out!

Plus, a maintenance program after the eight weeks are over to ensure your newlylearned healthy habits continue. Free to CA Mem bers. All others $16 per day.

Obesity is at the core of many health problems - lose weight, get healthy!

Columbia Association New U Program: Columbia Optimal Health  
Columbia Association New U Program: Columbia Optimal Health  

Columbia Optimal Health is an eight-week, Physician Referral Health Program designed to help you lose weight through motivation, physical a...