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Interoffice Memorandum To: Mickey Chelini, Production Engineer From: Carlisle Ferrence, Tech Comm Analyst Date: September 11, 2016 Subject: Forklift Comparison Mr. Chelini, The following is a breakdown of the information I’ve gathered with regards to the two forklifts the company is considering for purchase. Costs Electric Forklift Gasoline Forklift Purchase Price $37,250 $79,000 Additional Expenses Battery Charger $1,500 Doorway Alteration $1,800 Ramp Construction + $1,000 Exhaust Fan + $1,870 Total $2,500 Total $3,670 Fuel (Annually) Maintenance (Annually) Repairs (Annually) Total Annual Costs

$2,000 $700 $800 $3,500

$1,800 $3,400 $2,600 $7,800

Key Features

Max Load Capacity Top Speed at Load Hoisting Limit Aesthetics

Electric Forklift 1,000lbs 30mph 6ft Available in blue and red

Gasoline Forklift 2,000lbs 40mph 12ft Available in green


Limitations & Workarounds Effects on Production

Electric Forklift Limited hoisting ability can be overcome by construction of a 2-foot tall ramp in hopper area. Two-day halt in production for construction of ramp.

Gasoline Forklift Forklift’s size requires widening of doorway in packaging department. Purchase of exhaust fan to filter fumes from the hopper area. Three-day halt in production for widening of doorway.

Additional Considerations

Part Replacement

Record of Operation

Electric Forklift Warehouse 500 miles away. Parts can be delivered within one day of ordering by phone. Little damage to goods and no recorded injuries by other operators.

Gasoline Forklift Parts available at local warehouse 17 miles away. Can be delivered same day as ordering. No record of damage to goods or injury to operators.

If you have any additional questions regarding this report, please feel free to call me at Ext. 863 during work hours, or you can always email me at

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enc3241 case assignment 01 forklift comparisons  
enc3241 case assignment 01 forklift comparisons