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How to use social media marketing to enhance your business exposure and increase revenue: Nowadays, social media has revolutionized the why companies are marketing their services and products, and trust me you do not want to be left behind! With platforms like Facebook and Twitter that enables the consumers to voice immediate feedback directly to the company, allows companies to get a feel of what the consumers is thinking and if any, what changes need to be made. With over 250 million users on Facebook the market exposure your company and potentially gain is mind bottling. In order to use such social media sites as a base of a marketing campaign you must first determine who is your target audience and how can I attract them to business. This brings us to our first and most important factor to consider when marketing via social media. Attracting your target audience: This step is the most critical when trying to gain potential consumers or clients. Building a brand takes time, but when done right the process will work in favor of your company. Ask yourself what do I want my company to represent? How can my service or product help consumers or clients achieve what they were looking for? These are common questions that must be answered to know which direction to take when marketing your company. Allow this opportunity to explain to your future clients what is different about the services you provide from your competitors. This is where you can gain the most attention for your business and ultimately gain clients.

Educating your clients: Educating your clients is essential when trying to expand your business. Explain to them the importance of social media market and how over the next couple of year traditional mediums such as T.V. and newspaper will not be as influential when trying to gain clients. By posting buzz pieces or simply stating the benefits of the importance social media exposure will allow the client to reconsider the future of their business. Maybe they were unaware of the dramatic role social media is playing in marketing and need to be enlighten. The more knowledgeable your potential client becomes of your service the easier it is to approach them with doing business. So please take this step very seriously and make all buzz pieces visibly accessible on your page. If they are swayed then you will get paid: Now that you have attracted and educated your potential client, it is time to do business. After all isn’t that why we are here? Converting prospects into actual clients can be tricky. Remember not everyone may not see the use for social media marketing but that’s ok. The fact that they visited your Twitter and/or Facebook is awesome! Now that the client has been exposed to what you and your business have to offer it is only a matter of time before they want to do business. You are giving them a sample of the possible opportunities you can do for their business. Testimony from current clients can be a huge plus in swaying that one client that may be on the fence about hiring you on. Time is something that should be taking into consideration when dealing with social media marketing. Some clients my not see any use of your service at the time of being exposed to your channel but the fact of the matter is that they were exposed. Keep content and recent changes to your

marketing service updated because that same client may come back a year or even two to see how well your company is doing. At that time they may want your team to expand their exposure via social media as much as you want to expose your services. Remember not everyone will not see your service as a fit for his or her company, but it is up to you to attract, educate, and ultimately gain them as clients. About me: I am currently a student studying at California Baptist University obtaining my BA in Public Relations. Over the past 8 years I have seen the rapid growth of social media and how it has been implemented in the way organizations are communicating to potential clients, consumers, and also investors. I understand the level of professionalism and communication required for long-term success in the field of Communications. My experience and educational background will accompany my approach to business, thus will provide your establishment with timely accurate information that will benefit and will be a great asset for any company. I understand how important communicating with your target audience can be to your business and that is why I am extending my services to you. Allow my company to help you generate more business and most importantly more revenue.

How to use social media marketing to enhance your business exposure and increase revenue  
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