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Critical Assignment Executive summary: Food for Thought is a nonprofit organization formed in 2009 by two fashion design students after visiting Asia, Africa, and Latin America with the World Food Program on a mission to help raise awareness of the growing issue of hunger stricken regions and those affected especially children. By combining their love for the fashion world and passion in being the driving force in aiding world hunger, the two students designed a tote like bag at an affordable price in efforts of raising funds for their cause. Business objectives: We plan to generate awareness along with revenue by the following: •

Allow the public to be shareholders as a way to generate more money to help these regions

Partnering up with endorses like an actor, musician, or a well-known organization to humanize the cause.

Partner up with department stores to form pop-up stores and kiosks to help their product generate more sales

Help other foundations and supporters to use our platform to voice their concerns about what is being done to decrease the poverty rate in these regions.

Sell 10,000 – 15,000 tote bags in the first quarter.

Help feed 100,000 homes.

Public Relations Strategies:

Use press releases to inform the media about the campaign and to gain attention.

After the press release has been made public, reach out to media organizations to try and obtain interviews on television, print, and radio as a way to educate and inform their audience.

Demographic – 18 to 35 year old consumer, educated, middle income to upper middle-income consumers, those who are interested in help changing the world.

Have a representative at UN and other agencies that can further promote the cause.

Use Edelman to conduct surveys to potential consumers and gauge rating if interviews are conducted as way to understand how many people are interested.

Utilize social media platforms like YouTube to promote documentaries and provide visuals of how each purchases is in fact helping these places, Facebook to help educate and gain awareness about the cause, and Twitter to help consumer and potential stakeholder a way to track what exactly is going through the use of hash tags.

Public Relations Objectives: •

Provide consumers a first hand look at the outcome of their contributions

Educate and inform

Obtain media placement in major publications and broadcast stations

Feed families around the world


Generate an interest from those who wee unaware of their contribution to help rid the world of hunger.


Have a website that supporters can visit with weekly updates.

Critical assignment 008  

Food for Thought Project

Critical assignment 008  

Food for Thought Project