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WATER BAPTISMS Unpacking what water baptism is, the reasons for being baptised in water and when and how we should do it.

BIG DETERMINATION FOR A BIG DREAM We sat down with Olivier Kasusula to talk about what it's going to take to achieve his dream of becoming a professional boxer!


C7 DAUGHTERS DEFINE Our Daughters Seminar is coming up this October as we define ourselves in the eyes of God

CONTENTS YOU BELONG HERE Four ways to get part of the best community here at C7! FAMILY NEWS Hear some great news stories from the life of Church! C7 CITY REACH WEEK Being a blessing in our city with random acts of kindness and our street clear up! BIG DETERMINATION FOR A BIG DREAM We sat down with Olivier Kasusula to talk about what it's going to take to achieve his dream of becoming a professional boxer! WATER BAPTISMS We unpack what water baptism is and the reasons for being baptised in water. 07

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C7 KIDS Find out what C7 Kids do on a Sunday and even get baking with Chef Jean's latest recipe!


C7 EXTREME Why our youth love 2 3 Connect Groups! 16

THE IMPACT OF 25 PRAYER Carol shares her story on how prayer changed her life and how she now wants to cover others in prayer.


YOUR STORIES Stories of healing from the life of Church

REACHING OUT How C7 Online is reaching across borders

HOLISTIC CREATIVITY Suzie looks at how we can use our creative gifts to glorify God!



C7 DAUGHTERS: DEFINE A women's seminar to set your course




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C7 PRESENTS: A JANGLE JOURNEY 3 6 A sneak peek at our 2021 Christmas Spectacular C7 SECRET SANTA 3 9 How you can get involved in bringing Christmas to our city!

A MESSAGE FROM PASTOR JASON Hey Church In this hour I believe God is calling His people to awaken. The Bible says in Isaiah 60: “Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you.” I’ve always believed that this particular chapter of Isaiah is a word of prophecy over our Church, and as I look back over the last season I can see that many people in our world, in our nation and even in our church have become ‘sleepy’ in the things of God, and God is once again saying to us ‘arise’ and ‘shine!’ No one likes when their alarm goes off early in the morning and they have to get up. It’s rarely an easy moment. Many times we want to hit that snooze button and roll over back to bed, and sometimes we do. I believe that God is ringing that alarm right now, He’s saying to His Church “wake up”. Some of us are hearing it and getting up. Others may be hearing it and hitting the snooze button saying ‘I’ll get up later Lord… I’m too comfy and cosy just now’ rolling over and going back to sleep. Others may be in such a deep sleep that we don’t even hear it and just sleep straight through it! But I believe God is saying ‘awaken’.

It’s not enough just to wake up… we must then ‘arise’. This means getting up and getting out of bed. This takes discipline which grows our maturity. There is no denying that the last season has been exceptionally challenging for everyone, and even shaking off the last 18 months isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s totally doable in God when we remember the calling and purpose that is on us as Sons and Daughters of God. I’m so encouraged by the life of Paul. Even when Paul was in jail he continued to operate in and pursue the vision and calling on his life. He demonstrates so clearly that even though the context and the conditions we face may change, our calling and our purpose remain. Church, it’s time to awaken, shake off the fogginess of the last season and remind yourself of the calling and purpose that’s on your life! His future for us is truly huge!

Jason Jason Cask C7 Senior Pastor

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 4 | Page 03

You Belong here Community Belonging Family Friends

Whatever you call it. Everyone needs it. We’re designed for it. Right back in Genesis, God looked at everything He had made and called it good (we actually read the words, it was “good” 7 times in chapter one). However, if we keep going, we see something in chapter two that God said was “not good.” Verse 18 reads, “It is not good for the man to be alone” - the one thing in all creation that God looked at and thought wasn't good was for us to be ALONE. So what did God do? He created Eve. He created a “suitable helper” for Adam. Why? Because God KNEW we needed each other. And just like it was in the time of Adam, so it is now. It’s not good to be alone. Now, as an introvert, I need my ‘alone time, but I also know that it’s not healthy for me to be completely alone in life - I need friends, I need a family that I can share with, laugh with, cry with.

Now, as an introvert, I need my ‘alone time, but I also know that it’s not healthy for me to be completely alone in life - I need friends, I need a family that I can share with, laugh with, cry with. And that’s the beautiful thing about God; not only did He give Adam Eve, but He also gave us each other - He gave us a family, His family. He adopted us into His family (His church), so whatever your natural family might look like, great or not so great, you’ve got a church family that is here for you in every single season. Whether you’re a social bunny who can talk to everyone and anyone, or you currently find talking to new people a little more uncomfortable or difficult, there is a place for every person to not only get connected but to be part of a community in Church. So how do you get to know others? Here are a few ways you can get connected into Church >>>>>

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 04

1.SUNDAYS Every Sunday, we have new people come to our church for the first time, and we LOVE IT. So even if you’ve been in our church since the beginning, there’s always an opportunity to meet someone new. Or if you’re new yourself, then just relax - our church loves to meet new people, and our friendly team are always around to help you feel comfortable. s. On a Sunday, there are a few simple ways you can get connected: During our meet and greet section in the service (take 30 seconds to find someone you don’t know and introduce yourself) Fill out a Connect Card, and one of our Pastors or Age Group Teams will get in touch with you the coming week and introduce themselves and get to know you better. Sit down before or after the service with someone and get to know them over a coffee Head out for lunch with a group from Church after a morning service; our age groups often have different things happening after services.

When I first came to Church, a group of us always went to lunch after the morning service - each week, there would be someone different sitting across from you at lunch. Everyone and anyone was invited and it was always such good fun. To this day, I don't think there are many better ways to get to know someone than over a good bit of grub!

2.CONNECT GROUPS Connect Groups are small groups of people that meet together fortnightly to discuss the Word of God and Sunday messages, pray together, take communion and have fun. Here at C7, we have Connect Groups for every age and stage of life. So if you’re a teenager or you’re 90 or anywhere in between, there’s a group for you. They meet at various times on various days to make it as accessible as possible for people to be a part of.

You can see all the groups currently available at c7church.com/groups Over the years, I’ve been part of some seriously incredible Connect Groups, and in these groups, I’ve made lifelong friends. These friends have been there for me in the highs and lows and I truly believe that the strength of these friendships were formed as we chatted about Jesus, read the word, prayed together and of course, ate together! This is the type of genuine, authentic community that our world needs!

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 05

3.Dream Team Our Dream Team is made up of over 100 volunteers who give their time and talents to build the Church and in doing so their lives are built up too! From hosting people on the door to serving coffee, teaching our kids, helping our city, getting church online, giving us music to worship and sing to, and even turning on the lights so we can see, there are so many places to serve. For me, being able to use the gifts God has given me to serve Him and help others to encounter Him is literally one of the greatest joys in my life. And doing it alongside like-minded people makes it even better. Being on dream team has personally given me so many opportunities to get to know people better. When you see gifts collide together for the purpose of the Kingdom, it’s amazing.

Connect Groups, Sundays, Courses, Dream Team… God is using it all to create a community, a family, a home, where we belong and He resides.

A number of years ago, I took part in our Accelerate course and in doing so got the opportunity to do life with other people I might never have had the chance to otherwise. It’s another great tool to get to know other people in our church family!

“That’s plain enough, isn’t it? You’re no longer wandering exiles. This kingdom of faith is now your home country. You’re no longer strangers or outsiders. You belong here, with as much right to the name Christian as anyone. God is building a home. He’s using us all—irrespective of how we got here—in what he is building. He used the apostles and prophets for the foundation. Now he’s using you, fitting you in brick by brick, stone by stone, with Christ Jesus as the cornerstone that holds all the parts together. We see it taking shape day after day—a holy temple built by God, all of us built into it, a temple in which God is quite at home.” - Ephesians 2:19-22 (The Message)

Keep an eye out for upcoming courses in 2021 and 2022 that you can be a part of.

Church... it really is a great community to belong to.

4.COURSES Throughout the year, our Church runs various courses, including i:Lead, Biblical Economics and Accelerate, and while the main aim of a course might be to further your knowledge of a particular topic, one of the byproducts of being part of a course is that community is created and friendships are formed.

- Pastor Heather Pomphrett

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Family News

engaged We can't wait to get married! We are so excited to walk through this season with each other and see what God has in store for us.

God has been with us through it all, and we are so thankful! We got engaged on the 1 of September and have set a date for October 2022! - Achal and Abigail C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 07

Congratulations to Sharon and Will on the birth of baby Nia!

Nia Ayvah Shamba - born 11 July 2021 "In between 'sleepful' nights are gurgles, coos and much more! Nia is yet another ray of sunshine! I am enjoying every second of parenthood. I know I am far from being a perfect mum but my confidence lies in knowing that I am fully graced for it by the perfect One and it is my joy to point my children to that very perfect God." - Sharon Lewis Shamba C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 08

CITY REACH WEEK 8th - 14th November 2021

With two City Reach Weeks under our belt so far this year we are so excited to hear of the huge impact our Church has had on the lives of individuals and groups in their communities through a purposeful focus of bringing an act of kindness to people with no conditions. The heart of City Reach Week is to bless our city. As a Church, we have enough people that if we all reach out and impact one person or a group of people then it can have huge ripple effect across our city. In our March edition of Engage, we listed different things you can do as an Act Kindness to someone in your community world - check these out here (LINK) to inspired for our next City Reach Week November.


30 of or be in

Plus check out some of our amazing stories of impact from City Reach Week so far:

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 09

STREET CLEAR UP, CITY REACH WEEK, JULY 2021 We were delighted to partner with Glasgow City Council to become “Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers'' as part of Glasgow City Councils Neighbourhood Improvement Plan. Targeting nominated areas put forward by our amazing C7 Church family, we hit three communities requiring attention around Glasgow: Hamiltonhill in Possilpark Whiteinch Woodlands Walk (Victoria Park) High Craighall Road and Keppochhill Road Armed with cleaning and safety equipment supplied by Glasgow City Council, together we collected 42 bags of rubbish, improving the appearance and safety of these areas for the community.

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 10

SHARE YOUR STORIES “I was walking to work and wanted to buy chocolate. As I entered the shop I was next to a man who randomly started talking to me about the weather. I felt prompted to pay for his shopping. He was old, had a walker and walked very slowly so I waited for him at the cashiers. I was very nervous, but I asked if I could pay for his shopping, he and the cashier were very surprised; “Are you really going to pay £10?” he asked. I said yes please! Gladly he agreed. It blessed me more than it blessed him probably. It makes you think about how blessed we are! I prayed that he will get to know the love of God.” - Ivonne




C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 11

BIG DETERMINATION FOR A BIG DREAM Olivier Kasusula is one of the great young men in our Church. An amateur boxer, working hard to turn pro, we wanted to see how Olivier is getting stronger this year as he has stayed committed to training even in the midst of a pandemic.

HOW DID YOU FIRST COME TO CHURCH? I first started coming to C7 through my big brother. He was always encouraging me to come. I saw how much he had changed for the better since being part of Church and how much he had grown and this made me want to come along too, so I did!

WHAT GOT YOU INTO BOXING? I’ve been boxing for about 3 years now. I started doing martial arts when I was 12. I then got into kickboxing a few years later and noticed that I would always get pulled up by the referee in my kickboxing bouts as I would hardly throw kicks (which isn’t allowed!). I also started to see how good I was with just using my hands and so I decided to change and move into boxing at the age of 18 and decided that I really wanted to make a career out of it!





I want to win Gold at the Olympics or Commonwealth Games, then turn turn pro. Not only do I want to be the best boxer in the world, but also the best athlete! Right now am training toward getting into the Scotland national squad which will later allow me to qualify for the Commonwealth and Olympics.

WHAT GIVES YOU BELIEF FOR YOUR DREAM? I believe that God has gifted me with the ability to fight so that I can use my platform to reach people and impact their lives through talking to them about the Word of God. I believe that God had also blessed me with the work ethic and determination to work as hard as I do to achieve these dreams.



I train 4 days of the week, doing 2 sessions each day, one in the morning and one in the evening. The sessions in the morning usually consists of shadowboxing, footwork drills and bag work, then I will finish of the day usually with a 5k run or attend my boxing class

HOW HAS YOUR FAITH IN GOD HELPED YOU IN YOUR PURSUIT OF YOUR DREAMS? Being in the Word of God has helped me massively! It helps teach me how to live life the Godly way. It has been such a massive part of me growing, not only in my faith, but also as a man.

HOW DO YOU FEEL YOU ARE GETTING STRONGER THIS YEAR? The more I mature and the more wisdom I get shows me that I am getting stronger. The Word of God only strengthens you and so the more wisdom I get from the Word the stronger I know I’m getting. The life experiences that I’m going through on a daily basis also help me to adapt to more situations and build endurance.

WHAT BEHAVIOURS HAVE YOU DEVELOPED THAT LINE UP WITH YOUR DREAM? Being disciplined has played a huge role in me moving towards achieving my dreams. It even helps with things like healthy eating and training even when I don’t feel like it. Doing these things on a consistent, daily basis pushes me to become a better version of myself. Repetition is something that I don’t enjoy much in boxing as you are constantly repeating the same punches over and over again in the hopes that you will perfect it and that it will become natural. It can be boring at time but is so needed, as in the end it helps you to perfect it. I take this skill into my life and walk with God to grow stronger in my faith too.

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 13

HOW DO YOU KEEP GOING WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE GIVING UP? When I feel like giving up I constantly remind myself of how much life I still have to live. I remind myself that God has a plan and a future that he has ordained for me before the beginning of the creation. Also, knowing that getting through the hardship is only going to make me stronger and build endurance in me helps me to push on. My boxing training also helps when it comes to not giving up in life. I remember the times in training where I felt like giving up but kept pushing through and then you get a second wind and grow so much stronger, so I apply that same principle when it comes to life.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO SOMEONE WHO HAS A BIG DREAM BUT IS UNSURE WHERE TO START? I would say pray about it first and make sure that this is the area that God has gifted you in and wants you to pursue as this will allow you you to push yourself to the limit knowing that this is Gods plan for you’re life and nothing will stop it as long as you dedicate yourself to it. I would also say that it’s not always going to be easy when you first start to pursue you’re dream but don’t let that put you down as the harder you work the more results you will start to see, hard work always shows in the end.


C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 14


WATER BAPTISMS "...and this water symbolises baptism that now saves you also —not the removal of dirt from the body but the pledge of a clear conscience toward God. It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ." - 1 Peter 3:21 We see throughout the Bible story after story of people becoming followers of Jesus, repenting from their sins and being baptised in water. But why did they do it and why should we do it?

WHAT IS BAPTISM? Baptism is the act of being submerged in water. The word “baptism” actually originates from the Greek word “baptizo” which means to immerse or dip. Original Greek speakers would use this word when referring to dying cloth - submerging it in the dye and bringing the cloth out a completely different colour. It has the connotation of transformation through immersion. When we are being baptised as believers, we make a symbolic statement that we have been transformed through our salvation in Christ and coming out of the water different to how we went it.

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 16

1. Jesus commands us to be baptised: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” - Matthew 28:19-20

SO WHY GET BAPTISED? Think about a marriage. Wearing a ring on your ring finger doesn’t make you married; but when you wear a wedding ring after getting married you’re making a public statement that you are married and this is a life you now live as a married person. In the same way, getting baptised doesn’t save us from our sins; the Bible makes it clear that it is by GRACE through FAITH in Christ that we are saved:

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God” - Ephesians 2:8 But it is clear that God adds significant emphasis to the fact he wants his Church to be baptised: “We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.” - Romans 6:4 We get baptised because of some clear reasons we can see throughout scripture:

We know that if we want to please God, we keep his commandments. So when the son of God commissions the Church to go, make disciples and baptise them - it’s clear this is not a select few, but every single believer.

2. Jesus himself got baptised! “At this time, Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee and was baptised by John in the Jordan. The moment he came out of the water, he saw the sky split open and God’s Spirit, looking like a dove, come down on him. Along with the Spirit, a voice: “You are my Son, chosen and marked by my love, pride of my life.” - Mark 1:9 We know that Christ exampled his life as one for us to follow, therefore anything we see him doing we also should do.

3. We make a public declaration of our faith. “Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the message of God’s good news to one and all. Whoever believes and is baptised is saved; whoever refuses to believe is damned.” - Mark 16:16 When we are baptised, it declares to others that we are followers of Jesus, that we are leaving our old life before we knew Christ and stepping into new life in Christ. It is the next step for all believers after receiving Christ into their lives.

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 17

HOW SHOULD WE BE BAPTISED? It’s clear for every baptism documented in scripture was by immersion under water. “Then both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water and Philip baptised him. When they came up out of the water…” - Acts 8:38,39 We therefore are baptised in water, fully covering our body as a full immersion. We believe that it is a choice for every believer, so for children we baptise them when they are old enough to understand and make that choice with full clarity of what following Jesus is. For babies we instead dedicate them to the Lord, asking God for his hand of protection and blessing upon them and their families. Go to our website to find out more about baby dedications.

Everyone who chooses to follow Christ should be baptised! It is for the believer those who have accepted Christs sacrifice and salvation.

WHEN SHOULD I BE BAPTISED? We see in the New Testament that believers were baptised the same day they received Christ. There is no prerequisite in the word for you to have a certain level of theological knowledge or have been a believer for a certain amount of time. If you have believed in encourages us to be baptised!



“Then Philip began with that very passage of scripture and told him the good news about Jesus. As they travelled along the road, they came to some water and the eunuch said, “Look, here is water. Why shouldn’t I be baptised?” And he gave orders to stop the chariot. Then both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water and Philip baptised him.” - Acts 8:35-39

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 18


No matter what traditional or spiritual blessing your parents may have decided to give you as a child, you have made a decision yourself to follow Jesus and commit your life to him. Therefore the bible shows us that on that decision we should be baptised! (How amazing if your parents did christen or dedicate you as a baby that you are now making a decision to go for God, therefore choosing to go for God; choosing the very thing they prayed over you as a baby!) “Those who accepted his message were baptised.” - Acts 2:41 “But when they believed Philip as he preached the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptised, both men and women.” - Acts 8:12

S D I K 7 c

The past few months in C7 Kids have been full of Jesus, fun, laughter, craziness and so much more! We’ve been learning about the power of our mind and how we believe faithfully throughout every season. There is never a dull moment in C7 Kids from playing (and even creating) the craziest of games to having powerful times of prayer together, to building friendships and exploring more of God’s word.

Every child who comes into C7 Kids tends to be full of energy, so we aim to create programmes that are full of interaction! We work hard to make sure that there is something for every child to engage with and get involved with. Read on to find out more about what happens in C7 Kids on Sundays... >>>

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 20

The mighty Kids Team arrive 9atAMchurch ready for what we already know is going to be an epic Sunday!

.30AM 9We’d love

Kids Check-In opens! to encourage you to bring your kids for 9.30 as we have a great kids and youth zone available pre and post-service!

Our kids programme begins! 0aMPrimary 1Both and Preschool come together for a time of worship where we sing, dance and praise God!


After worship: the preschool go on a Bible Adventure through God’s Word through games, activities, arts and crafts and more. The past few months they have been on adventures throughout the Bible, exploring the faith of Abraham, Jesus doing the impossible and feeding 5000 people and many more adventures, which they’ll continue to go on in the coming months. In primary, we make full use of the buckets of energy and creativity every child has from coming up with contraptions that protect an egg from cracking when dropped from a height, to finding creative ways to pray, to asking all and every question and having leaders in stitches of laughter! Every programme is action packed and we love watching every child grow and step more into the incredible identity and future God has given them!


Kids doesn’t stop in the morning as we are back at 5.30pm every Sunday evening for ANOTHER epic kids programme with different games, activities and more!

If you have any questions or want to find out more, feel free to get in touch with kids@c7church.com

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 1 C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 21

Chef Jean's ana Pancakes n a B Bonjour C7 Kids! Chef Jean here with another DEL-I-SHEE-OZ recipe for you to cook! Banana Pancakes! I love zee “pan-cake” or Crepe as we say in France! But theez ones are zee BEST! BEFORE YOU BEGIN! Make sure you speak to a grown up and ask them for help (especially the part using the stove!... DO NOT do that without a grown up!.... I myself ask my mama to help me) Enjoy and bon appetit!


350g self-raising flour 1 tsp baking powder
 2 very ripe bananas 2 medium eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract 250ml whole milk butter, for frying


To serve 2 just ripe bananas, sliced and whatever toppings you like! I like maple syrup but you could also use chocolate chips, nuts or berries!


Sieve the flour, baking Heat a little knob of butter in powder and a generous a large non-stick pan over a pinch of salt into a large medium heat. Add 2-3 tbsp bowl. In a separate mixing of the batter to the pan and bowl, mash the very ripe cook for several minutes, or bananas with a fork until until small bubbles start smooth, then whisk in the appearing on the surface. eggs, vanilla extract and Flip the pancake over and milk. Make a well in the cook for 1-2 mins on the centre of the dry ingredients, other side. Repeat with the tip in the wet ingredients and remaining batter, keeping swiftly whisk together to the pancakes warm in a low create a smooth, silky batter. oven.

STEP 3 Stack the pancakes on plates and top with the banana slices, a glug of sticky maple syrup and your favourite toppings, if you like.


What impact has Connect Group had on you?

What do you love most about Connect Group?

Eden - Connect Group has impacted me by helping me grow in my confidence, especially when it comes to praying in front of others.

Eden - My favourite thing about Connect Groups is being able to come together with others and be able to grow in my faith with God.

Issac - It has allowed me to understand the Bible better by discussing it with others.

Issac - I love that in the Connect Group I am able to have fellowship with other Christians and being able to explore my faith with other people.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year with Connect Groups? Eden - I’m looking forward to being able to meet in person with others. Issac - I am looking forward to building more discipline in my relationship with God.

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 23

WHAT'S ON WITH YOUTH Our C7 Extreme Youth gather every two weeks for Connect Group on a Friday Night. Our Youth meet from 19:00 - 20:15 for some games and fun with one another. Connect Groups are a fun and interactive way for youth to build confidence and boldness in life. After a year of Zoom, our Connect Groups now meet in person at C7 Church! This is a great place for youth to gather around the Word of God with people their own age and grow deeper in their faith and understanding of the Bible.

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 24

I Felt it... So May They: The Impact of Prayer by Carol Watson When I was pregnant with Eilidh I had preeclampsia and when I started showing similar symptoms at 34 weeks pregnant with Cooper, I fully expected to be told I had it again. This isn’t what happened.

My mum and Eilidh who was 2.5 at the time, were in the room with me when they told me this, so I put on my big girl pants and held it together but as soon as they left, I burst into tears and sobbed myself to sleep that night.

My husband was offshore, so my mum came with me to the hospital when I started having headaches, blurred vision, and high blood pressure. I don’t mean just a little sore head; I couldn’t get my head off the pillow and phoned my mum in tears as I was alone with a toddler and couldn’t move.

I was terrified! I had a toddler and an unborn baby. The idea of the worst happening absolutely shook me. Of course, I prayed and trusted in God’s plan but I was still scared. I had my church family from C7 praying for me and other Christian friends.

After a series of tests in the maternity clinic, I was to be kept in to be monitored. This didn’t faze me as its exactly what happened with my first pregnancy. I was in for 3 nights before the consultants came in to announce the verdict. To my complete surprise they said I didn’t have preeclampsia, but they wanted to rule out a blood clot on my brain, so I was to get an MRI the following morning and to go on blood thinners untill then.

The following morning, I woke up and felt completely covered in pray. The tangible presence of God filled my heart, mind, and hospital room. The fear was gone. There were no more tears. I KNEW I would be ok. I was taken down for the scan and told later that day I was fine, and they decided it was pregnancy migraines I was suffering from. I have always loved prayer but since having this experience, having felt the tangible presence of God, of being covered in prayer: I can’t get enough of it!

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 25

'The impact of a prayer is unmeasurable but having previously felt the tangible presence of God and feeling completely covered in prayer I am so eager to share that feeling with others! '

One Wednesday night I was driving along a dark remote road on the way home from my parents, I saw a man crouched down next to a farm bridge over the road. He had his head in his hands and I could tell by his body language that he wasn’t ok. The kids were sleeping in the car so I didn’t stop however I felt unsettled by what I had seen and decided to call the police to tell them about it. Every Wednesday evening members of C7 gather on zoom for 30 minute prayer sessions. I was on my way home to pray in one of these sessions. Pastor John was on and I told him what had happened and we prayed for this man.

While we may never meet this person, know their name or what happened that evening I know he was covered in prayer. This was an amazing revelation for me! This man sat by a roadside in Fife will probably never know that he was covered in prayer by believers across Glasgow and the Central Belt but the impact this may have had is immeasurable! He may have experienced the same feeling I did back in that hospital room. He may have experienced Gods peace for the first time. All I do know is that when the police got there, he had left.

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 26

Each week we pray over different things in each half hour session, sometimes prayer requests, the church, our vision, team etc. We have been given the opportunity to stand in the gap for people we may never know and its so powerful! If you have never joined one of our prayer calls, I highly recommend them. Just come along for a nose, if you feel comfortable praying then join in, there’s never any pressure. You never know the impact your prayers may have on someone’s situation and life.

- Carol Watson

Your Stories "I have had this awful pain in my back since the end of April 2020, when I had a really bad fall, which resulted in me needing to get an ambulance to hospital as I couldn’t move. I was bed bound for a week or so but I was so determined to get up as being stuck in my room was doing me no good. I was on furlough from work at the time but when I returned to work at the end of June 2020, I thought I would be able to do my job. But each night I would come home in excruciating pain. If I was to do long drives I would have to take a break during the journey as I could feel my back begin to seize up. After a service in May I decided enough is enough and I asked Pastor Jason to pray for me.

As he was praying and laying hands on my back we both felt something shift or move about. It felt like my back was realigning as to what it was before my fall. I have not had a sore back since!

"It felt like my back was realigning as to what it was before my fall." During the time in which I had a sore back, it would stop me from exercising, which then would affect my mental health. But now I can do my job, I can do my workouts, I can go for runs without having any pain! Praise God!"

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 27

Carys Haig

“A few weeks ago Pastor Jason was telling testimonies of people that he had seen healed in the last couple of days. My faith started to be ignited. In the healing service I was praying for my knee that was injured years ago. I feel that I had learned how to live with the pain, but during the service Ps Jason preached about the life in abundance that by Jesus’ strips we received as Christians. I decided to believe it. “At the end of the service I asked him to pray for my knee, when he was praying I could feel something was happening, the pain was going away and suddenly it was completely gone.

"When he was praying I could feel something was happening, the pain was going away and suddenly it was completely gone." God is so good, it’s incredible seeing what He is doing with His church. I am grateful for C7 Church. My faith has become stronger in this challenging season that we were all going through. I pray others can also experience the love that we have received from our Almighty God.” - Vinicius Cordeiro

Share your stories of healing and breakthrough with us by emailing info@c7church.com today C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 28

"Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him." - Psalm 34:8

Holistic Creativity By Suzie Murphy A few weeks ago, I was watching a documentary on TV about the wildlife in the Lake District. Now, I’m not typically someone who sits down to watch nature documentaries…I’d had a long day and wanted to eat my dinner so I sat down and turned the TV on and this is what was already on. My family and I had just come back from our summer holiday down in the Lake District so I was trying to see if I recognised any places being spoken about on the programme, which I actually did so I was loving it! The presenter was sitting down on the shore of Lake Windermere and was describing not just everything he could see, although it was absolutely stunning, but he was describing all the things he could smell, hear, feel. He made this comment; “we need to use our ears, our nose, our fingertips to fully engage with wildlife...not just the eyes.”. What he said really struck me so I picked up my phone to note it down. As I was listening to him talk about the nature and wildlife he was experiencing just from this small patch of ground on the shore of the lake, I was mulling over how incredible it is that all of creation displays the beauty and majesty of our Creator in ways that we can experience and engage with through each of the five senses. In Psalm 34:8 NIV David says that we can "TASTE and see that the Lord is good." To fully appreciate something, absorb it and understand it, we have five senses that God has given us to help us learn and digest it.

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I believe that as creative people, we have the opportunity and responsibility to use tools like music, dance, drama, art and design, how a room smells, how things feels, media, lighting and so on to display the beauty and majesty of our Creator, the way that nature has been designed to (Psalm 19:1 - "The heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hands"). We have the privilege of using these skills and art forms not only as entertainment or pleasure, but we can use them to help people absorb, understand and digest the message of the gospel and the truth of His love for us, His kids. This is one of our big goals as a Creative Team, that we would have holistic creativity. That our gifts and talents, no matter how unique, wacky or wonderful they are, would all be used to draw people closer to their creator. I pray that we would be able to creatively use the five senses to help people learn more about the one who designed them down to the most minute detail and knows every single hair on their head just as He knows each grain of sand or each stone that is found on the shore of Lake Windermere. He is a creative God and he has given us creative gifts and talents to be used to glorify Him. It's a good question to ask, “How can I use this thing I love (whatever it is) to advance the Kingdom of God? How can I play my part in telling people about the love of God and the truth of the Word with what I've got in my hands right now?”

- Suzie Murphy

To find out more about joining our team of musicians, singers, dancers, actors, artists, designers, songwriters, head to c7church.com/dreamteam and sign up! C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 31


define A Women's Seminar to Set Your Course

SATURDAY 30TH OCTOBER C7 Church, 100 High Craighall Road, Glasgow (Kids programme available for 1-12 years)

register today at: daughtersconf.com



define SATURDAY 30th OCTOBER 10am - 12.30pm In a changing and chaotic world, many voices may try to define you. Amidst the noise, only one voice can show you who you really are; the voice of the One who created you, who called you by name. He has given you the power to define your identity,

We are so excited for our Daughters Seminar this year! It’s always such an incredible time of powerful speaking, worship and community when the women of God gather together.

and confidently set your course.

"Daughters is such a special time for all the girls to gather to sharpen, love and encourage each other and to continue to fuel our passion and fire for Jesus! For me, it’s not a question of if I am coming... the question is “Who will I bring with me!?” - Paige

We are so excited for our Daughters Seminar this year!

"I always walk away from a Daughters weekend knowing that God has spoken to me. There is nothing quite like it." - Daniella

"Daughters Conference shaped my year! I got so much perspective and wisdom for my journey in life. Even now I'm still talking about it with my friends. Bring on Daughters 2021!” - Hosanna


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Reaching Out C7 Online - a community without borders When the world changed in March of 2020, the physical doors of our church closed temporarily. However, as the scriptures say 'God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.' (Romans 8:28) and God worked this season for good and we saw the birth of C7 Online which helped our Church continue to grow stronger even amidst a worldwide pandemic. 18 months on we are so thankful that the doors of our building are well and truly open and we have the opportunity to gather in-person as a Church family. Yet we continue to broadcast our 10am services online each week because we now know that this is just one of the methods that God will use to reach more people with the Word of God. C7 Online continues to reach many people each week and we love our online community who join us from all across the world from Cyprus to Thailand, Kenya to the Caribbean! We caught up with just two of our Church family who join us online each week about how C7 is helping their lives and their local communities!

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 34

Manuel (Modilson) Lussinmana 1. How did you hear about C7? 'I found out about C7 while studying at Glasgow for few years before returning to Angola. As a believer, finding C7 in UK was very crucial to me because it has changed my way of looking at religion when it comes to interacting with different groups of people. In C7 I’ve had a big support from some great people. After finishing my Masters degree I was sad about leaving but with C7 online it still feels like I'm in UK. C7 online has helped me revive good times that I’ve been with you all as a family.' 2. Where do you join Church Online from? I'm currently living in Angola and watching online from here. 3. What messages have impacted you most over the past year? 'I think all the messages have inspired me and still inspire because they help teach us to be patient and believe in God where everything is possible. I'm learning that God wants us to communicate with him in order to understand and fulfil our God-given purpose

Sylvia Vanterpool 1. How did you hear about C7? I heard about C7 Church through my son Franco (Frankie) 2. Where do you join Church Online from? I live in Saint-Martin in the Caribbean. Life here is very normal and sunny. Covid has impacted it like everywhere else, but we are believing for God to move on our small island.

4. How have you felt you've become stronger after watching online? 'I've definitely become stronger! Hearing many testimonies from my C7 family makes me feel stronger than ever.'

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3. What messages have impacted you most over the past year? The message on Legacy really set me on a different way of thinking about what I am leaving behind for future generations. The Praise Victoriously series was very refreshing as well. 4. How have you felt you've become stronger after watching online? I've gotten stronger in my resolve to praise victoriously, and I've realised it's possible to praise your way to victory. Another thing Ps Jason mentioned that really stuck with me and encouraged me was the fact that it is never too late to start on reigning in life and leaving a legacy. If you're living outside of Scotland you can join us online every Sunday at 10am (GMT) on Facebook, YouTube and ChurchOnline




C7 Presents...

A Jangle Journey A C7 Christmas Spectacular We are so excited to be bringing back our Christmas Spectacular this year! Our C7 Christmas and Summer Productions are always a highlight and the perfect opportunity to invite your friends and family to experience the fun we have at Church! Get ready and mark your diary for Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of December as C7 presents, “A Jangle Journey!” Over the last 10 years, our team have been putting on free live stage shows for our Church and local community where we bring your favourite stories to life! Over the years we've produced a vast array of shows from A Christmas Carol to The Jungle Book, The Santa Clause to The Wizard of Oz…the team are always up for a fun challenge and always create something incredible. If you've never been to one of our shows before here's a little taste of what you can expect: great music, dancing, lots of laughter, tear-jerking moments. It's the perfect recipe for a great night of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

One of the highlights for our team is that these shows are a prime opportunity to invite people to church! We've seen so many people make a decision for Christ and get plugged into our church all because of an invite to one of our Christmas or Summer productions. “I first came to C7 when a friend invited me to see the Christmas Spec. I wasn’t a Christian at the time, but I enjoyed the show so much that I thought I’d attend a Sunday service the very next week. I kept attending and a few weeks later I had made a decision for Jesus. I was baptised a few weeks after that, and nine years later, I’m stronger, more mature in the faith and more in love with Christ than ever before. All because I was invited to the C7 Christmas Spec.” - John Ratcliffe Over the years we've also seen local primary schools bringing groups of children to come see our shows and then their families coming along too and being blessed by what our team have created!

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 36

To put together one of our shows it takes a whole army of amazing volunteers from actors, musicians, dancers, hair and make up artists, set designers, stage managers, sound and lighting engineers, costume designers and so on. We asked some of our team to tell us what they have loved about being a part of our productions in the past and why they would encourage people to sign up and get involved this year…

Bethany Breslin

(Hair and Make Up Team) "Being part of the hair and makeup team is a great opportunity to get creative. I have loved coming up with the different looks for the cast and I get such a buzz being part of bringing the characters to life! -


(Musician and Cast Member) “Being a part of our Christmas Specs over the last few years has been so much fun, I love creating something awesome with so many different teams working together towards one goal. From the very first rehearsal to the final show, I love seeing everything come together and how much of a blessing it is for people who watch the shows.”

Grant Jack (Musician and Cast Member)

“For me being part of the specs has given me the opportunity to discover new skills, meet and work with great people but most of all have lots of fun! In each of the specs I have been part of, I have played a range of characters from the Mad Hatter to Baloo the bear and enjoyed every moment of them. I would encourage anyone who’s interested in being part of the spec to absolutely go for it! You will create great memories that you’ll never forget!”

Keith Fraser (Set Designer) “It is always a privilege for me to serve our church, especially during the planning and production process that goes into the Christmas shows. I am an artist so I focus on creating stage scenery, but it is the coming together of so many people with so many different gifts and ideas and seeing it all come together that I particularly enjoy being part of. I’m so proud and honoured to serve our team, our church, our God with the abilities he has given me and called me to use.”

Melissa Keery

(Stage Management Team) “Stage Management for the shows is helping it to run smoothly, ensuring everyone is where they need to be with what they need to be there with, so it’s a great way to be involved without being in the spotlight! For me it was a chance to work with some of the age groups that I wouldn’t naturally fall into so it was a great way to build community and relationships within church. I think my favourites that I’ve been involved in have been The Grinch and Alice in Wonderland!

Heather Pomphrett (C7 Production Team) "Our Spectaculars are exactly that... Spectacular! Being part of the Production Team, organising the lights, sound and media, it's always high pressure but extra high fun! I love when our team learn new skills and try things for the first time. There are always a lot of laughs along the way!

To get involved, head to c7church.com/dreamteam and select which team you’d like to be a part of.

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 38


SuRPRisinG ThE City

We are so excited this year to be broadening the reach of our Secret Santa in 2021 as we gather gifts for those across our City and communities who are the most vulnerable.

The goal of Secret Santa is to: • Make Christmas a bit more special and bless those who would ordinarily may not get a gift at Christmas. • Give dignity to parents, guardians and providers who may not be resourced to buy gifts for their children by providing gifts for them. • Provide for those who may be short of food provisions at Christmas. • Help resource charities and partners who are caring for those who are vulnerable.

What's happening with Secret Santa this year? Charity Partnership: We are partnering with at least 8 charities and organisations working on the front line with vulnerable and marginalised people to provide gifts including toys, gifts for teens and hampers. These can be provided through purchasing and bringing a gift in from our list OR financially donating to our gift appeal for us to purchase the gifts for you.

C7 ENGAGE | Volume 7 | Page 39

3 easy ways involved...



Purchase gift: Look out for our gift wish list online from or pick up a gift tag in our foyer after the services from 10th October

Donate online:


Head to c7church.com/secretsanta to donate to our Secret Santa and we will purchase the gift for you from 10th October (100% of all donations go to purchasing gifts)

Become a partner:


You can do a lot yourself, but THROUGH YOU we can gather even more gifts! If you have a workplace why not become a Secret Santa partner and share Secret Santa for your work place to be involved in. You could even encourage your workplace to make the C7 Secret Santa their Secret Santa - instead of spending money on gifts that don’t mean much for someone; give to those it means a whole lot to.


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COMING UP Dates For Your Diary




Saturday 30th October

8th - 13th November

Thursday 2nd December


City Reach Week

Dream Team Christmas

Daughters Seminar:



Tickets available at

Sunday 14th November

Remembrance Sunday

Saturday 11th and Sunday

12th December


Saturday 20th November Legacy Giants Breakfast


Christmas Spectacular: A Jangle Journey

Sunday 19th December 6pm - Carol Service

Sunday 2nd January

Anointing Service

Sunday 26th December

Sunday 9th - Saturday 29th January 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting Sunday 30th January 10am - Vision Sunday 6pm - Water Baptisms Sunday 27th February Legacy Sunday

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No Sunday Services

"The people who know their God will be strong and carry out great exploits."

- Daniel 11: 32

C7 Church 100 High Craighall Road Glasgow G4 9UD

info@c7church.com www.c7church.com

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