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Duplicity in life. Black as coal and clear as light itself.

C6 Elemental

Ring in carbon with diamond (0,11 ct)

Philosophy C6 was established on a dream to

complimented by two very different

combine the rawness of carbonfiber

materials, carbonfiber and diamonds,

with the beauty of a diamond, to

is for me a symbol of life. A journey

combine two materials which in

from stardust to modern technology.

their essence are the same, though different in structure, color and

Its amazing to put these two


materials together, it keeps me wondering how one element, C6

C6 is the basis for our living world.

can be so diverse, so spectacular in

It is found in our planet, in humans

its own nature.

and throughout the universe. Without C6 there would be no

Black as coal and clear as light itself.

life. From stardust to life. Created

This duplicity and the elements

by Supernovas stardust of C6 was

duality embodies the magic of the

spread into the universe and formed

elemental cornerstone, C6 of the

the planets and life on earth. Making

living world. For me C6 represent

jewelry founded on C6 atoms and

the strenght and the beauty of life.

C6 Princess

Ring in carbon with princess cut diamond (0,17ct).

Pure Carbon Atoms Graphite and diamonds are two

makes it attractive in aerospace, civil

allotropes of carbon, pure forms

engineering, sports and in yachting.

of the same element that differ in structure.

Diamonds are the only gem composed of a single element.

Carbon fiber is composed of carbon

Diamonds are a crystalization

atoms and processed into extremely

of carbon atoms formed

thin fibers. Several thousand carbon

under a unique coincidence of

fibers form a yarn, which may be

circumstances. They are formed

used by itself or woven into a fabric.

deep within the earth, 140 - 190 miles beneath the surface.

The properties of carbon fiber, such as high tensile strength, low

Most recent deposites may be as

weight, and low thermal expansion,

much as 45 million years old.

C6 Supernova

Ring in carbon with 16 diamonds, white and colors as applegreen, oceanblue, cognac and canary (0,40 ct).

C6 Triplet

Ring in carbon with three white diamonds (0,15 ct).

Quality & Confidence C6 takes great care in its selection

your investment is authentic and

of carbon fiber and gems, working

timeless. All rings are presented

with only the finest materials

with a certificate.

available. My designs strive to reflect the All diamonds are certified by one

elemental nature and beauty of

of Scandinavians finest gem setters.

their materials.

This quality is an assurance that

The entire C6 selection can be viewed online at


COMPOSITE JEWELRY DESIGN by Anne Cohen T +45 2891 4640 E

C6 Brochure  

C6 Composite Jewelry Design by Anne Cohen.

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