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October 28th, 2015 Trailer: http://youtu.be/ocDtqg0MYm0

Coming up this Friday

Late Registration: $175 through August 12th, 2015 Kickoff starts 6PM to 7PM Friday, August 14th at Rudyard’s British Pub (2010 Waugh Dr., Houston, TX 77006) Dropoff Sunday, August 16th by 7:30PM to be on-time Rudyard’s British Pub (2010 Waugh Dr., Houston, TX 77006)

Premiere Screenings: Group A & B Friday, August 28th 7PM and 9:30PM respectively

Premiere Screenings: Group C & D, Sat., August 29th 7PM and 9:30PM respectively Queensbury Theatre-CityCentre Plaza (12777 Queensbury Lane, Houston, TX 77024) Houston Producer: Laura Schlecht

For more information visit: www.48HourFilm.com/houston-tx

Scheduled to Appear: Lew Temple Saturday, September 12th www.IMDB.com/name/nm0854702/

Get Tickets @ www.gulfcoastfilmfest.com/event-tickets/ The best things in life are FREE, but get a Subscription anyway.

August 15th and August 16th Artistic Director Cressandra Thibodeaux and her non-profit organization 14 PEWS will offer hands-on classes for adults in directing, interviewing subjects, cinematography, sound and production in a two-day Documentary Workshop Saturday August 15th and Sunday, August 16th starting at 10AM to 5PM at 14 PEWS (800 Aurora St., Houston, TX 77009). The classes will cover the creative and technical demands of telling a real story with moving images. The art and craft of documentary filmmaking is taught through a balance of classroom instruction, hands-on video shoots and immediate directing experience. Students in the workshop can expect to be behind the camera in the first hour, learning by doing. And, 14 PEWS has a spacious and open location to shoot their projects on a stage. All participants will shoot on HD digital video camera and will learn hot to compose, direct, ask great questions and light their documentary’s. There will be 4 AMAZING in-class documentary shoots. A week after the workshop, the pubic is invited to the premiere screenings of the selected final 4 short projects. To register and to learn more about this workshop visit: www.14Pews.org or http://tinyurl.com/pwtz2up for the direct link to information. Registration fees for the workshop is $250.00.

The Horse Head Theatre Company, Timothy N. Evers and Philip Hays are pleased to invite the pubic to the presentation of their unique, immersive one-man show “The Whale (Or, Moby-Dick)”. This theatrical performance is inspired by author Herman Melville’s timeless classic “Moby Dick”. Set INSIDE a newly constructed great, white dome on Houston’s Buffalo Bayou, audiences will experience the sea beasts’ innards in this unforgettable voyage. The performance continue through August 15th at the Buffalo Bayou Partnership Silos (351 N. St. Charles St., Houston, TX 77003). All shows start at 8PM. Tickets to the show are $24 advance/$30 at the door (Wed/Thu Show) and $29 advance/$35 at the door for the Friday/Saturday show. Tickets are available and can be ordered at: http://getswallowed.bpt.me Learn more about “The Whale; Or, Moby-Dick” at: http://getswallowed.com or at www.HorseHeadTheatre.org.

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Texas Director Brian Crewe, his production company Film Crewe Productions and Variegated Films are winning awards for their short 16minute film “Une Liberation”. Mr. Crewe has announced that they have won Best Director at the 2015 Snake Alley Festival of Films in Burlington, Iowa. The festival ran August 6th through August 8th, last week. The festival is dedicated to showcasing the best short films from around the world. “Une Liberation” follows Juliet (played by Marion Kerr) on the even of the liberation of Paris from Nazi occupation during World War II. Juliet is an American resistance member who risks her life descending into the city’s underground tunnels to deliver a secret message to fellow resistance member, Jean (played by Ross Marquand) However, a couple of German deserters, in the tunnels, threatens to destroy the very thing she’s been fighting for. Casting includes Marion Kerr, Ross Marquand, Matthew Temple and Mark Jaeger. Behind the camera as Cinematographer is George Feucht who has an extensive resume of over 30 cinematography credits. You may recall that Mr. Feucht was the cinematographer for Director Joe Ballarini’s hit comedy feature “Father vs. Son” which had its World Premiere in Houston at the 43rd Annual WorldFest-Houston, April, 17th, 2010. (IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1013783/ ) C47Houston was there at the Houston Premiere. WE took pictures and you can see them at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/? set=a.1450294456863.2064976.1218281768&type=1&l=1feeb15305 Director Brian Crewe is not new to making movies. He has directed 11 projects and has edited over 80 projects including “Father vs. Son”. His last short movie “Far” is an award-winning movie. Check out his IMDB page at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0187686/ “Une Liberation” is scheduled to screen at the HollyShorts Film Festival in Los Angeles coming up this Saturday, August 15th starting at 2:30PM at the TCL Chinese Theatres. And for our New York friends, “Une Liberation” will be screening at the New York City Indie Film Festival, in New York City, New York, October 12th starting at 7PM at the Producers Club—Theater C (358 West 44th St, New York City, NY 10036) Congratulation to Director Brian Crewe and his team for a good win. Learn more about “Une Liberation” on F**ebook at: https://www.facebook.com/UneLiberationFilm Check out their IMDB page at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3159618/ And, visit the website at: http://www.uneliberation.com/

The Houston Cinema Arts Festival present: Artist’s Choice Film Series Monday, August 17th at 8:30PM Café Brasil 2604 Dunlavy - FREE


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September 11th and September 12th The Organizer and Founder of the Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival (GCFVF), Mr. Hal Wixon continues to accept sponsors and volunteers for their 17th Annual GCFVF, 2015 season. The festival is taking place Friday and Saturday, September 11th and 12th, next month. Screenings Information: PASSES Screenings will take place at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel (18100 Saturn Ln. Houston, TX 77058) both Friday and Saturday September 11th and 12th. Single movies tickets are only $5.00, One Day Passes are only $15.00 and Two Day Passes are only $20.00. Tickets are going pretty fast. You can order your tickets for both screenings at: www.gulfcoastfilmfest.com/event-tickets/ Awards Presentation The Saturday Night “Live” Cascade Awards Presentation is being held at The Sundance Grill II (800 Mariners Dr., Kemah, TX 77565 ) Saturday, September 12th. This year the GCFVF is pleased to have Houston Actor and Producer Lew Temple as the honored and scheduled guest. Mr. Temple is accepting the 2015 GCFVF’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Mr. Temple is a dynamic actor and has over a 100 credits to his name that includes a recurring part on “The Walking Dead”, “Walker, Texas Ranger”, “The Preacher’s Daughter”, “Lap Dance”, “The Rolling Road”, “The Lone Ranger”, “Hawaii Five-0” among a huge list. Check out his IMDB page for a complete listing at: www.IMDB.com/name/nm0854702 Tickets for the Saturday Night “Live” Awards Presentation and the two day screenings are currently on sale and online at: www.gulfcoastfilmfest.com/event-tickets/ ...GET THEM! Learn more about the GCFVF and “Like” them on facebook at: www.facebook.com/GulfCoastFilmFest, and on Twitter at: www.Twitter.com/gcfvf and visit their website at:

www. GulfCoastFilmFest.com

Premiere: Friday, August 28th Houston Writer and Actor turned Director Marcus W. Freeman and Popimarx Productions are pleased to invite the public to the Premiere screening of his Directorial short film, “The Prank”, Friday, August 28th starting at 6PM to 9PM at the Furniture Management Group (6901 Portwest Dr., Houston, TX 77024) Written by Mr. Freeman the movie follows a former high school basketball star of Joseph McBride High School by the name of Kevin Chambers. Life has been troubled for this basketball star when he loses his grandmother, his only parent. When his fifteenth class reunion comes up, Kevin decides to go. Things are going well at the reunion until he sees a woman from a bar the night before. Did she go to McBride High School or is she part of an elaborate scheme? Casting includes Kedrin Birdwell as Kevin Chambers, Greta JordanWilliams, Gregory Malonson, Jeleesa Robinson, with Travis Wethers, Mea Banks, Swantia Smith, Karen Davis, Toni Wo-mack, Tiffany Thomas, Dario ‘Ceo’ Nelson, Tedman Brown, Felecha Addison-Williams, Deidra Turnak, Veronica Pennamon, and Richard Thomas. Behind the camera is Cinematographer Yus G. Marta. Produced by Charnele Brown, Darion ‘Ceo’ Nelson and Lionell Hillard, Mr. Freeman transitioned from actor to writer in 2009 after encouragement from his mentor Charnele Brown (Kimberly Reese on “A Different World”). Mr. Freeman has written the stage plays “My Daughter My Child”, “The Lottery”, “A Day at the Office”, “Empowerment” and “The Em-pty Egg and Four Men and a Letter”. He has written short screen plays including “Sneakin”, “Trump”, “The Perfect Mate” and this movie, “The Prank”. Mr. Freeman has been acting for the past 15years both on the stage and in front of the camera with such movies as “The MC Hammer Story”, “King of the World”, “Deceitful Storm”, “American Nightmare” and “Thug Life”. Tickets for the premiere short film are only $21.49. You can get them online at: http://tinyurl.com/ojhugpu Also, check out their IMDB Page at: www.imdb.com/title/tt3887270/ And, visit the production website at: http://popimarx34.wix.com/popimarx-prod


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“One pet peeve I've developed watching so many low budget indie films over the years is when the production value of a film's title sequence looks far more expensive than the film itself.” Filmmaker/Director Joe Grisaffi

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August 20th-23rd - August 27th-29th

Friday/Saturday September 18th & 19th One of the biggest faults that Texas film-makers experience in trying to create a visual media is the lack of the business side of their particular industry. If you are serious about making movies and you are serious about making a living making movies, YOU MUST UNDERSTAND AND LEARN PROPER BUISNESS PRACTICES IN ORDER TO MAKE MONEY IN THIS COMPETITIVE FIELD. Without the knowing the business side of movie-making, all you are doing is spinning your wheels and getting no-where. (This includes adapting to the ever changing technology and thinking of new ways to create using that technology.) SWAMP, the Southwest Alternate Media Project, is presenting the 2015 Business of Film Conference, a 2-day event Friday and Saturday, September 18th and 19th all at the Rice Media Center, on the campus of Rice University. This 2-day event will feature panels, workshops and presentations that focus on the business side of making movies. Experienced and new movie-makers will learn from the professionals that have knowledge about business plans, finance, marketing, budgets, schedules, casting, production insurance, work-for-hire, pre-production and postproduction business and all kinds of other aspects of the industry. This year’s theme is “Building a Film Culture”. The objective is to provide practical training along with continuing the dialogue for a stronger film community. Film industry pioneer, Louis Black, co-founder of SXSW and the Austin Chronicle will be the Keynote speaker. Other speakers include film consultant Ashland Viscosi and Annie Bush who have experience in helping numerous Indie movie-makers build successful crowdfunding and audience building campaigns, as well as, knowledge about investors, producers, directors, crew and entertainment law. Of course, there are many more people to help you learn about the business side of movie making. It’s good for you...It’s good for Texas. Registration fees range from $55 for Students to $150 for General Admission, (Student SWAMP members: $25 and Adult SWAMP members $95.) Learn more and register at: http://www.swamp.org/filmmakers/business-of-film/

Scriptwriters Houston and Artistic Director Devan Wade are pleased to invite the public to their 25th Annual Scriptwriters Houston’s 10X10 Showcase running , Thursday through Sunday, August 20th through 22nd starting at 8PM, August 23rd starting at 2PM and again, Thursday through Saturday, August 27th through 28th starting at 8PM and August 29th starting at 2PM AND 8PM at The Company OnStage (536 Westbury Square, Houston TX 77035) Come see a full night of theatre featuring 10 original 10-minute short plays. Scripts were selected from hundreds of submission and for the 25th anniversary the selected plays include: Different Times by Carl Williams The Interminable by Nicholas Garelick Cosmic Discovery by Lauren Tunnell The War on Plastic by Alison Scott Waylay Makeover by Donna Latham Snob in a Melodrama by Fernando Dovalina Careful, Mrs. Brown by Shannon Donahue Tying the Knot by Joe Barnes Untapped Potential by Eric Jones Jornada Del Muerto by Gwen Flager Learn more about Scriptwriters Houston and “Like” them on F**ebook at: https://www.facebook.com/scriptwritershouston Visit their website at: http://www.Scriptwriters-Houston.org Tickets: www.BrownPaperTickets.com

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C47Houston happily accepted an invitation to attend the Houston Premiere of a feature movie that was made in San Antonio, Texas. Our experience with the motion picture industry in the State of Texas has shown that the San Antonio movie scene is thriving. WE have had the pleasure to meet a lot of filmmakers from that area of Texas and we must say that they are making some very outstanding movies; movies that are getting distribution, movies that are entertaining and movies that are well-made. R. Scott Leisk is following that pattern and his movie “Gang Money Run” (aka: “Mahogany Sunrise”) is pretty good and worth the time to see. An action/adventure movie and Mr. Leisk’s directorial feature project, the film is moving along the festival circuit, domestically and internationally. At the Houston Premiere we met with Writer and Director R. Scott Leisk and got some insight into mind of what makes someone want to make a movie and insight into the process of movie-making. We are honored to have been able to ask this talented director some questions and Proud to present:

Director R. Scott Leisk

C47Houston: You are a San Antonio filmmaker but have a lot of ties to the Houston area, as you actually grew up in Houston. What area of town did you grow up?

Mr. Leisk: I grew up in Lakeside Estates in southwest Houston (Westheimer and Wilcrest area) from 1980 until 1993. My Parents still live there going on 35 years now. I attended Robert E Lee high school now known as just Houston Lee. C47Houston: Were you happy with the response to your movie from folks in Houston area?

Mr. Leisk: I was pretty happy with the response to my movie, sure I would have loved to have sold out the theater, had a red carpet event and possibly had more press coverage. But, I was able to make the film on a shoestring micro budget thanks in large part to a successful crowd funding campaigns that were funded by friends and family who are current Houstonians, so, yes…it was great to see them at the premiere. C47Houston: You presented the Houston Premiere of your movie “Gang Money Run” and this is your first feature movie, we understand, after completing a short called “Last Night I Fell Again” in 2007. What possessed you to move on to a feature project?

Mr. Leisk: I have always been in love with film and feel that I have many stories to tell. “Last Night I Fell Again” was a short I had hoped would garner attention for me to make more films with a run on the festival circuit. When that didn’t happen, I was naturally disappointed. But, I was even more determined to try it again. This is when I started to write “Mahogany Sunrise” (aka: “Gang Money Run”) in 2009. We premiered it at the World Fest Houston film festival in 2014 as “Mahogany Sunrise” and that version of the movie was more of a “director’s cut”. It’s been a long road to get to this point, many ups and downs as I tried everything to get the film made. C47Houston: You crowd funded this feature did you not and was it successful? Mr. Leisk: Yes and no. Initially, I sent the script to a named Hollywood talent and producers but to no avail. So, I decided I was going to try crowd-funding. There’s has been several crowd-funding attempts the first in 2011. It was a successful attempt but I was not able to raise enough money for the full feature. And, to make matters worse an investor fell through. From there, I made the decision to shoot promo trailers. I took these promo trailers to the American Film Market (AFM) in hopes of finding someone that could fund this feature. That didn’t happen. So in 2012, I applied for the San Antonio Filmmakers Grant and set out to raise enough to money to match the grant funds. I didn’t get the film grant but I was able raised enough money to go into production phase on the feature. C47Houston: So it wasn’t an easy task to raise production funds.

Mr. Leisk: Not at all. I eventually, teamed up and partnered with

prepared for the responsibilities associated with making a feature project? Mr. Leisk: I have been a movie geek for a long time and I have watched countless hours of behind the scenes videos of my favorite directors. I really felt I understood my role as a director and had a vision for the film. There came a point in my life where I was like look, I’m not getting any younger and we only live once. I decided I was determined to get the film made whether it was through crowd funding or if I had to go into debt. Sure there were times when I felt like I should have been more prepared but for the most part I was confident in my abilities. I feel like I was able to guide everyone through my vision for the film. There are some scenes and themes that did not work and were left on the cutting room floor but overall I feel the production went well and the movie came out well. C47Houston: As a Director what are some of the more important things you learned about the process of feature movie-making? Mr. Leisk: I learned that there is never enough time for preproduction. I wished I had spent more time scouting locations and rehearsing with actors. With that said, it is the same directing a short film as it is with a feature it’s just that you have to sustain the production for a longer period of time. As a director, I feel my job is to lead everyone and keep them focused on the arch of the story trying to get them to see why this scene makes sense in the overall picture of the film. Short films are just a condensed version of what goes into a making a feature film.

Mutt Productions, a San Antonio/LA based production company that offered their equity with equipment and crew. But, I did crowd-fund for finishing funds as well. I ran both crowd-funding campaigns on my own while holding down a full-time day job and raising my family. I don’t know how I did it. Crowd-funding is very difficult to do especially when you are an unknown first-time director as I was but I was able to reach out to friends (some of which I’ve known since I was a kid), family and even strangers that believed in me, my project and my passion to get the film made.

C47Houston: We are only guessing here, but we imagine that you have had some experience with other directors…we could be wrong. However, describe your particular style of directing or how do you think people see your style of directing? Mr. Leisk: I am heavily influenced by the French New Wave and Italian cinema. Some of my favorite directors are Jean Luc Godard, Federico Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni. “Gang Money Run”, my movie, was inspired by Jean Luc Godard’s ‘A Woman is a Woman’ and I looked to model the character of Mercedes, the lead actress in “Gang Money Run” to Anna Karina’s character in Godard’s film.

C47Houston: There is a span of 5 or 6 years between your short project and your feature project. Looking back at it, do you think you were

C47Houston: So, the focus was to give a back-story to your main characters?

Mr. Leisk: Kind of. I tried to prepare the actors with those elements of the style and tone of film I was going for and gave the main characters Jackson and Mercedes a back-story on their life philosophies, their likes and dislikes. I gave Mercedes, played by actress Denise Downs, certain quirks such as a gesture when she became nervous or scared. Mercedes was given a back story of being a “pearl in the rough” so to speak; yes she is from a small border town but she has a worldly vision and enjoys fashion, 1960s French pop and internally desires to have more in her life. Jackson, played by Wesley Blake, was given the back-story of poetry and music that inspires him. I presented Wesley with poetic lines from Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road”, from which the Mexican Girl chapters were an inspiration for writing the script. Also, I gave him a perspective of loving all styles of music that reflects his moods. C47Houston: What was your approach for the dramatic scenes? Mr. Leisk: Well, for the dramatic scenes I tried to work with the actors to emphasize the conflict. I gave them specific goals of what their characters were trying to achieve in a particular scene that were conflicting in nature to heighten the drama. So, I guess my directing style would be described as hands-on and character-driven; focused on character motivations in a scene to promote the conflict. C47Houston: The topic of your latest project “Gang Money Run” is, of course, criminally themed, with sort of an affirmation of good at the end of the movie…as a writer are you attaching social messages to your scripts, morals or values that an audience may take away after watching the movie? Mr. Leisk: I started writing “Gang Money Run” based on the premise of the moral dilemma someone would face finding a bag full of money. Was his decision a good one? No, but it started a chain of events in the life of one person - a lifechange that was desperately needed. In the beginning of the film Jackson, the main character, is struggling with his creativity and his dream of being a musician, being stuck in a day job that stifles him artistically. He is afraid to quit this day job to pursue his dreams. He goes on this crazy adventure, meets a girl that inspires him and he uses the whole experience to finally quit his day job and pursue his dream. C47Houston: Usually writers write what they know…is this based on your experience?

Mr. Leisk: Like the character in the movie, I’m an IT guy that wants to be a filmmaker; Jackson is an IT guy that wants to be a musician. I wrote what I know. So, the ultimate take away or moral for the film echoes the reason I wrote the story; don’t be afraid of taking chances. We only live once; true happiness comes from following your dreams no matter how hard you think it is to obtain them. Ultimately, you have to at least try, or as they say, “live a life of quiet desperation.” C47Houston: Now that you have your first feature under your belt, as it were, what would you have done differently, not in the story…but in the process or in directing this feature? Mr. Leisk: Again, pre-production and location. Although I enjoyed the challenge of blocking on the fly, this technique was a bit more stressful and time-consuming., but in working with my DP, Amza Moglan, we were able to block some smaller scenes in a way that made them more interesting then they were written in the script. C47Houston: Where does Scott Leisk want to take his career as a director? Mr. Leisk: I have a lot of stories to tell. With that said, I want to continue to pursue a career in film. I'm passionate about it.

C47Houston: You are a San Antonio filmmaker, I am sure the business is the same across Texas. As an indie filmmaker in San Antonio are you pleased with the San Antonio Film Commission? Mr. Leisk: Personally, It’s all about incentives. There needs to be more focus on providing the right incentives to bring productions to San Antonio. For instance, there is a TV drama set in San Antonio that is filmed in New Mexico because the production incentives are better there. The local film commission assists local film productions but I believe they really needs to be re-organized and focused on bringing large productions to San Antonio so that the production infrastructure can be enhanced on par with, say, for instance, a city like Austin and their film scene. C47Houston: What’s next for you and your production company?

Mr. Leisk: Well even with the success of “Gang Money Run” and it’s distribution deal, producers and investors are not banging down my door eager to help me get my next project going. I still have a lot to prove but I have three other completed scripts that I’m shopping around for production - “Hacienda”, “Sirena” and “Colossal Youth”. “Hacienda” can be best described as “Mi Familia” meets “Cinema...

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GangMoneyRun

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2385952

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GangMoneyRun

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/73523414

approach investors. Crowd-funding is not easy, especially if you are an unknown with a small fan base. It’s not for everyone and it is like having a full-time job in itself. C47Houston: You have experience; do you have any tips when it comes to crowd-funding? Mr. Leisk: Well, I believe that campaigns that reach 50% funded are more likely to be completely funded, which is a good thing. There are a few things you can do that can make your campaign an enjoyable one. Take the time to create an interesting and captivating campaign video. Most people want to hear from the person putting the project together. They want to hear that you are passion about the project. Now, saying that, all of my campaigns have been “all-or-nothing” campaigns (If I don’t reach the stated goals, I don’t get funded). This type of campaign gives the sense of urgency and gives the backer confidence that you will complete the project with their funds because you need X amount not anything less or the project doesn't get done. In addition, create some unique perks to get people interested in giving you money, such as experiences with the film, be an extra, meet the actors, have drinks with them, get exclusive autographs; it’s only limited by your imagination. Be realistic on how much you can raise. If you are an unknown first-time director with an indie film project, you are not going to be able to raise that much through crowd funding. So be realistic in setting your funding goals. And, remember most pledges are between $25 to $100 and the bulk of my backers came from Facebook friends and family, but there is a community of indie film supporters on Twitter so give that a try. C47Houston: What plans are in place for “Gang Money Run”? Mr. Leisk: Well, “Gang Money Run is currently available for rent on Red Box. The film is going to be released on DVD available for purchase from Amazon and Best Buy on August 25th, in a couple of weeks. Part of the distribution model, coming up this year, includes other VOD such as iTunes, Netflix as well as cable and satellite. The film will make its International Premiere on September 13th as part of the 6th Underground Cinema Film Festival in Dublin, Ireland. We are pretty excited about that. “Gang Money Run” is also being considered for other film festivals around the country. C47Houston: Now that you have your first feature compete and have some experiences you didn’t have before (that I Paradiso” and it has Latino themes with settings in South Texas and Mexico. This particular script is accepted into the Oaxaca Film festival. I’m excited about that and I hope to meet folks there that can help get the project going. “Sirena” is a revenge action drama inspired by the Japanese cult films of the 70's. It features cafe racer motorcycles, a Mexican circus, girl knife fights, Danzon style dancing, a women's prison and is set in San Miguel de Allende Mexico. It’s “Colombiana” meets “Kill Bill” in tone. The 3rd script is called “Colossal Youth” which is a “Dazed and Confused” meets “The Spectacular Now” in tone. It is set in Houston and is a semi-autobiographical account of my high school senior year. This script will most likely be my next film because I feel I can make it on a lower budget than the others. I’m eager to get a new project into production as soon as next spring. C47Houston: You touched the topic of “crowd-funding” earlier, but do you think it’s for everyone? Mr. Leisk: In my opinion, trying to fund a project is one of the hardest things to do. I’m still learning the ins and outs of how to find and

sure you will use in your next movie), what advice can you pass along to young filmmakers that you could have used? Mr. Leisk: I would say just go out and just do it. Film something. In this day and age it is easier than ever to get a camera and film something, heck a film called “Tangerine” played at Sundance that was shot on an iPhone. Start with a short film or scenes from your feature script and hone your craft as a storyteller. Don’t be afraid take chances and embrace constructive criticism. Most of all never quit! There were many times when I could have given up and settled into everyday life but I have kept at it and it has finally paid off. Learn from other filmmakers by watching the “behind-the-scenes” videos and surround yourself with people that believe in you and your creativity. Every film is a learning and teaching moment that you can take away and apply toward your next project. Learn more about “Gang Money Run” on their website at: www.GangMoneyRun.com and, order the Movie on: Amazon August 25th at: http://tinyurl.com/obv9equ and, at Best Buy Online August 25th at: http://tinyurl.com/ofprzw4 © 2008-2015 C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine / All Rights Reserved

September 23rd through 27th Austin Director and Organizer James Christopher and the Twitchy Dolphin Flix production company are pleased to invite the public to attend:

The 4th Annual 2015 Austin Revolution Film Festival The Festival is taking place Wednesday, September 23rd through Sunday, September 27th, 2015 in Austin, Texas. Learn more about The Austin Revolution Film Festival and “Like” them on F**ebook at: www.facebook.com/austinrevolutionfilmfest/ And for more information and tickets visit their website at:


August 15th and 22nd John Downey of Downey Voice Acting Coaching, Workshops and Demos will present an adult Voice-Over Workshops for beginners and a Voice-Over Workshop for Tweens this month, August. The Adult Voice-Over Workshops will take place next Saturday, August 22nd, starting at 1PM to 5PM at 4801 Woodway Dr., Houston TX 77056. If you have Tweens, Mr. Downey will present his Voice-Over workshop for Tweens (age 11 to 16) on Saturday, August 15th. Limit 4 students per workshop. For more information, enrollment and pricing contact John at goodkarmajohn@earthlink.net And, find Downey Voice Acting Coaching, Workshops and Demos on F**ebook and “Like” them at: www.facebook.com.DowneyVoiceActingCoachingWorkshopsAndDemos

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Saturday August 15th - FREE Panel The “People” you want to meet/know “On-Air TV Panel” Three time Emmy Award Winning Producer Michelle Fitzgerald and Studio 19 invites the public to the “Houston 2 Los Angeles: The ‘People’ YOU want to Meet and Know ‘On-Air TV Panel” starting at 9AM, this coming Saturday, August 15th at the Houston Downtown Double Tree Hotel (400 Dallas St, Houston, TX 77002) It’s FREE! The panel will give one some much needed insight into getting callbacks, the Casting director’s POV, Critiques, understanding an Adjustment or redirection, how to get the Co-star, guest star, series regular for TV series, supporting roles and lead roles for film spots. On the panel is Actor, Writer and Producer Rickey Castleberry, Los Angeles Talent Manager, Belle Bromfield, Four time Emmy Award Winning Producer Judson Touby, Casting Director Joe Grisaffi, TV Correspondent and Host Sarah Shah, Celebrity PR Mavin Arnaecia Aldrige and Los Angeles CSA Casting Director Alex Newman. Seats are limited. Reserve your seat and register online at: www.19Studios.co or call 424-2292823

Presents: Mac Wellman’s


October 15th through October 31st Just in time for the Halloween season, the Artistic Director of the Mildred’s Umbrella Theatre Company, Ms. Jennifer Decker, invites the public to the presentation of writer Mac Wellman’s stage play “Dracula” running October 15th through October 31st starting at 8PM at Studio 101 (1824 Spring Street, Houston, TX 77007). Directed by Ms. Decker, the story follows two sexually repressed women who find the freedom and passion of the vampiric world in the late days of Victorian London in a bizarre and offbeat rendition of Bram Stoker’s classic novel. October 16th is Pay-What-You-Can Mondays and Matinee show Sunday, October 25th starting at 3PM. For tickets and information visit:


And, catch them on Great Day Houston! (KHOU-TV Channel 11) with

Deborah Duncan Starting at 9AM Friday, August 14th The Houston Miller Outdoor Theater present: Classic Movies at Miller Wednesday, August 26th at 8:00PM 6000 Hermann Park Dr. - FREE


“Working in production means getting to meet and mingle with a whole lotta people from around the world. You start to bond with 'em and all of a sudden it's on to the next job. Every new crew I end up feeling like I'm cheating on the last bunch. Don't know if I'll ever get used to it. Welp...here's to freelancin!” Kimberly Vega

Find us and “Like” us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lucky-Chucky-Productions/209010765797903


Bluegrass and gospel by Heights Pres Bluegrass starting at 3PM, Contemporary/world music by Wasi Townsend Music starting at 5PM Blues Music by the Eric Demmer Band starting at 7PM. Short screening blocks include: Films for Children starting at 2PM Film Block no. 2 starting at 4PM The Screening of the movie made by The Skye’s the Limit Award Grant Winners starting at 6PM.

Skye Fest 2015 Winners Announced

The folks from The Skye McCole Bartusiak Foundation have announced the selected winners of The Skye’s The Limit Award. A professional support grant to individual artists or teams to support the development and production of films or theatre projects. Grants are competitive in structure and are awarded on the basis of the artistic merit of the project and the needs of the applicant. This year, the Foundation has awarded three grants of $500 to 3 teams entering this upcoming 48 Hour Film Project (Starting Friday, August 14th and concluding Sunday, August 16th) for the purpose of supplementing the cost of production. Grant selection was competitive and on the basis of artistic merit, need and alignment with the charitable purpose of the foundation.

Tickets ( Minimum Donations) : Adult Half-day Admission (1PM to 5PM or 4PM to 8PM) $20 Adult Full-day Admission $30 The Foundation was established in July of 2014 in memory of Houston Actress Skye McCole Bartuiak, who appeared in 14 feature films, numerous short, 7 Television films, in recurring or guest roles in 11 Television Series and in the 2003 Broadway revival of “The Miracle Worker”. Skye passed away at the age of 21 on July 19th, 2014. The mission of The Skye McCole Bartusiak Foundation is to support emerging performing artists - professionally and personally - with initial emphasis on residents of Texas. Learn more about The Skye McCole Bartusiak Foundation and The Skye’s The Limit Award on their official website at:

www.SkyeMcColeBartusiak.com www.C47Houston.Blogspot.com

Janet Hill, accepting the award for Gin Yu Steve Bartusiak, VP of the Foundation Robin Craig, Advisory Board Chris Lalka, Treasurer Don Bartusiak, President Ibis Fernandez, Grant Winner Arvi Ragunathan, Grant Winner

...and the 2015 winners are…

The Skye McCole Bartusiak Foundation in conjunction with the 2015 Houston 48 Hour Film Project have teamed up to present for the first time, Skye Fest 2015, a family-friendly fundraising event that will feature short films, Texas BBQ and live music all to support The Skye McCole Bartusiak Foundation taking place Saturday, August 22nd starting at 1PM to 8PM at the Heights Presbyterian Church (240 W. 18th St., Houston, TX 77008 - Heights area) This is NOT an official 48HFP event but Skye Fest 2015 will feature numerous Houston 48HFP projects from previous years. Live music include classic rock from SubZero Band at 1PM,

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The Houston Cinema Arts Festival present: Artist’s Choice Film Series Monday, August 21st at 8:30PM Café Brasil 2604 Dunlavy - FREE

Team Cinestar Interactive (Ibis Fernandez) Team Gin & Tonic (Gin Yu) Team Udhills Producctions (Arvi Ragunathan) And, Honorable Mention: Team Films for Actors (Mark Baird)


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Houston Director Shawn Welling, RedFan Films and Welling Films are working on a new project “The Blimp Trap” and have released a trailer. Written by Miriam Esther Goldman, Nathan Goldman and Harwood Taylor and based on a true events, the story follows nine-year old Harwood. Harwood isn’t like other boys in 1977 Texas. After losing his brother in a car accident, his mother takes up drinking and Harwood finds emotional comfort with his best friend, nine-year old Billy. Billy lives down the street, is mentally different and is a girl. Together they watch the famous “Blimp” fly overhead and create a “blimp trap” to catch for their own. Both Harwood and Billy are teased by their peers for playing their special games and for their friendship, until one-day something miraculous happens. Produced by Renee Redden-Somoza and Mr. Welling and Executive Produced by Jana Fant, the movie stars Blaze Tucker, Isabella Blake Thomas and Renee Redden-Samoza in the title roles. Also cast are Sebastian Somoza, Nick Nicholson, Elizabeth Blake-Thomas, Bob Boudreaux, Michelle Simmons, Mike Simmons, Mirian Esther Goldman, Nathan Goldman, Mr. Welling, Olivia ‘Chachi’ Gonzales, Preslee Bishop, Claudia Cox, Lee Patrick Galley and Roger Scott Budge. Behind the camera shooting this movie is Shawn Welling with the help of Duncan Johnson. Mr. Johnson is the cinematographer for projects like “Project Aether”, “The Walk”, “Adamo” and the documentary short “Beyond the Yellow Brick Road” (Mr. Johnson’s IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4448542/ ) Director Shawn Welling is an accomplished movie maker in his own right. His credits include the documentaries “The House of Dreams”, the award-winning “The Messenger: 360 Days of Bolivar”, “Project Aether”, “The Walk”, “The Legend of DarkHorse County”, “Adamo”, “Toxin: 700 Days Left on Earth”, “If I Could Talk”, “Beyond the Yellow Brick Road”, “The Gift”, TV “In the News”, TV “AXI: Avengers of eXtreme Illusions” and is in post for his short “The Mechanic”. (Mr. Welling’s IMDB Page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3205229/ ) The director is utilizing the use of camera drones for this movie. The drone operator is Art Giraldo and from what we can see his visual shoots are stunning. ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5655477/ ) C47 Houston will keep you updated on new development on this new project by Director Shawn Welling. You can learn more about “The Blimp Trap” and “Like” them on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Blimp-Trap/1642221279342811 Also, you can check out the IMDB page at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4693830/ And, you can see the trailer on their YouTube Channel at: https://youtu.be/r00pp11d6ZQ


7th Anniversary


Wednesday October 28th Houston Director, Producer and Organizer Damir Catic is inviting Houston indie movie fans to attend the fright-fest event of 2015, HORRORTHON 2015, starting at 6PM, Wednesday, October 28th at the Edwards Marq*E 23 and IMAX Entertainment Center (7620 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77024 / I-10 and Silber Rd.). Some of the movies already scheduled to be screened are “Exeter”, “Stalking Miss Barlow”, the premiere of “Bloody Mary”, “The Lost”, “Board of the Damned” and “Dark Presence”, more to come. Fans will be treated to several feature movies, a batch of short movies and an after party, all HORROR genre movies. Tickets available soon, but you can get in FREE with a blood donation. All you have to do is donate at: www.GiveBlood.org, bring in your proof of donation and get in for FREE. There will be door prizes and special guests will attend this event. C47Houston will keep you informed about news additions to the program as they happen, or just check out October issue of C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine and/or our WEEKLYS.

The Gulf Coast Video & Film Festival is Raffling-off a T-Shirt autographed by Texas Actor Lew Temple. The Raffle will take place during the Saturday Night “Live” Awards Presentation event, Saturday, September 12th, 2015. You can order one (1) ticket for $5.00, four (4) tickets for $10.00 and six (6) tickets for $15.00. Order one ticket or a hundred tickets. You don’t have to be present to win, but you do have to have the ticket stub or proof of an ordered ticket. ORDER AT:



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