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APRIL Message Well another wonderful monthly magazine designed by our very own Brenton Craig – a real hero. Our son and mighty preacher Ben Windle has been doing a series on Sunday nights about the Church and it’s been fantastic. There are still two more instalments of that so don’t miss them. When this concludes in a couple of weeks, I will be starting a brand new Sunday night series that will run fortnightly with ‘The Hub’. God has been impressing on me a lot lately about the essential need every Christian has to understand the subject of ‘faith’, and not only that, but to experience its power. Hence the title of my next series ‘THE FORCE’ Faith for many people is just a religious word, but to me it conjures up word associations such as force, shift, power, positive, breakthrough, life, overcome, change, transform, create, word of God... If the writer of the book of Hebrews went as far as to say,

“without faith it’s impossible to please God”, then whatever faith is, we need it like our next breath! He didn’t say it was ‘difficult’ to please God without faith – he said it was ‘IMPOSSIBLE’! If Jesus Christ said “all things are possible to him that believes”, then faith is the key that unlocks the door of possibilities to our lives. Imagine that! All things being possible – because of a substance, a something, a force called faith and believing. If there is one thing we need today more than anything else it’s to find the antidote to the developed cynicisms of our society and that my friend is what the Bible calls faith. We have been disempowered by our lack of it – now let’s be empowered by the force of it. Don’t miss it – starts Sunday April 19th. Be blessed,


SERVICES & REGULAR EVENTS Check the calendar at the back of the magazine for further dates Church Services

Kids Church

In the Auditorium

Church Ground Floor

Sunday 10am and 6pm

Sunday 10am

Wednesday Community

Community Groups

In the Gallery

Brisbane City & Suburbs

Wednesday 7:30pm


Every 4th Week The Hub Young Adults

Solid Youth

Cafe Church in the Auditorium

Church Ground Floor

Sunday 6pm fortnightly

Friday 7pm fortnightly

New Christians

Mums’ Meet

Wed 7.30pm fortnightly

Thursday 9:30am fortnightly

At the home of Dan and Nichy

a 20 Bailey St, West End e

p (07) 3844 0575 w

REAL PEOPLE, REAL STORIES TIM GOULDING (25) / APPRENTICE ROASTER JADE GOULDING (27) / SENIOR COMMUNICATION OFFICER & SMALL BUSINESS OWNER HE SAYS: G’day my name’s Tim. I’m 25, married to Jade, the greatest and most beautiful girl ever and currently I work for Cleanskin Coffee Co. as an apprentice roaster. God has really blessed me over the past few years in my career and personal life as I was single and working dead end jobs with no clear direction, to my current status of married and having an awesome job. God spoke to me during a Sunday service mid last year about getting into the coffee industry. It really hit me and I knew for the first time that this was what I was to do for my career. I started working for a cafe in Teneriffe called Caffeine Espresso which was a boutique coffee roastery selling 600

coffees per day! I got on very well with my boss whom had I built a good friendship with and he asked if I wanted to run an espresso bar! I jumped at this opportunity so soon after I was a small business owner and I worked there till Christmas last year before getting the opportunity to learn the art of roasting. Every day I wake excited about my job because it’s so much fun. I get to drink awesome coffee, create new blends, learn the art of roasting and drink awesome coffee!!! God is so faithful! My wife Jade! We met a week after Jade became a Christian in 2004 and she was real nice and I thought she’s a good sort but sparks didn’t fly straight away. We were just friends for the next few years, just hanging out listening to 80’s music

and having fun. In August 2007, I went camping with Jadey and some other friends. I’d started to like Jade more and more over the months leading up to the trip so I was pretty excited about going. Camping was fun and we hung out lots but I got home feeling confused about where our friendship was heading. So I turned to God that afternoon and said “God I really like this girl and I’d love her to be my girlfriend so if it’s Your will, I’ll let You sort it out!” I just focussed on my relationship with God and sure enough He answered my prayers! We did Red Frogs (an organization set up to help youth attending schoolies week at Surfers Paradise) a few months later and were in the same team. I was so stoked,

“a week with Jade ‘yee ha’ ...” we just hung out helping teenagers and enjoying each other’s company then mid week Jadey saw the light! God showed her that I was the one for her and I guess the rest is history! We got married on March 1st 2008 and have loved every moment. It’s awesome living with your best friend everyday and doing life together. I make it my mission to honour her and make her feel loved every day. God has blessed us so much. Our plans at the moment are pretty simple: Love God, Love each other, Love others and have fun along the way. SHE SAYS: For a job, I work for the planning area in Queensland Transport, as a Senior Communication Officer. I’ve been quite focussed on my career since landing this job of looking after all the community engagement for any new transport projects that are being planned. I’ve been there for over 4 years now, steadily moving into more challenging positions, whilst remaining on the same team. I feel it is a real honour to have such a secure public service job, and have worked hard to get better at what I do. I have also started a small business on the side, offering marketing, communication and design services to small businesses. I have a dream to really serve and help small businesses succeed in what they do, by communicating effectively to their

target markets. I want to provide something different to the usual, and focus on tailoring the work to suit client’s needs. This is starting slowly, but surely, and I hope to be able to do it full time in the future. Timing is everything! I met Tim about 5 years ago, at the church I had just become part of. He was such a fun guy, and the more I got to know him, the quicker he became one of my favourite people. He had such a fun, laid back attitude, which was really good for me, as I had suffered depression and anxiety on and off for many years. He made me laugh and he liked many of the things I do like...80’s music, bogan culture and camping. As time went on, I had the inkling that he might have liked me but I thought he was just a good friend and actually I had my eyes elsewhere. That ‘elsewhere’ didn’t work out, so I decided I was just going to focus on God and giving my time and efforts into things that were more important. So I went to Schoolies week and volunteered as a Red Frog, and conveniently Tim and I were in the same team. It was during some very late nights hanging out with ratty kids, and lots of laughter that week, that at a very specific moment, I felt my eyes open. Literally standing right in front of me was an amazing man with a beautiful heart, who brought light into my world. With friendship as our foundation, we formed a relationship that is built to last. We’ve had some real ups and downs, and saving ourselves for our wedding night

was particularly hard, but so worth it. Tim and I have been married for just over a year now, and it’s been the best year and the hardest year all at the same time. He is the most wonderful husband a woman could want, being so generous, with a serving attitude that I have never in my life seen. We have never had an argument as we both feel there isn’t any need to and any difficulty I’ve had is really only about me! Having been out of home since 17, I’ve lived very independently and although getting married was something I’ve always wanted, it’s been a weird and wonderful journey integrating our separate lives to live as one. I want to serve my husband and live as he wants us to live and we have made a good deal - I keep his belly full and he washes the clothes. Without complaint might I add! I really believe Tim has something special that he can teach other men. To him, a relationship doesn’t have to be complicated; his philosophy is just to put me first and I feel like the luckiest woman alive. I’m sure there will be plenty more challenges to come but we really just want to serve God, and bless others. We plan to travel overseas and we both have dreams to run our own businesses, have kids and to buy a Queenslander in West End, but everything in its right place. Timing is everything!


My Best Life “God has done an unexplainable work in me... He has given me purpose” As the thunder roared and the lightning crashed, I was overcome by anxiety and fear. Another night of storms had turned me into a stagnant, lifeless, empty vessel. I realised I had no hope, no passion and certainly no life. I had no idea who I was. Filled with self hatred from years of sexual, mental and alcohol abuse I finally made the decision to end it all. The next day I would wake up just to die. I can’t explain what happened that night. I didn’t have a dream or a ‘spiritual revelation’. I just woke up with a mission. I needed to know why that man was so happy? And what he had that I didn’t? To explain - a few months earlier I was “Googling” Christian churches because I was interested in a guy who was Christian and thought I’d better check it out.

The first site that came up was C3 Westside. On the header banner of this site was a man whose face just caught my eye. This man had ‘something’ that I was missing. That morning, I put on hold the other thing I was going to do that day. I got dressed, and went next door to my very surprised neighbour and asked him “Can you drive me to church?” That was 3 years ago and to tell the truth I did die that day. The Bible tells us that “we lay down our lives, only to take them up again” and I picked up the best life. God has done an unexplainable work in me that has not only changed my heart and the way I think but He has given me purpose. I am truly grateful that Gods’ timing is perfect because I could have lost it all. Glory!


YOUNG ADULTS CONFERENCE THE FUTURE CHURCH 7 & 8 AUGUST ‘09 I’m very excited about C3 Westside’s young adults conference coming up in August called “The Future Church”. Speakers will be Josh Kelsey (Young Adults leaders C3 Oxford Falls), Jonathon Gullo (Young Adults leaders Suncoast COC), Ben Windle (Senior Pastor Lifeplace Church) and myself. I think we have three of the most outstanding young men in ministry in Australia today speaking at our conference! I believe it will be a very influential conference for all who attend. It will begin Friday night the 7th and conclude Saturday night the 8th August, The theme will be “The Future church”.

Let me ask you one question – what do you see the future church looking like? By future I mean the next phase – what we are now transitioning towards? Where is it going? What will be different? What part do young adults play in all this? These issues will be our focus. The conference will be a journey of exploring the future. It will be prophetic, informational, inspirational and challenging. Grant Windle (Senior Pastor C3 Westside)

WESTSIDECARE SATURDAY 4TH APRIL @ 9AM Westside Care is a local initiative aimed at proactively helping our local community. We provide a Saturday morning service to the elderly where people with various skills from C3 Westside perform manual tasks such

as weeding, gardening, indoor cleaning, painting and simple domestic repairs*. This service is provided free of charge to senior citizens in the West End area and is aimed at making life just that little bit easier.

To be involved contact Tom Windle m 0411 826 761 e *Painting and repairs are only performed by experienced and trade qualified people.

SOLID YOUTH FOR HIGHSCHOOLERS APRIL 10 and 24 at 7pm 20 bailey street west end For further event details or to organise a lift to Youth contact our Youth Pastor - Tom Windle m 0411 826 761 e


Mikhail Sirgoski


LIVE MUSIC ART & FILM event details contact our Young Adults Leader - Jessica Lumby m 0423 833 122 e


OVER 30s Don’t let it be said that the Over 30s aren’t into an adrenalin rush! This month we will be partaking in one of the most gruelling, not to mention thrilling sports not to have made it to the Olympics ... Bare-Foot Bowls! Yes, bring out that Gatorade and nail polish in preparation for what promises to be an outstanding event in ’09.

BareFoot Bowls Dates

25th of April - RSVP by 17th of April


1pm for Bowls & 3pm for BBQ

Location Merthyr Rd Bowls Club 60 Oxlade Drive, New Farm Cost  $5/person - Bowls plus $15/person - BBQ meal Contact Darryl O’Callaghan - Josie Richardson -

Mums’ Meet

MotherS of pre - schoolers

You are invited to a place designed specifically for you, a mother of preschoolers. Here you’ll experience authentic community, mothering support, personal growth and spiritual hope, all to help you be the best mum possible. When mums meet, their children are lovingly cared for in our KIDS-Care environment, which is designed to meet their needs with activities that encourage social inter-action. So don’t miss the opportunity to get out of the house and have a great morning!


23rd of April


9.30am to 11.00am

Location C3 Westside 20 Bailey Street, West End Details $5/person Tea, coffee & baby-sitting provided Contact

Cheryl Windle -

It’s a Friday afternoon. I heave the last of my groceries on top of the already overloaded pram and head for my final destination, the shoe shop. I find the most adorable pair of glossy red shoes, flats of course (high heels are maternal suicide), and charge up to the counter with money in hand. “Hi just these please”, the sales assistant smiles and nods. “I just love these shoes; I’ve been wanting red shoes for ages”. The sales assistant places them inside a box. “Actually, I’m going to party tonight, a 21st party, yea and it’s a red and black dress theme”, okay stop talking Bea. “Yea, a whole bunch of my friends are going and I’m getting my mum to babysit for me so I can just relax”. No, seriously, stop talking. “I haven’t actually left my baby alone for longer than a few hours so I’m a little nervous”. I mean it, stop talking, STOP TALKING! I admit it, I’m guilty, I’m guilty of pouring out random facts to unsuspecting

shop assistants. I’m guilty of over sharing with library workers and café staff. I’m guilty of talking to myself, the mirror, my baby and anyone who even blinks in my direction. Okay, so I may have a bigger talking quota per day than most but being a new mum can be, well, a little lonely. It’s hard to go from the bustle of baby free life to being at home with a baby who cries half the day and only re-runs of ‘Ready Steady Cook’ to keep you company. Talking with other mums saved me in those first few months. Being around others who also lived in baby land was a welcome relief from the challenge of being home alone all day. I survived because other mums shared with me. I hope I can do the same.

Bea Blackmore (C3 WESTSIDE MEMBER)

Prayer Requests

Pre-service Prayer Meetings

Tired? Financial worries? Unwell? Unsure? Ask for help. Our Prayer Network is up and running and eager to pray for your needs. Just email your prayer request through or phone the church office and know that others are standing behind you in faith / (07) 3844 0575

9.30 to 9.50 AM Service & 5.30 to 5.50 PM Service Pre-service Prayer Meetings are held In the Church Office.

COMMUNITY GROUP WEEK (Venues at Meeting all over the city every 2 weeks in houses, apartments and cafes. These are smaller group settings where people gather informally over food and drink, pray together and discuss the previous Sundays message to the church. They are on most nights of the designated weeks and you can attend as many as you like. A great way of getting to know people in the church and bring your friends to. WEDNESDAY COMMUNITY (20 Bailey Street West End 7.30pm) Every 4th week all the ‘Community Groups’ come together for ‘Wednesday Night Community’ – though everybody in the church is most welcome. The format is simple – Cafe styled bible study - tea and coffee sitting around tables and lounges, great interaction, acoustic worship followed by verse-by-verse bible teaching and discussions too.


letes p com who e y v d ecei ybo r r l l Eve se wi r cou e k l bib wee d 6 s boun thi r the a e l l a beautifu

NEW S N A I T CHRIS E S R U CO nd 7.30pm 2 2 & APRIL 8 th

se designed for tho is e rs u o c k e e This 6 w ith to discuss a F n a ti s ri h C e th who are new to uilding blocks b l ta n e m a d n fu the and learn about olid foundation. s a re u s n e to y me. of Christianit nd all are welco a d e x la re d n a It’s fun ets fortnightly e m e rs u o c ’ s n tia New The ‘New Chris at the home of m p 0 :3 7 y a d s e can on a Wedn d Nichy. Anyone n a n a D : rs e d a ply Christians le gister - just sim re to d e e n o n attend, there’s ight. turn up on the n e, nding this cours e tt a t u o b a n o ti a For further inform (07) 3844 0575 e c ffi o h rc u h c the please contact


C3 Kids facilitates a fun learning environment for 3 different age groups. Babies (6 months to 18 months), Pre-Schoolers (19 months to 4 years) and Kids (5 years to 12 years). Morning Tea is provided. Drop off from 9.50am 10 minutes before start of service Pickup by 11:45pm 15 minutes after the end of service Kids Church is located on the ground floor of the Church facilities.

CHURCH FACILITIES As well as Kids Church and Crèche we also have a couple of additional facilities for parents during services. These facilities can be just the trick for those moments when your ‘little one’ becomes restless. All these areas are air-conditioned for your comfort.

Mothers’ Room Our Mothers’ Room provides a peaceful environment for nursing mothers and is located in the Gallery just outside the main Auditorium. For your convenience a broadcast of the church service is displayed on a monitor located in the Mothers’room, which allows you to still be very much a part of the programme. Tea and coffee are available in the room. Babies’ Sleeping Room Our babies’ room provides a tranquil environment for babies to sleep during services. It has several portacots and a change table available for your use. Parents’ Area The Gallery also provides a live video broadcast of the service which parents can view while caring for their child.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Production 1 x sound person 2 to 4 x lights people 1 x words person 3 x camera people

THE HUB 1 x barista 1 x waiter Several setup/set down people

Kids Church 3 x teachers/assistants required



3 x general staff

2 x Stewards To help out in any of these areas, please contact our General Manager Darryl O’Callaghan

Featured Item Relationships, Dating & Sex $24 by Grant Windle • Who will you marry? • Are you ready for a relationship? • How to make friends • How to converse when you’re not a natural talker • Interacting with different personality types • God is a matchmaker • Should a Christian date a non-Christian? • How quickly should a relationship progress? • How do you know who is right for you? • What is appropriate between dating couples in the sexual area Pastor Grant Windle speaks with candor & humor about the most important journey of your life. Copies available from C3 Westside.








10AM Family Service 6PM Service - The Hub

5 10AM Family Service (Communion) 6PM Service Ben Windle Church Part 5/5






10AM Family Service 6PM Service

19 10AM Family Service 6PM Service

26 10AM Family Service 6PM Service - The Hub















CG Leaders Meeting 7PM

Westside Care 9AM

SALT Meeting 7:30PM






New Christians 7.30PM




Youth Night 7PM




Wednesday Community 7:30PM








New Christians 7.30PM

Mums’ Meet 9.30AM

Youth Night 7PM

Over 30s 1PM



C3 Presence Conference Sydney Oxford Falls -

29 CG Leaders Meeting 7PM SALT Meeting 7:30PM


COMING UP Rise & Build 09/10 June Building Fund Pledge Day

Week of Breakthrough July 8 Nights of Breakthrough Church

Young Adults Conference 7 & 8 Aug ‘09 The Future Church

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