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But how shall they ask him to save them unless they Believe in him? And how cAn they believe in him if they hAve never heArd About him, and how can they hear aBout him unless romans 10:14-15 (The Message) someone tells them?

vision. We are so excited about the future.

Our vision is sydney a City for Christ and we have only just begun. The power of god is alive, active and mighty to save. It’s all about one person - one life meeting Jesus in one moment. as people’s lives connect with the life of Christ, we will see our city transformed. One lIfe / MeeTs / One lIfe Our 3 Campuses are places where god is glorified - places where people are welcomed, found and set free. C3 Church is a place where disciples are made and lives are transformed. Our message is one of faith, hope and love and the redeeming power of a god who loves people. We’re entering a new day for our Rise and Build, Beyond and Television partner’s initiatives, as they join together under the one banner Vision Builders. Vision Builders is much more than a name, it’s a vision that provides the opportunity for every member of the church to play a part in building tomorrow. We have seen miracles unfold in people’s lives as they have aligned their heart, purpose and financial resources with god’s vision to build his Church. as we each give our time and resources, together we will see lives transformed, captives released, and eyes opened to the reality of Christ. Phil and Chris Pringle

when one life meets christ

a new story unfolds...


STORY,n. a naRRaTIVe; Tale; aCCOunT Of a JOuRneY TRaVelleD. faCTs OR exPeRIenCes ThaT DeseRVe naRRaTIOn.

justin as a young man my desire to be accepted by my peers grew and i made compromise after compromise to gain and keep this acceptance. The first ‘cool’ party I went to I pretended to be drunk to fit in, but this was a turning point, after that it all began for real. I began spiraling out of control as I pushed deeper and deeper into the party and drug scene. I was in Yr 12 at this time and had stopped attending classes. I used drugs with my friends instead of going to school and would also experiment with harder drugs like ecstasy, cocaine, and speed on the weekends. I spent the next 4 years living out of home with mates smoking marijuana about 4-5 times a day. every weekend we would hit nightclubs in the city and would consume huge amounts of hard drugs, including up to 15 pills of ecstasy in each bender. These benders would last from friday afternoon until sunday night. With the amount of drugs I was consuming each week I turned to dealing drugs to support my habit. I was selling huge amounts of pretty much every drug available. When I was 21, after a particularly large weekend, I overdosed and collapsed with my heart pounding in my chest and beating sporadically. an ambulance was called and I was taken to hospital. I realised that I couldn’t keep up this lifestyle any longer and spent

the next 6 months trying to stay off drugs, but failing miserably. During these 6 months I was a mess on legs, I was depressed, paranoid and anxious. One day during this time I was asked by a friend to come to C3 Church Oxford falls Campus. I came along and was absolutely in awe, wondering why no one had told me about this place earlier. When the call for salvation came my hand shot straight up in the air. as Ps Phil prayed for me my heart burned with life and I met Jesus for real. My restoration journey began and I never took drugs again. I was absolutely set free. My life since salvation has gone from strength to strength, as I learn to remain broken, dependent and surrendered to god. If god can use me he can use anyone. My wife and I are abundantly and overwhelmingly blessed because of C3 Church. I am now living the most incredible life, better than I could have ever imagined. I’ve been married to my lovely wife for 5 years now and we have a beautiful 16-month-old daughter. I teach at C3 College, we are network Pastors, we run sg services at silverwater, and are involved in so much more of Church life! Together, my wife and I, serve in the house of god through our time and finances. all I want to do is give back, help people, support people and live as Jesus called us to.


new story unfolds... i used to watch C3TV every week while i injected heroin and drank methadone. I found out about a free conference at homebush, at the end of 2005, featuring Bishop T.D. Jakes. I went with my, then 14 year old, son Dominic and 2 weeks later, I never used heroin again. Throughout the following year, I tried giving up methadone but failed miserably. I kept seeing the address ‘C3 City Church - corner of Palmer and stanley streets’ at the end of the ‘Your Best life’ program. Two weeks before Christmas that year, I was forced to leave my 4 older children, my partner of 24 years and take my 3-year-old daughter and just a bag of clothes. I was completely broken, homeless and left with no family, friends, money, phone or car. Physically, I was nearly dead. I weighed 50kg, my skin was bleeding, and my teeth were decayed. I went to C3 Church City Campus a week before Christmas and thought my life was too wrecked for me to be there, but that the kids church would be

good for lulu. I’d come to the end of trying to do it by myself, I just thought we had to make ourselves right before we came to god, but you don’t, you can bring your whole mess! We went every week from then on and through the prayers of the church and the power of the holy spirit, I have changed so much…I don’t recognise myself. since joining C3 Church, I’ve stopped using methadone and god has restored my relationships with my children, my family and my friends. I have learnt about honour, commitment and integrity through the excellent teaching of men and women of god. I have been taught how to do life and now I love it! I’ve finally accepted myself. I was diagnosed with hep C 19 years ago, but for the last 3 years all the tests have been negative. Thank you to all the people who are committed to teaching people that their best life is Jesus. I consider it a great honour and privilege to be a partner with this TV ministry and to play a small part of C3 Church’s vision for the future.

donna Behind the closed doors of a small house on the northern Beaches lives a single Mum and 4 children under the age of 10. her eldest child, Jake suffers from autism and has the mental age of a 3-year-old. Jake’s ability to cope with the outside world is limited and he will either withdraw into his shell or lash out violently at anything near to him. he requires constant supervision whenever he is around the other children. accidentally tripping into the family coffee table, Jakes 3-yearold brother, Zac required 3 stitches to his head. Through these he contracted golden staph. This little accident was the start of a marathon - 10 operations, 4 weeks in hospital and a comedy of errors by hospital staff, including the discovery of faulty equipment being inserted into Zac’s heart. Consequently, Zac had heart

surgery and brain surgery and is due for another operation to remove a clot from behind his eye. This single Mum met a C3 Church member online through eBay. The C3 member realised Donna’s challenging circumstances and determined to help her. In april this year, Donna attended Presence as the recipient of the C3 Care foundation Trust. C3 Church donated $25,000 towards equipment, treatment for Jake and repairs to the family car, which has been off the road for over six months. Donna went forward and gave her life to Christ and has already seen dramatic changes in hers and her children’s lives. she received healing for her back and is now praying for healing for her children - believing they will see the day when Jake is made completely well. she is a champion, a brave heart, with a life to be celebrated.

the means.

Our vision is that every person, no matter what their story, would give to god through the Vision Builders Program, holding nothing back, freely and generously, in worship of god. It’s not about equal giving, but equal sacrifice.


your Best Life teLevision

Through the consistent and generous giving of C3 Church our

Television is just that, it’s Tel-eVeRYOne. We have a passion

Beyond projects are able to help a hurting world receive their

to reach the world through television and our television

best life. Our united involvement, demonstrates how ‘the One’

presence is extending to a greater reach than ever before.

can make a huge difference in the lives of many!

Our vision is to make a way for the message god has placed

Beyond inspires us to look outside the walls of our personal

inside our hearts to reach into households and living rooms, to

needs and extend our reach to the needs of others. This goes

reach people exactly where they are at in life. Our TV ministry

beyond the walls of our church into foreign nations, into our

produces a world-class quality 30-minute weekly television

own nation, and into our own backyards, as we touch people’s

show ‘Your Best life with Phil Pringle’, which is broadcast

lives with The gospel of Jesus Christ. Do not think your part is

throughout australia, asia, europe & the uK weekly.

insignificant - because it is greatly valued. Only when we band

People are watching more TV than ever before and we

together – each supplying their part - can we experience the

want to reach them with the message of Christ and point them

power of community. We are continually on the move with the

towards their local C3 Church. When a show comes out of a

new things of god but really there is, and will always be, a need

local church it creates a context for people to get connected

to reach those in our own community more.

to a local church. Through broadcasting a church that is full

Beyond does exactly that, it reaches out to the community

of life, alive and bright, we show believers and unbelievers

bringing forth love and mercy. let’s realise our effectiveness as

worldwide that god is alive, the Church is alive and that he

we band together with one goal, to be the hands and feet of

desires us to live our best life for his glory. Our desire is that

Jesus. let’s be local people meeting local and global needs.

people see, feel and touch god.

the means.

BuiLdings We believe in the church gathered, united with one voice, one heart and one goal. C3 Church is a place where we call home, we create space and room for people to grow, worship and live their lives wholly for Christ. Our 3 campuses are where people gather, meet each other and meet god. Places where buildings overflow with people, where generations are inspired, equipped and empowered in our training programs, and beyond initiatives aid people locally and globally in their times of need. This is only the beginning.

OXFOrd Falls

We see our church community discovering a life that is the best it can be through providing more places where people can encounter god. There are stories waiting to be told and eyes waiting to be unveiled to the truth. We have a united vision to build the church by connecting people to god


and connecting people to each other. We will see the church built locally, as well as globally, as each of us take hold of the vision and with the power of god, choose to love sydney and her people. as we partner financially together we fuel the vision sydney a City for Christ. We are bringing Jesus into contact with the one person. We are building the Church and we will see hundreds and thousands of lives changed. let’s liberate a city and nation through the life-


transforming gospel of Jesus Christ by every available relevant means.

DaviD saiD, “My son soloMon is young anD inexperienceD, anD the house that is to be built for the lorD shall be exceeDingly magnificent, faMous anD glorious throughout all lanDs. therefore now i will Make preparation for it.� so DaviD MaDe aMple preparations... 1 ChroniCles 22:5 (nasB)

essential info.

every year we jointly commit to the task of resourcing the vision that god has given us. When we work together in unity we can build something that enables god to reach the world and be reconciled to him. We are convinced that giving to Vision Builders secures a strong and exciting future for our church. hOW YOu Can YOu Be a ParT OF VisiOn Builders 2010?

salarY saCriFiCe You can arrange with your employer to

Prayerfully consider the level of giving that you feel is

make a deduction from your salary each pay before tax. Please

appropriate for you. Your decision should be based on both faith

contact the C3 Church accounts Department to organise.

and wisdom. Remember, the philosophy of Vision Builders is equal sacrifice, not equal giving.

direCT TransFer This can be arranged through your

Make a formal commitment to give on a Vision Builders

employer or bank. Your bank can arrange regular transfers to

commitment card during all weekend services throughout June

occur automatically. You can also arrange regular payments via

2010. alternatively, you can obtain a commitment card at any

Internet banking. again, please contact the C3 Church accounts

time from the information desk in the church foyer.

Department to organise. alternatively, you can choose to make a payment from money currently available or when you receive a

serVing ChOOse YOuR MeThOD Of fulfIllMenT

work bonus, tax refund or via an asset sale.

regular PaYMenT This is one of the most successful ways to

Online dOnaTiOn This is a popular and convenient way

fulfil your commitment by making a regular weekly or monthly

of giving via the Internet. Please visit our website at www.

contribution. Regular giving is rewarding and quickly builds as Then use the ‘Online giving’ link

illustrated in the table below:

Complete the information required and select the ‘Vision Builders’ field and continue with ‘proceed’.




10 20 40 80 150 300

43 86 173 346 650 1300

520 1040 2080 4160 7800 15600




TaXaTiOn BeneFiTs all donations in excess of $2 given to C3 Vision Builders aBn. 95 002 558 134 are tax deductible. The real cost of your contribution can therefore be significantly less than the amount donated as shown from the following table. a Tax Receipt will be issued soon after the end of the financial Year. The example below shows the possible Tax Benefit depending on income based on a donation of $1,000:

TrusT Funds Two Trust funds that do not have tax deductibility status have been set up for those who do not need or wish to take advantage of the taxation benefits. Money given to these trusts will be used for expenditure beyond the purposes approved by the australian Tax Office. The Trust fund details are as follows: • Oxford Falls and Silverwater Campuses • ‘C3 Church Building Trust’ • City Campus • ‘God in the City Rise and Build General’

frequently asked Questions WhaT is The VisiOn Builders PrOgraM?

dO YOu need MY PersOnal deTails? i Wish TO reMain

The Vision Builders program is the overarching banner for our


Rise & Build, Beyond, and Television Partners initiatives. Vision

You may remain anonymous if you wish, however you will not

Builders is responsible for raising the finance needed to facilitate

be able to claim tax deductibility for your giving as we will be

all of these areas of our Church life.

unable to give you a record of your giving which you will need to submit to the australian Tax Office. hOW shOuld i deTerMine hOW MuCh TO giVe TO VisiOn Builders? a combination of faith and Wisdom should be used in

Vision Builders giving

determining how much to give. Proverbs 24:3 “any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts” (TlB) i aM OnlY neW TO ChurCh, shOuld i Be giVing TO

Rise & Build

TV Partners Beyond

VisiOn Builders? iF sO, WhY? There is no pressure for anyone, new or old to give to Vision Builders, nor is there any minimum requirement. new people who would like to give are most welcome, as is anyone who resonates with the vision we have for Vision Builders.

are MY VisiOn Builders COnTriBuTiOns TaX-deduCTiBle? Contributions of $2 or more are tax deductible. Can i giVe TO VisiOn Builders insTead OF TiThing? The Bible instructs people to tithe the first 10% of income to the church – the ‘house of god’ for the operation of the church (Malachi 3:10, Matthew 23:23). Vision Builders giving should be seen as giving ‘over and above’ the tithe. WhaT iF i Can’T FulFil MY Pledge? firstly, we encourage people to make realistic pledges. having done that, we understand that sometimes unexpected events happen and for whatever reason people are unable to fulfil their pledge. We release people from their commitments every year, but suggest that you may still want to fulfil your pledge by breaking it down into smaller amounts over a longer period of time. i aM in signiFiCanT deBT, shOuld i PaY OFF MY deBTs Or giVe TO VisiOn Builders? If you are in ‘out of control debt’, after your tithe the debt should be your next priority. Reducing the debt to a manageable amount (or even clearing it completely) should be done before significant commitments are made to Vision Builders

hOW dO We knOW Where The MOneY gOes? Our financial accounts are audited by an independent accounting firm. We make available a summary every year of ‘where the money goes’ to any member of C3 Church who would like the information. WhaT iF i aM CurrenTlY direCTlY TransFerring MOneY inTO The rise & Build, TeleVisiOn ParTners Or BeYOnd aCCOunTs? We would advise that you discontinue with this giving and rearrange to directly transfer money into the Vision Builders fund. Please contact the C3 Church accounting Department who will provide the details to enable you to facilitate this. WhaT iF i OnlY WanT TO giVe TO a designaTed area? generally, we would encourage you to give into the Vision Builders fund where the moneys will be allocated based on the current needs in the three areas. however, if you have a preferred area of giving, please indicate this on your commitment card.


Oxford Falls|Silverwater|City Locked Bag 8, Dee Why NSW 2099 P +61 2 9972 8688 F +61 2 9975 6223 E

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