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Important Programming Points

Time slots Time-slots are chosen at the discretion of the Programming Team. Each season the Programming Team reviews the entire schedule and based on programming blocks, genres, trends, ratings and other station’s schedules, we decide all program’s timeslots. Please note timeslots may change from season to season.

Program Broadcast Licence A Program Broadcast License is required to be completed and signed before C31 can broadcast your program. This license includes all the conditions and agreements made between the producer and C31. This will be sent out to you by your Programming Manager before your program begins airing.

Technical Criteria Programs must meet all technical criteria including consistent audio levels, ensuring footage is in the correct aspect ratio, and correct camera focus and exposure.

Program Delivery Programs (other than fast turnaround topical programs) must be delivered ten days before broadcast, to allow for episodes to be checked for technical problems, advertising material and other content which may breach broadcasting regulations.

Ratings C31 supplies ratings information to producers from OzTam. Note: we only provide you with your ratings and not information on other programs’ ratings. This is so you can keep track on the success of your individual program. Ratings are most generally supplied in monthly intervals.

Advertorial Guidelines ACMA, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, sets the guidelines for community TV including advertorial guidelines. Being a community TV broadcaster, C31 is not allowed to have ‘in-program’ advertising or promotion. This is discussed in depth later in this kit but it’s very important that all producers familiarise themselves with what they can and can’t do. Otherwise, episodes could be ‘rejected’ for breaching these guidelines.

Sponsorship Separate to advertorial is ‘sponsorship’. Programs can have access to sponsorship time which they can ‘on-sell’ to sponsors to cover program production costs. Sponsorship time can be used in two ways: • Spots. Spots These are similar to ‘ads’ on commercial TV. They can be 15 or 30 second spots that feature in program breaks. • Billboards. Billboards These can appear at the top and/or tail of your program acknowledging your sponsors. For example “Hound TV is proudly brought to you by Pets Warehouse and Dogs World”. Billboard can be a maximum of 15 seconds combined.