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The 2014 Antenna Awards – Entry Guidelines One entry form to be completed per entry. One USB memory stick to be submitted per entry. Entries to be received by 5.00pm Friday 6th June 2014.

Terms and Conditions: •

In 2014, entry to the awards is open to programs (episodes) first broadcast in Australia on community television stations C31 Melbourne, Adelaide 44, 31 Digital (Brisbane), West TV, or TVS during the period January 1st 2013 and May 31st 2014.

Complete and sign the Entry Form, returning your completed entry by 5.00pm, Friday 6th June 2014. Programs entering multiple categories must supply a separate entry form for each category entered. Please note that no program/entrant may enter a single category more than once.

Complete a short synopsis of approximately 25 words, outlining the submitted episode.

Complete a maximum of 200 words of written support for the entry to assist the judges when evaluating your program. You may include a bio of the producer/nominee, your purpose in making the program and how long you have been producing the show, information on the community the program serves, how the program is put together on a weekly basis, details of achievements or awards, and any other material you believe would assist your entry.

Submit a copy of an entire program on USB as one segment/file. It is the responsibility of the producer to ensure the USB is formatted correctly as outlined in the C31 Video Submission Technical Specifications. Please label the episode file with the program title/nominee’s name and award category i.e. John Smith_Outstanding Male Personality. Each USB should be clearly labeled with the following information: o Name of Program/Entrant o Award Category Entered o Duration of submitted episode o Full Credits must be included in submitted episode/s

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Submit a 300dpi high resolution jpeg image of your program on the USB with your submission for inclusion in the official The 2014 Antenna Awards program booklet should the program be nominated in that category. It is at the Producer's discretion whether or not to submit different episodes of a program for each category entered, however you may only submit one episode of your program per category. Entry is only valid after entry form has been submitted, and payment has been received. There is a $25.00 fee per category entered. Cheque, money order, credit card or cash will be accepted. Entries will not be acknowledged until full payment has been accepted. USBs will not be returned.

Entry Checklist

Have you prepared the following?

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USB prepared for each category nominated USB must be formatted correctly as per the C31 Video Submission Technical Specifications USB must include a FULL, complete Episode as one segment/file USB must include FULL Credits USB is CLEARLY MARKED with Show Name, Nominee (if applicable), Award Category and Duration of clip. Episode file labelled with program title/nominee’s name and award category Fully completed Entry Form 300dpi high resolution jpeg image for the official The 2014 Antenna Awards program (should the program be nominated) Payment has been made (Form will not be processed until payment has been received)

The 2014 Antenna Awards – Entry Form Category

Select which award category you are applying for:

Outstanding Comedy Program Outstanding Factual, Current Affairs or Interview Program Outstanding Arts Program Outstanding Music Program Outstanding Sports Program Outstanding Youth Program Outstanding Special Interest or Lifestyle Program

Outstanding Outdoor or Recreational Program Outstanding Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Program Outstanding Creative Achievement in a Program Outstanding Female Personality Outstanding Male Personality Program of the Year

Program Details

Details about the show or person being nominated.

Title of Nominated Program: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ and/or Nominated Person: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Broadcast: _____/_____/__________ Duration of Key Episode: ______________________ minutes * Episode to include complete Credits.

Contact Details

Official contact point for enquiries.

First Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Surname: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone No.: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Email Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Street Number & Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Suburb: _______________________________________________ Postcode: _________________ State: ______________________________

Support Details

Short Synopsis: (approx. 25 words): ____________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Additional Information: (approx. 200 words - please attach to this form)

Payment Details

Payment can be made by cash, money order, credit card or by cheque. Nomination Fee ($25.00). Name on credit card or cheque: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Credit Card Number: ___________________________________________________________________________ Expiry: _____/_____/_____ I agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out in the call for nominations for The 2014 Antenna Awards and any other term and condition announced in any variation of the call for nominations. I certify that I am a person nominated by the above producer for the purposes of these awards and that the producer is the legal owner of the audio, video and associated materials used in the program or for the purposes of the nomination and that I undertake to seek and gain further broadcast rights for all material for the purposes of a valid entry to The 2014 Antenna Awards. I agree that an image will be taken from my show to be used for any publicity for the show and on The Antennas website. I agree that the image submitted with my entry will be used in the official 2014 Antenna Awards program booklet. I agree that the judges' decision is final and that no further correspondence will be entered into. (Signature of authorized person required) Signature: ____________________________________________________________________

2014 antennas entry form  
2014 antennas entry form