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Barnaclínic implements a Digital Cardiology integral solution with MIO™ tech technology Barnaclínic, within the framework of Corporació Sanitària Clínic de Barcelona, is a referral in management and generation of private resources in public health centres. Barnaclínic develops assistance activities for patients non-financed by the public healthcare system, offering private healthcare services, linked to Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

Executive Resume

In 2006, Barnaclínic carried out 6.500 visits to specialists, 6.402


of Odontology, 1.131 of dermatologic consulting and 1.985 in

Barnaclínic. Corporació Sanitària Clínic (Barcelona, Spain)

Unidad de Fecundación in Vitro.


Inside its strategy of permanent technologic update, oriented to

 To integrate electrocardiograms with the patient Electronic Health Record (SAP)

improve patient assistance, Barnaclínic added recently in its

 To strength the existent Imaging Archiving solutions (PACS UDIAT)

facilities a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) from UDIAT that had been used to date as Radiological Imaging

 To centralize the information generated by ECG devices of any provider

archiving system.

Technologic Solution

Recently, Barnaclínic acquired two electrocardiography devices

 MIO™ Desktop with gateway for SAP

from PHILIPS (TRIM III model), aiming to implement a digital

 MIO™ Desktop with gateway for UDIAT PACS

electrocardiography pilot. This concept test would serve to

 MIO™ Desktop with gateway for PHILIPS’ ECGs Results  Simplification of Cardiology clinical staff workflow.

evaluate the advantages and difficulties associated to the Radiological information with Central Data Processing, to in a satisfactory case export this model to all hospital, as a global

 Access to ECG’s graphic information and numeric values, as to Cardiology reports, from any net access point.

project of digital electrocardiography, covering all healthcare

 Extraction of ECGs’ meaning data and its exportation to SAP (report).

theatres, etc.

units: emergency room, ICU, cardiology, inpatient, pre-surgery,

 New functionalities for the existent PACS, as Cardiology information repository.  Reduction of amortization deadline of the existent Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).  Suppression of the associated costs of ECG’s printing (paper)  Guarantee of Cardiology information safety, eliminating the possibility of studies misplacement.  Scalable solution, regardless of Electrocardiography provider. Evaluation  Satisfaction of clinical staff  Satisfaction of IT Department staff  Satisfaction of Managerial staff.

“MIO™ helped Barnaclínic to maintain its excellence services provision. Our staff is able now to accede to cardiology studies, in a quickly and secure way”. Dra. Catiana Cabrer Recientemente adquirieron 2 dispositivos de Chief Executive electrocardiografía de la empresa Philips modelo TRIM I Barnaclínic

Success Cases





Project Aims The proposed needs and objectives within the

Since the early project stages was identified the need

framework of the digital electrocardiography global

of a tool that answer to the typical difficulties of a

project were:

multi-provider and multi-technology project (SAP,

To incorporate ECGs fundamental information (waveform, numeric values, reports, etc) to the patient Electronic Health Record, to be easily

UDIAT, PHILIPS), in which its different components (HIS, PACS, ECGs) were not designed to work jointly.

Solution Technical Description

accessible to the clinicians. In this line, each ECG

typical parameters was exported to the

The graphic above shows in a resumed way the

Barnaclínic’s Hospital Information System (HIS),

implemented solution, in which MIO™ integration

developed in SAP technology.

capacities are seized to the utmost.

To use the existent UDIAT as the Global Repository of all digital electrocardiography generated at all healthcare institution.

To use PACS viewer as the global visualization tool for the Hospital digital electrocardiography.

To maintain the Cardiology specific viewer (Philips TraceMasterVue) for those specific actions provided by the hospital PACS.

To store numerically each ECG waveforms to view it, if need, with new generation future tools. Total warranty of scalability.

To guarantee the usual circuit to professionals in electrocardiography context, optimizing time with minor difficulty performing ECGs.

“With MIO™ we had incorporate ECGs to the patient Electronic Health Record, reducing to zero the errors caused by the studies lost”. Gregorio Gorjas Financial Management Chief Barnaclínic

Success cases

Specifically the implemented solution includes: 

MIO™ Desktop.

MIO™ Desktop with gateway for PageWriter Trim III devices from Philips.

Afterwards it’s possible to load patient data from

this one processes it, extracts the information,

MIO™ Desktop with gateway for UDIAT PACS

anonymous it and dicomize it.

acting as SCU of C-Store and as Worklist Retrieve (DICOM). 

image tag.

services and HL7 XML v2.5 messaging. 

David Vidal Information Systems’ Manager Corporació Sanitària Clínic

The numeric values of the ECG waveform are automatically introduced in the DICOM obtain

MIO™ Desktop with gateway for SAP, using web

“Thanks to its total compatibility with DICOM, HL7 and XML, MIO™ has become the optimum technical solution for modalities integration into any PACS”.

Once the ECG request arrives to MIO™ Desktop,

Once the ECG has been dicomized, the nursing staff decides its sending or not into UDIAT PACS, from MIO™ Desktop.

Once the ECG is sent to the PACS, MIO™ Desktop sends the report and finalization notification to SAP, through a web service.

From this moment on the ECG is stored in a centralized way at the hospital PACS; it can be visualized by: 

The PACS’ proprietary viewer (with general propose).

Solution’s functional description 

The PHILIPS’ proprietary tool TraceMasterVue

The electrocardiography global circuit and workflow

(for those actions over the image, specifics from

implemented at Barnaclínic is the following:

the Cardiology department).

The nursing staff makes a request in SAP for an

PACS, and recovering the original waveform

patient from the worklist (DICOM Worklist

stored in the DICOM image’s tag, in an automatic


and transparent way to the user.

The clinical staff realizes the ECG, without having

Obtain results

parameter in the device. The realized ECG can be

In Barnaclínic was possible to implement an integral

immediately visualized in the device.

solution for digital Cardiology, fulfilling the primordial

Once the transfer is done, the ECG appears automatically in MIO™ Desktop. MIO™ Desktop presents also a report with numeric values extracted from the electrocardiograph. The report is totally configurable through a template.

MIO™ Desktop, making a query/retrieve from the

ECG, launch MIO™ Desktop and select the

the need of introduce any patient’s identification

In case of Emergency is possible to execute the ECG without making the request in SAP.

premise of clinical staff’s satisfaction and combining the different technologies of the involved collaborating companies: 

RAIM PACS from UDIAT Centre de Diagnostic

ECG devices PageTrim Writer III and software TraceMasterVue processor from PHILIPS

Success cases

MIO™ Desktop Imaging Integration Engine from


Possibility of creation of new TeleCardiology and second opinion services.

The described solution’s implementation has brought

Reduction of the existent Picture Archiving and

huge operational and management advantages; to

Communication System’s (PACS) amortization



Workflow simplification to clinical staff in


Easiness following up the patients in their

ECGs printing. 

Guarantee of Cardiology information safety,

hypertension processes, acute coronary

eliminating the possibility of studies

syndrome, etc, thanks to the Cardiology Global



Suppression of the additional associated costs of

Automatic extraction of important data from ECGs and its integration within the clinical history through reports.

Scalable solution, regardless of Electrocardiography provider.

Satisfaction of clinical, technical and managerial staff.

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Digital Cardiology Integration at Hospital Clinic Barcelona (English)  

Barnaclínic implements a Digital Cardiology integral solution using MIO™ technology

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