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An equally crucial design factor was data protection and security. All national and European legislation and guidelines governing data protection have been observed, and security devices such as passwords, automatic log-out, access, encryption, firewalls, back-ups have been built in. Cisco also created multiple security levels making use of Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) and the 802.1x standard. There are three levels of protection, each appropriate to security needs: • VLAN 1 (highest) for devices (laptops, Tablet PCs and PDAs) that support EAP and allow access to all resources and applications at the hospital. They require EAP verification with a client and server certificate, as well as Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption and session key • VLAN 2 (intermediate) for devices not supporting EAP but which have very restricted access protocols and require 802.1x authentication by the Radius server when access is attempted using a static WEP key • VLAN 3 (low) are patient and family member devices that do not have access to the network

Missed appointments plummet Vast improvements in communications with patients have seen the number of missed appointments plummet by 10 per cent. Driven by features such as the link between Son Llatzer and the primary care centres, the huge windfall should mean that an additional 12,000 patients receive medical care each year. The greatly improved level of efficiency is leading to upgraded healthcare services overall. Medical staff from anywhere on the campus can make accurate decisions quickly through access to databases holding hospital and patient information.

Technology to save more lives The huge benefits from the network are currently being consolidated and the hospital's Information Technology Department is already working towards extending the reach of its Telemedicine service. The hope is that through telemedicine more health services will be on offer and response times of its healthcare teams will be cut. To help raise healthcare throughout the Balearic Islands, staff at Son Llatzer are currently advising other hospitals, with the support of Cisco Systems, on how Medical-Grade Networks can revolutionise medical services.

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Hospital Son Llàtzer (Balearic Islands, Spain) A pioneering network is revolutionising healthcare on a spanisg island