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By Sarah McCarthy, Rena Liu, Natalie Moores, Niki Patel, Alicia Pakenham, Kalyani Lodhia and Linda McCabe


Book Recommends Here are a few books that some of our team have recommended for you to read. Natalie Moores: “’True Blood’ by Charlaine Harris is always a good read for those Twilight fans. One of the best books I read was called ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, but it’s more for year 11 upwards to read, it’s a fab book about learning how to appreciate and use what you have been given. Also, ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma, I would definitely recommend this if your interested in psychology or philosophy. On a lighter basis for the lower years a book that is a must read is based on the musical Wicked called ‘Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West’”


£4.39 £5.83


Niki Patel: “’The Lovely Bones’ by Alice Sebold The Lovely Bones is Alice Sebold's debut novel, a remarkable £4.19 story about love and family and letting go. Susie Salmon is 14 when she is Sarah McCarthy: “’City of Bones’ by raped and murdered by a neighbour, a Cassandra Clarke— it has a wide range serial killer of women who moves from of mystical creatures that will take you town to town after each of his crimes. to another world” Susie's death sends her family into a tailspin as they each try to cope with Alicia Pakenham: “Russell Brand’s the tragedy in their own way. Susie autobiography” narrates the story from heaven, watching her friends, family, and the £5.00 murderer move on with their lives. Alice Sebold does a wonderful job catching the rhythms and interactions of a family and community, and is surprising at times with the strength of her prose in a story about loss and finding the love that was never gone.” £3.99


Fun & Games

Down: Across:

2. Capital of Jordan

1. Shortage

3. Exhausting (informal)

4. Large urban area

4. Place where homeless people sleep rough

9. Equip with weapons

5. Indonesian island

10. Civic head

6. Photographic device

11. Listlessness

7. Type of generator

12. Haggle 13. Collection of signatures

14. Sudden muscle spasm

17. Perverted

15. Cry of praise

19. Scrap 21. Musical instrument

16. Abduct 17. Hard wood

22. Through

18. Judo move

23. Power


8. Golf Club

24. Female relative

20. Large black bird

There are 4 differences in this picture of St. Paul’s Cathedral

5) Timor

10) Lord Mayor 15) Hosanna

4) Cardboard city 9) Arm 3) Killing 2) Amman 1) Lack Answers:

14) Twitch

20) Raven 19) Shred 24) Aunt

13) Autograph book 18) Throw 23) Sway

8) Iron

12) Bargain

7) Dynamo

11) Ennui

6) Camera

17) Twisted 22) Via 16) Kidnap 21) Accordion


By Kalyani Lodhia


Music Recommends Tired? Stressed? Bored? Music is a great way to just relax and just put a smile on your face. Here are my top songs to get you out of those winter blues… Yes the Wombats are back with their quirky lyrics and infectious beats. Their new tune Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) will get your head bobbing in no time. Now all you Gleeks out there are probably dying to watch the new series of Glee which premiered in America on the 23rd of September. Despite not being able to watch the episode on British TV just yet, all of the songs are on YouTube, and one of my favourites so far is their cover of Billionaire by Travie McCoy featuring a new member of the Glee cast. You might remember Sara Bareilles from her cutesy hit single “Love Song” back in 2007 and have probably not heard much from her since then, but yes, she did release an album titled Little Voice and one of my all time favourite chill out songs is on this album, called Gravity, a lovely song to put your feet up to and listen after a long day of hard work. number one favourite song of the moment is Cee-lo Green – Forget You. All you avid listeners of the Chris Moyles show on Radio 1 every weekday morning can’t have missed Chris’ incessant playing of this song, but I just can’t get bored of it! And it should be a crime if you don’t dance around and smile aimlessly when you listen to it. By Rena Liu


Upcoming Films

A new season means new films. Here is a variety of a few that will be hitting the cinemas soon...

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - 06/10/10 12A Gordon Gekko, a man who has just been released from prison, faces shock when he sees the state that the country’s economy is now in. As a result of this, he has to re-invent himself, in order to be better suited to today’s ever-changing world. Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Javier Bardem, Michael Douglas, Carey Mulligan, Charlie Sheen.

The Social Network - 15/10/10 TBC In 2003, Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard undergraduate and computer programming whizz, starts to work on his new idea; Facebook. The blogging and programming takes off immediately and very soon after, it becomes a global social network phenomenon.

Vampires Suck - 15/10/10 12A A comedy which mocks teenage romantic films, especially ones of the vampire kind. Becca, the main character, is torn between two boys, but she’ll have to wait until prom to discover her fate. Starring: Ken Jeong, Matt Lanter, Charlie Weber, Marcelle Baer, Chris Riggi. By Sarah McCarthy


Geek To Chic Okay, so some of you reading this might think what have we done with Jack Whowell, Connor O’Leary , Nick Winterton, Charlotte Edyvean and Ellie Crisp? Well let me explain; we decided to do a little experiment, we dressed them up into geek and dressed them down into chic. As much as we had a real laugh it has a moral to it. ‘It doesn’t matter what you look like, how you act and what you do everyone is an individual and shouldn’t be judged because of it.’ When we asked them some questions about themselves they answered….. What would you say makes you different from everyone else? Connor: I’m outgoing; I work hard and play hard If you could be anyone for the day who would it be? Jack: Justin Bieber How would you describe yourself in three words? Nick: I’m a bit of a silly chap, funny and have the balls to do things others wouldn’t What was your favourite part of the photo shoot and why? Charlotte: It definately had to be Winty in his gorgeous knitted jumper If someone wanted to pursue something that they were worried about starting what advice would you give them? Natalie: don’t give up … if you want to walk a mile you have to take the first steps. So if stuff is rough keep walking you will get there in the end Alicia: Have the confidence to pursue it, stay focused and with hard work and sheer determination you always achieve what you set out to achieve. Make sure you have a look at the geek to chic transformation photo shoot on the next page... By Natalie Moores and Alicia Pakenham


Geek To Chic Photo shoot

By Natalie Moores and Alicia Pakenham


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