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Eccentric Flair by claire

natural collection


crazy curious far out funky kooky off the wall quirky uncommon unconventional whimsical wild

chic elegance glamour panache pizzazz shine stylishness vitality vivaciousness zest zing



1st tier length: 20” 2nd tier length: 22” 3rd tier length: 24” Three tiered design with bright orange and red beading


1st tier length: 18� 2nd tier length: 22�

Vintage inspired asymmetric design with shell beading and gold buttons

3 1st tier length: 28� Single tier design with natural brown tones and accents of purple between white shell beads

4 1st tier length: 28� Linked green, red, shell and wooden beads with green crystal accents

5 1st tier length: 18� 2nd tier length: 20�

Two tiered red and green beads with central medallion

6 1st tier length: 16� Natural brown beads with pale pink accents inside spring beads

7 1st tier length: 20� Textured and smooth brown beads with dark purple and light pink accents

8 1st tier length: 16� 2nd tire length: 20� Layered turquoise and brown beads surrounding white glass bead with golden accents

9 1st tier length: 20� 2nd tire length: 22� Double tiered brown and purple beading with accents of gold surrounded by a pink flowered medallion

Eccentric Flair  

This book contains my latest jewelry designs. Let me know which designs are your favorites!

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