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[krahy-seez] A Reader

Vishnu Vardhani RAJAN & xiri tara noir


In this publication we have chosen to focus on how we inherent in our practices through activism, body-philosophy, and choreography already hold the resources for finding SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR MESSY SCENARIOS. We have worked with this through linking our own personal and professional experiences to the three simple expressions jam - pickle and stew

Jam, Pickle and Stew are perfect examples of conceptual metaphors. A window into a perspective brought to social beings with abilities to speak, listen and use language to communicate. An experimentation to borrow metaphorical usage of words as used in poetry, to find poetics of language that has an overpowering influence on thought, without banalising [ krahy-seez ]. This is an attempt to write, redraft and rescript the present as a history from a future perspective.

Generic (is it a Jam?) understanding [Krahy-sis]

According to the dictionary the word C R I S I S plural cri¡ses [krahy-seez] stands for a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, especially for better or for worse, is determined; turning point. A condition of instability or danger, as in social, economic, political, or international affairs, leading to a decisive change. A dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval in a person's life. Personal / Professional / Political (a la stew) Working in times of crisis.

An extraordinary situation compels, overwhelms and assumes control over a situation to the point; that we, as artists, let go of our own artistic intentions, agendas to flow with circumstances. Yet, as the personal is always political, the personal influences the circumstance. We found our inspiration in [ krahy-seez ] within our experiences as Body-Philosopher and Activist-Choreographer. Specifics (are a pickle) Collaborating across nations or Crisis code-switching

Specifics at first glance might look like an antonym for generic, it is an Underground rapper most known for Under the Hood (A form of eating out a girl), combining great lyrics with the awesome beats and sounds of the dj Nujabes.

C R I S I S [ krahy-sis ] noun-critical agenda Socially distanced ourselves from catastrophizing, looked for simple solutions, safety and surprisingly even pleasure. Language offered alternatives, offering beautiful possibilities to misunderstand.

Simple expressions jam - pickle and stew stayed with us.

A list of alternate words for [krahy-seez] you may underline what stays with you in your extraordinary scenario.











































big trouble

dire straits

hot potato

hour of decision

moment of truth

point of no return

turning point

JAM possible interpretations - choreography - movements - public transport - greetings - connections distance - proximity - possibilities - rhythm - improvisations - dances - music walking - working out - laughter - play - sex - consent - sexism misunderstandings - miscommunications - translations - neighbors - linguistic theories – ...add your own associations to the list...

#SimpleSolutions Jam, a nostalgia. Red, Yellow, and other colours, but if you don’t see colours, it’s a feeling, a sensation, smell and a testimony to time, labour and love merging together. A spread on your bread, a colour on your carpet, and sometimes dessert before dinner.

PICKLE possible interpretations - interactions - social scenarios - relations - religion - care - immune system - immunity - disinfection - affection - salt - sugar - fermentation Godish - feminism - hysterical - panic - spicy - aggressive - traditions ancestors - rituals - healing - spirits - alcohol - herbs - flowers - flavours ...add your own associations to the list...

#SimpleSolutions Pickle, a misunderstanding. Witchcraft, a slow process, a space between sci-fi and magic. Sometimes it’s a glimpse into cultures, geographical and climatic power supporting our need to store, some other times ; I ask for a pickle, you give me pickle and I still am waiting for my pickle.

STEW possible interpretations - community - leftovers - overcooked - social medias - food for sick people food pictures - food porn - food as pleasure - provocations - force - forcefeeding - violations - hunger strike - physical acts - rape - starving - feeding traumas - control - collective - autonomy - homey - homelessness sustainability - refugee camps - emergency - porridge - military - the last meal medicine ...add your own associations to the list...

#SimpleSolutions Stew, a method. A respite for a chilly solitary evening, a refuge, and a solution for large communal meals. ‘what did ‘they’ actually mean by she has become a stew? did they mean that she has a fatigue and exhaustion from fighting perpetual social wars? Or that she has given up?

Vishnu Vardhani RAJAN & xiri tara noir PiR – Publisher in Residence 2020 at c.off www.coff.se

with support from the Nordic-Baltic mobility programme – Culture

inherent in any chaos resides the antidote for disaster and the possibility of joy




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xiri tara noir PiR – Publisher in Residence 2020

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Cho reo Grap hy Ja m

choreography – jam 1

It often looks the messiest when we are doing our best work

choreography – jam 2

Jam as a choreographed mess / or jam as a way to

choreograph the mess “Language is often stabilizing – but bodies are always becoming” How to Survive the End of the World - The Brown Sisters

As a choreographer the jam takes me to many messy memories navigating in dance jam spaces. An impro jam is a place where everything is possible for the better or the worse. It’s a space for beautiful clear communication as well as messy misunderstandings.

a clear framework is needed in order to be able to practice freedom

A jam is a great place to practice being together. A place to test your own needs, limits, desires. A place to work with agreements, consent and trust. Connections and disconnections. Proximity and distance. Discover how these are constantly changing as our relation to ourselves is being created and changed moment by moment. Letting boundary be the distance from where you can love yourself and where I can love myself.

The use of scores can be a way of creating a framework. The score (a set of agreed rules) is what is activating the space for movement. A score can be used in a dance space in order to create a better understanding of space and composition. An example can be that you always have to fill out the empty areas in the space, move in different levels

rolling walking jumping choreography – jam 3

to equilibrate the dynamic. Another score can be that only 5 persons can be on the dancefloor at the time. Whenever someone is entering another has to exit and vice versa. This way of moving in and being in the space is constantly motivating the dancer to activate their awareness and perception of the space. What is needed. What is too much. What is not needed. What is not enough. And within this framework find the openings and possibilities of being on your own and together in the same space. To constantly create, receive, and give space for oneself and the other. These scores can be practiced and come in as helpful tools, both in the dance studio, as well as outside (in the real world) when messy situations occur.

In the following pages are some proposals to exercises that can be practiced everywhere by everyone.

choreography – jam 4

Choreographic Tools For Finding Joy In The Mess There is always something moving that pushes it forward

Choreography is a skill that I use in almost all parts of (my) life. I practice choreography as a way of being in spaces. A practice of being (present) with whatever is there. Being in the world together. Holding myself together. It is the way that I strive and survive and find solutions in the messiest spaces and circumstances. It is my survival skill for navigating and finding joy in the chaos. Choreography is what makes every moment a possible dance. For me choreography is about activating the already existing movements. Giving shape to the stories which are already here, but that we have no words for. Making the unspeakable spoken, when words remain our second language. Move in such a way that makes it possible to see ourselves and the world from a different perspective.

choreography – jam 5

Social Distancing Score •

Walk in the space

Chose two (random) persons

Keep walking

While walking intent to always be in the middle of the two persons and keep a similar distance (min. 1,5m) to them

Notice how the composition is changing in the space

Now add a third person

Continue staying in the middle and keeping the similar distances to the three persons

Notice the change of composition in space

This score can be done anywhere and with anyone. Try it yourself in a public space.

xiri noir

choreography – jam 6

Practice Your Panoramic View This practice can help us orientate ourselves in a chaotic space. This space can be any space. Start by (sitting down) focusing on only one specific detail in the space. Shot everything else out. Keep focusing. Then try to slowly widen your focus to simultaneously focus equally on each movement, sound and impulse in the space. Let the impulses move you through the space. Keep the focus on everything around you at the same time as well as the awareness of your own body in the space. Keep practicing this every day in the spaces you move in. Non panoramic view:

xiri noir choreography – jam 7

Panoramic view:

xiri noir

à à à multiple layers of listening ß ß ß choreography – jam 8

Practice a different perspective This practice is simple and can be done anywhere. The aim is to observe the situation you are in from a different perspective. Here are some proposals.

xiri noir

choreography – jam 9

Practice walking in slow motion as a new way of listening

Find a place where you can walk a short path without getting interrupted. You can do this indoor or in nature.

With each exhale take a step forward.

Keep walking for each breath you take. . Do this for 21 breaths.

Continue over again.


Notice how your listening to the space you are in is step by step getting sharpened.

Notice how walking takes and gives time.

choreography – jam 10

Ca r e P I ck le 1





care – pickle 11

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 = Cripple. Functional diversity as a way of finding creativity and care within the circumstances. The second C could also have been for ‘Cripple’ or ‘Creativity’.

‌pickle as an act of care When I think of pickle it takes me back to the small bites I would eat inbetween my dance classes when I was training. I always aimed to have something sweet or salty in my bag to provide me strength to get through the day. Something to give me energy and nurture my body. Something to keep me going. Amongst my favorites was nuts, dried fruits, rice crackers and pickles! This small habit was a way for me to take care of my hardworking body. After a really long day. This kind of day when you come home and feel like a mess. All sweaty and exhausted. I would fill up a big bottle with water, salt and sugar and drink it in one go. This action would somehow quickly stabilize by body again and get it back in balance. SALT



Combining salt with sugar in this 1:1 ratio is the fastest way to get hydration into your bloodstream aside from an actual IV. The glucose accelerates the absorption of sodium and water into the system, hydratingyou faster than water by itself.

xiri noir

care – pickle 12

Bathing Rituals Another ritual I would practice in these years was making baths. As a self-care practice and as offerings to other bodies. *If you don’t have a bathtub a footbath can also do magic*

As a dancer (and anybody who has a body) my feet are one of my most important tools, and I need to appreciate, honor and respect my tool = my body as well as I need to appreciate, honor and respect other bodies.

Develop a healing ritual of giving yourself a warm footbath in the evenings before you go to bed.

You can also offer a warm footbath to a friend or someone who needs it. It can be a beautiful way of offering care in difficult times, without having to give much of your own energy away.

The water will cleanse and support you.

care – pickle 13

care – pickle 14

Rest and Napping Rituals

Give yourself a moment during the day to rest or take a nap. You don’t have to look for the perfect occasion or place – just do it. Make this a healing ritual. You can also offer someone else to rest or nap. Sometimes we feel we need to get permission to relax – so to offer someone a space or time to rest – and to remind each other that rest is restorative - can be a lovely gift to offer.

Practice Rest Anywhere

If you are in the middle of the mess and the chaos and don’t find a place to rest there is still a way. Simple exercises such as doing long and slow respirations will bring oxygen to your brain and make your nervous system calm down. Try right now to take three - long deep slow breaths - Feel how it affects you body.

For more inspiration on rest and the liberating power of naps see: www.thenapministry.wordpress.com

care – pickle 15

xiri noir

care – pickle 16

Com M un ity te w


community – stew 17

Stew As In Sharing With Your Community The word ‘stew’ reminds me of community. It makes me think of all the different soup kitchens I have participated in, many of where we ended up cooking some unidentifiable mass

mass – mess – stew It would always taste great. Most of the time it wasn’t about the ingredients, but about the intentions and love that we put into the process of the making

Food Not Bombs

#GlobalCommunityCare #CookingIsARevolutionaryAct

community – stew 18

Let’s Make A Free Community Soup Kitchen à

Food Not Bombs

Let’s start with


expression for finding food in the

trash of the supermarket (you can find really good stuff)



à bakeries often give away day-old bread around closing


found and received from donations

creative with what you


includes listening to loud music, talking and tasting



FOOD organizing the food portions, plates, cutlery, water and set up the ‘dish washing station’ (three tubs of water, 1st one for rinsing the dirty plate, 2nd with soap water, and 3th one with clean water to rinse the soap of)



eating together can also be a space for meeting new people,

giving and receiving information and planning actions


DISHES wash pots and pans and bring home leftovers…

More inspiration on how to organize a Food Not Bombs chapter in your community www.foodnotbombs.net

community – stew 19

ACCESS WHAT IS ALREADY THERE The ‘stew’ makes me think of what we can create from nothing…from others trash or from leftovers. It makes me think of food waste. From the way I grew up I’ve learned how to make something from anything. I once made a potato peel soup when I couldn’t find anything else eatable in the kitchen. This ability to create anything from nothing have followed me into my adult life, and into my work as an artist and activist. Try out this basic recipe that almost always works:


Make something out of anything recipe (No shopping needed - use what you find in your kitchen) Proposed ingredients: - something white and soft (base) - something raw (one piece) - a tiny bit of something salty, sweet, bitter or spicy (1/2 teaspoon) - something refreshing and liquid (as many cups as needed) - something that reminds you of someone you hold close to your heart - something that reflects how you feel right now - something fat and nurturing Fuse together the soft and liquid ingredients in something round. Split, slice, crop, bite or mash, crush or squeeze the raw ingredient into the mess. Add your beautiful memory together with a pinch of how you feel right now and 1/2 a teaspoon of bitter, sweet, salty or spicy after your mood. Heat up a pot or a pan with something fat and nurturing. Spill your composition into the pot and let it stir, stew, simmer or bake until you feel it's ready. Lay a portion or a piece into a bowl or a plate and enjoy in good company.

community – stew 20

Food waste and Improvisation A friend of mine was once working in the kitchen at a dance institute for a month. During the first week she threw out so much food to the trash, so she decided that she for the next three weeks would eat only from what was left on others plates. There is also an expression for when you eat the leftovers at tables at restaurants. It’s called ‘table diving’. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, estimates that every year, of all the food produced for human consumption in the world, onethird does not reach our stomachs. When you ‘dumpster dive’ or ‘table dive’ you cannot know what you will find – so you have to be creative with your recipe or your dinner and adjust it, depending on what you find that day. It’s kind of like a site-specific dance performance. You get inspired by what the space gives you – not what you chose to put into the space or on the table

Food Wheel from The Real Food Challenge community – stew 21

A mass of people moving in one direction. Identities reduced to numbers. Lives reduced to waiting. Still remaining. Hope will die last.

"Not doing is not restful, but it's doing things in lots of other ways. The task of doing other ways is the task of keep going. To constantly find ways of alternative doings." -

Prof Saidiya Hartman, London 2019

xiri noir

community – stew 22

-------------Activism as poetry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

‘When I speak of poetry, I am not thinking of it as a genre. Poetry is an awareness of the world, a particular way of relating to reality.’ Andrey Tarkovsky

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Choreography as poetry-------

community – stew 23

The C in Cri

ca be c a l

d wi  


of Cul s of Cul of... - PI L   Com ca - JA   Ct -Al -Col ra - S E  

    A er-Pag b    Vis Var n Raj    Pi - Pub h in Res ce 2020  C.off    

“Mem is a bu us t e ." - Zar     Not : Yo wi , pe   Whe yo Wit g a

n. I t i to ge ri of m me Has  

es, bu it di 't wo , so I de

ar f e to co m pa of t e ma al in an me r an bu up t e ex n wo .  

or fo

do, I wi to be ac w ge an in t e , yo ’s t u y…  

an @g a .co ’  

m at ‘p ho

t. I ev


yo to t a s

m, re

d to

, pa

Stew Car 1   Our increasingl sophisticate Stew    

ctio : Onc wannab stew, carro sala an onion wen o dat . Carro sala go we an becam rea stew.     Fac : A stew ca lo el b translate t ātmy . ‘Whatever i   wholesom t oneself an agreeabl t natur ’.      

Stew Car 2 Fron      A antholog of (mi )organise word   

(Words extracted from ‘passionen’ written by Jeanette Winterson, a free book I picked up from stockholm city library. Kombucha Culture dried, among whispers, love and care. My gratitudes to Kai Ideström for passing on this culture to me.)

Kabaddi is the national sport of Bangladesh. Also played widely in India, a contact team sport, also native to the Indian subcontinent. Accounts of kabaddi appear in the histories of ancient India. My favourite depiction of kabaddi in pop culture is in a movie called Little Budha and in a manga called ‘Durarara!!×2 Shō’ I wish to bring to you the prominent feature of this sport, ‘One breath’. At first it feels impossible, and then you start to tune into various ways of manipulating your breath. I invite you to find a comfortable spot. ● settle in, feel your belly and take a deep long breath. ● say the anthology of (mis) organised words. ● You can choose 4 to 5 lines from here or some other words of your choice. ● Try it again. ● Do you feel full ? High ? refreshed ? ● Do you want ● to laugh ? Scream ? Stop ?



d a n of o r ti


Jam, a memory. A collection of little things that get offloaded from cognitive memory to corporal memory. These cards are an attempt to call upon some memories that are possibly in the deep soma, and yet can’t be incorporated or can they ; through deep referencing ? Proposals on how you could use these cards ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Look at each of these cards. Journey through memories. When you relate to any moment of memory on the card, you may hopscotch. You can do this alone, in a pair and/or as a group. You can start in any order. You may try your body, your hand, finger, toe, nose, gaze… you choose. Instead of Hopscotch, you could also aim and throw an object.

Note : This game can be physical, conversational, physical and conversational…

Jam Earth One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Home.

Hopscotch if you got lost from 1-1000 times in a city that you just moved to, Or that you live in, and you can say you are directionally challenged.

Jam Earth Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Home.

Hopscotch If you can sit with joy, pain and sorrow, and yet smile deep, Hug full, Cry voluptuously.

Jam Earth One Two Four Five Six Seven Eight Home.

Hopscotch If you experienced a shower with your lover, Felt exhilarated,wonderful and instinctive, yet Ending-up in an awkward moment of not knowing when this shower ends.

Jam Earth One Two Three Five Six Seven Eight Home.

Hopscotch If there is a memory that you yourself can’t remember but members of your community tell, re-tell and you go along with it.

Jam Earth One Two Three Four Six Seven Eight Home.

Hopscotch If a tune of a song you heard many years ago, comes back to you, and you can’t remember the artist, the album, the lyrics and you try to find it By humming it to your friend.

Jam Earth One Two Three Four Five Seven Eight Home.

Hopscotch If your parents had funny rituals to heal your booboo, to stop the pain. (My Mom used to put sugar on my wounds everytime I fell, It was pleasant to get sugar on my broken lip.)

Jam Earth One Two Three Four Five Six Eight Home.

Hopscotch If you enjoy the smell that comes to greet you, when you enter an old book store, You love it so much. Still you forget how much you love it.

Jam Earth One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Home.

Hopscotch If a person is your safe-space. HophopScotch if they are here with you.

This pickle is fermenting!

Cartographi of Affinitie I   A performance of today’s mood. Being upside down, to find the social in the distance.

Cartographi of Affinitie II A Lis of toda ’ moo .   Sitting Still Experiencing an ebb Pending pickle Pandemic Poem Water Wet and Waiting Anger अिहं सा Arms Anesthetics Coterie C12H16N2 Banned Beanfeast Band of Bandits Vacillating Virus జృంభణ Vacuometro Vagabondage िवषमलिगकता िवमान-पतन మన మృ నవ దం మర మ ళ Mail Xeno Xerography Obesogenic Options Genetic Geography Oligopoly Ombudsman Xenic Xylyl ज़बान जुलुम Zoopolitics Zati Zoogéographie ज़मीनदार Zombification

Quatre Quetiapine Ink Immoral Udders Unfilled Iambi Iambus ख़मीर ख़तरा ఉఋ ఉతరం जनता జనం जात Jargon Jaculable Juxtaposed Jokes Day िदन నం ద Dandi-march दाढ़ी దండ రణ ధగధగ Keel Kayak Knelt, Kowtow Kleenex a Klutz-PM a Kwanzaa Honour Hemorrhoids Haemophilia Hagiography Hair-clips Hide and seek Tsimandevi, Tsilaos, Tsyilaozana, Telangana జం ట య టంక ల Ragdoll ర Retrograde Razzmatazz ఘం , Nahka नंगापन नकशा नख़िल ान Nomadic Nation Native Naamari Yataghan Y-t Yeast Yellow Fiction; Feline family, Flummoxed, Floriculture Fucking foliage, Fear of Fluenza and flights.

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