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The story of the


By Chloe Foster, Andrew Jones, Joseph Kiessling, and Patrick Kiessling

January 30th, 1933 September 15, 1935 January 30, 1933: Hitler elected Chancellor of Germany March 22, 1933: First concentration camp opened in Dachau April 1, 1933: Beginning of boycott of Jewish shops in Germany November 24, 1933: Alcoholics, the unemployed and the jobless first sent to concentration camps May 17, 1934: Health Insurance barred from Jews September 15, 1935: Nuremburg Laws introduced: Jews not considered German citizens, are not allowed to marry or have sexual relations with non-Jews

March- November 1938 March 13th: Just after Anschluss, Jews in Austria are persecuted and victimized. July 8th: Synagogue in Munich Destroyed October 5th: Jewish Passports now must be stamped with a red ‘J.’ November 9th: Kristallnacht. Windows of Jewish shops were smashed and synagogues were burned throughout Germany and Austria. 20,000 Jews arrested and sent to camps. November 12th: Jews were fined for the damage caused by Kristallnacht November 13th: Jewish children expelled from non-Jewish schools throughout Austria and Germany.

1939-July 1941 October 12, 1939: Austrian and Czech Jews deported and sent to Poland Nov. 23, 1939: Yellow star introduced, Jews were forced to wear them Early 1940s: European Jews persecuted by Nazis and many sent to concentration camps May 20, 1940: Auschwitz opened Nov. 15, 1940: Warsaw Ghetto sealed off with about 400,000 Jews inside July 1941: Einsatzgruppen began murdering Jews in Russia July 31, 1941: ‘Final solution’ was implemented

Auschwitz gas chamber interior

Bergen-Belsen camp

December 8th, 1941May 16th, 1943 December 8th, 1941: first death camp, located in Chelmno January 1942: gassing of large numbers of Jews in the Zyklon B gas chambers begins at Auschwitz-Birkenau Summer 1942: Jews from locations scattered throughout Nazi occupied Europe are sent to death camps to be gassed January 29th, 1943: gypsies join jews as victims of the death camps when an official order is sent out to the effect that gypsies are to be sent to death camps as well. April 19th to May 16th, 1943: After Warsaw Ghetto Jews were sent to Treblinka, news of mass killings in the death camps scared the remaining Jews in the ghetto into beginning an uprising with about 750 young people and smuggled guns. Though they resisted Nazi capture for about a month, they were shot or sent to death camps once the Nazis overcame the uprising. All information from:

The Story of the Holocaust  

A timeline of the Holocaust.

The Story of the Holocaust  

A timeline of the Holocaust.