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C.D. Beard Secon Year Portfolio August- December 2009

“An architect is the drawer of Dreams.” -Grace McGarvie


The Natural Education Station at Turtle Cove

Canal Street FIre Station

The NEST The Natural Education Station at Turtle Cove Project Objective Deisng a single outdoor room in a rural marshland setting for educational use with a focus on how people inhabit the space and the material condition of construction. The outdoor classwoom should deepen the awareness of the environment.



Fire Station, Farmers Market, and Community Center Location: Manchac Marshlands Client: Turtle Cove Preservation Society Project Dates: September 18- October 2


Slat Orientation Diagram, arrows indicate view of students vs. view of teacher.

Facing Page: Site plan. Perspective.

In an effort to accomadate the clien’t small budget and long-term plans, the proposed design is composed of a “kit of parts”, in which additions can be made if/when funding becomes available. Beginning with a basic platform, the structure is meant to grow, incrementally, into a fully functional outoor classroom, complete with soalr panels, a composting toilet, and a water collection system. The design’s circular components provide a soft, organic look, which allow one’s eyes to slip past the structures, maintaining a focus on the landscape, one’s ultimate field of

study. The outdoor classroom is constructed entirely of managablysized, local timber product, allowing for easy and cheap material transport.





Bird’s Eye View of main classroom area.

Process Models.

Construction over time. 9

The Canal Street Fire Station Fire Station and Community Center Project Objective Creat a socilly responsible design for a fire station as well as a communal function, with a focus on programmatic components and users to enhance community support and exchange.



Fire Station, Farmers Market, and Community Center Location: 3100 Block of St. Charles Client: New Orleans Fire Departmen (NOFD) Project Dates: October 7- Decem ber 4

Division of spaces, axonometric. 12

Facing Page: Site plan. Canal Street Elevation

The project responds to the program with a compact design, which allows for nigh-immediate access to the apparatus bay at any time. The design clearly defines the different types of spaces (administrative, living, and apparatus/ maintenance), emphasizing the more important spaces; the double height apparatus bay & living spaces sit very central whiel the lesser office and maintenance areas are pulled out to the sides. All components are linked by a central bar of public space that takes the public from the Canal Street

side, back through the fire station and out to meet the community aspects of the site. This bar is articulated by a semi-transparent tower (a node to the church across the street) as well as a glass-wall foot bridge which serves as the firefighters’ private entrance to the community spaces. Althogh it also serves to compliment the stylistic language of the fire station, the community aspects are derrived directly from the regulating lines of the surrounding site, tying it all back to the community it serves.

Maintenance/Apparatus Administrative/Training Residentiail/Living

Materiality Iberville St.

N Lopez St.

N Salcedo St.

Standing-Seam Steel Roofing

Gray Sand Brick

Canal St.

Red Steel Window/Door Detailng


3rd Level Floorplan. 20. 20. 22.


19. 17.

21. 19. 20.


19. 19.

2nd Level Floorplan.

Ground Level Floorplan. 4.

1. 14./15. 3. 2.

11. 13.





5. 10./12.



Long Section.

Short Section.


Iberville St. Elevation

N Lopez Elevation

16 Elevation

N Salcedo Elevation

N. Salcedo Elevation 1 16"=

1' 0"

Back side of the fire station connecting to the community aspect with the footbridge.

“Public bar� running through the fire station.

View out from the footbridge. 17

Connecting with the Community The proposed community aspect consists of a large open-air warehouse space, a tutoring center, and a small grocery store and community kichen. The warehouse space can function as a flea/farmers market, exhibition space, or outdoor theatre and is directly connected to the fire station via an elevated footbridge at the second level. The tutoring center, directly across from the school allows fro quick and easy access to students. The grocery and community kitchen has a language that relates to the houses it fronts.

Perspective, looking back at fire station through community aspect. 18

Facing Page: Site layout process models.


Second Year Architecture Portfolio: Fall 2009  
Second Year Architecture Portfolio: Fall 2009  

Selected works from the fall semester of second year architecture school.