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courtney rees


courtney rees

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academic projects

corkscrew willow landscape residential landscaping plans construction documents - pool and campus garden sculpture park - sketch-up model urban renewal physical model building conservation subdivision urban plaza

professional projects

architecture - house renovation plans small residential landscaping hospital renovation outdoor rejuvenation large residential concepts


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courtney rees



corkscrew willow landscape


the sinuous nature of the corkscrew willow inspired the design of this one acre landscape the trees and groundcovers are grouped to fluidly meander among subtle topographic changes

courtney rees


residential landscaping plan design process documentation



graphite - planting details

illustrative pen

hand graphics

marker rendering

courtney rees


construction documents, planting plans details for the best methods and criteria for planting trees and shrubs so that they will survive


the pool design and planting plan to the right illustrates plant groupings and layering to provide privacy and aesthetics while securing a relaxing environment

each plant was selected and labeled on the master planting plan plants were chosen for their scents, colors, textures, sizes, and growth requirements

master planting plan

the UGA campus memorial garden design below uses the topography to enclose meditative spaces surrounded with native plants and informative signage

master planting plan

the plantings chosen aid in the erosion and site water management

grading plan

native grasses, shrubs, and trees were selected for their minimal maintenance requirements so their beauty will thrive and span over time

courtney rees


sculpture park - sketch up model

sculptures are placed along paths and in the wooded areas of this landscape, emphasizing views and exposing stormwater management systems


inspiration was taken from the River Gallery Sculpture Garden in Chattanooga, TN which includes a variety of art pieces that compliment the landscape

a museum and recreational facility will provide visitors a place to learn about the park and its sculptures, along with its unique and comprehensive stormwater design

courtney rees


urban renewal


an art gallery, urban garden, farmers market, food cart, restaurant, retail, and performance stage will bring a vibrant, lively atmosphere to a vacant lot at the terminus of a main street downtown

as t udymode l de mons t r a t e d c ons t r uc t i oni s s ue sa nd pot e nt i a l s , a swe l l a sma t e r i a l s , pa t t e r ns , a ndma s s i ngf oramor e hol i s t i cde s i g npr oc e s s

conservation subdivision

engineering road alignment details

roads meander and houses are clustered to open views down towards the lake, while preserving areas of old hardwoods as well as a rare vegetative habitat of native mountain laurel


master plan

smaller lots give people less personal property while preserving the natural vegetation which the community can appreciate collectively

courtney rees


urban plaza


mix of computer and hand graphics - pen

courtney rees



courtney rees


completed for the University of Georgia, College of Environment + Design, Landscape Architecture BLA Program

conclusion of academic project collection


continuation to professional project collection the first project displays work with Rees Design Associates Architecture Firm in Atlanta, Georgia followed by projects illustrating work with Terrain Design & Management in Nassau, Bahamas

courtney rees


sterling street project

this home was damaged in a storm, and the family decided to renovate instead of rebuilding

plans of the damaged house and details of the proposed renovations had to be made to obtain building permits and for construction

original first floor plan

original front elevation


renovated front elevation

computer graphics - Auto CAD

proposed first floor plan

original rear elevation

proposed rear elevation

courtney rees


original and proposed second floor plans

the original second floor served as an attic and loft space. it was accessed by a folding ladder. the proposed second floor is accessed by a new staircase, and will contain the master bedroom, master bath, and master closet.


original and proposed roof plans

after renovation

proposed second floor

courtney rees


small scale residential - Balmoral Balmoral is a new development of condo’s and apartments in Nassau on small lots with fenced-in backyards

the design development included building up a sketch up model to illustrate concepts to the client


a deck, vegetable and herb planting beds, grilling area, and native tropical plants were desired by the client

courtney rees


images of the model were used to illustrate the dimensions of spaces to the client and the construction crew


photos of site development January 2012

using string, spray paint, tape measures, and flags, the staking was laid out by my employer and myself on site over the summer the construction process later began and the design should be completed Spring 2012

courtney rees


public hospital renovation


the Princess Margaret Hospital renovation project was a design-bid-build collaboration between a variety of firms and allied professionals both within the Bahamas and in the US

tree inventory and analysis was first completed so that a transplanting plan could be created and sent out to landscaping contractors for bids

Summer 2011, the tree transplanting and root pruning began the sites development, followed by the later construction of the new buildings and facilities

courtney rees


outdoor rejuvenation

social spaces for congregating, seating and private spaces for contemplation, and a colmbarium were part of this projects program elements for the church in downtown Nassau

 

St. Andrews Kirk   Presbyterian Church


‘Recess’ Concept:

       

a variety of niches provide spaces for people to meditate in serene spaces: plantings, pavings, and focal elements bring amibance and vibrance to each area


      

‘Reflection’ Concept: the existing church is not handicap accessible, thus a concept with a flowing network of paving and ramps allows for all to experience and utilize the public spaces and friendly services

architectural details and patterns were mirrored with the water feature and paving patterns selected with this concept to connect and unify the historic church with its propsed outdoor spaces

‘Open Invitation’ Concept:

large multi-functional spaces provide areas for congregating and events to be held outdoors among simple, thoughfully selected hard and soft-scape details

courtney rees


large scale residential

a prosed residence on a small, secluded island of the Bahamas, for a family desiring a retreat home with a large pool, guest house, beachfront access, and a variety of social family spaces

inventory and analysis drawings of the site were first created, followed by a functional diagram shown to the right, allocating and connecting program elements to defined areas


3 conceptual designs for the pool and main entry area were developed and sent to the client

an aquatic plant pool which would sustain itself naturally was suggested to minimize the maintenance required due to the inaccessibility of the remote island

courtney rees


illustrative schematic plan after receiving feedback from the client regarding the intial concept designs, the chosen concept was further developed into a schematic master plan of the pool entry area


courtney rees



Permanent Address 2579 Dellwood Drive NW Atlanta, GA 30305


Carolyn Courtney Rees (404) 312-8723

Current Address 135 Northview Drive Athens, GA 30606

Education University of Georgia (Athens, GA): Bachelor of Landscape Architecture May 2012 • Current Cumulative GPA: 3.65 – Dean’s List • Study Abroad – UGA Costa Rica - Fall Semester 2010 • LEED Green Associate Course at UGA in progress, expected April 2012 Atlanta International School (Atlanta, GA): International Baccalaureate Diploma - May 2007 Skills Landscaping Applications -Proficiency in Auto-CAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Google Sketch-Up, hand graphics -Develop design processes, residential planting designs, and large developments -Confidence in working with a creative team to complete detailed projects for a variety of clients -Experience with giving verbal presentations that effectively demonstrate visual concepts and intentions -Identify and effectively site over 400 plant species frequently used in the South and studied these plants’ cultural requirements, ornamental attributes, and ecological characteristics -Experience implementing residential, commercial, public, and university campus design projects Interests -Studied the history of landscape design, city planning, and popular designers and locations -Attended Athens planning commission meetings and learned relevant environmental and urban concerns with other members of the community -Proficient in French, basic comprehension in Spanish, basic comprehension in German -Artistic endeavors – watercolor, colored pencils, and marker exploration -Read various literature related to climate change and sustainable lifestyles

Experience Terrain Design and Management Nassau, Bahamas Intern, May 2011 – August 2011 • Drafted planting and detail plans for the islands public hospitol’s renovation, design – build project • Attended Bid- Day and design - build team meetings for hospitol renovation project • Residential and commerical site inventory, analysis, and design concepts – hand and computer graphics • Public park and preserved historic site management and reports – Bahamas National Trust • Charette meetings for design developments for the Bahamas National Trust • Sketch-Up model building – residential plans • Plant, material, and sustainable design selections for site implementations • Site visits and management reports for implemented designs Rees Design Associates Atlanta, GA Intern, summers of 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 • Drafted elevations and plans - AutoCAD, rendered elevations - Photoshop • Designed and drafted courtyard, pool landscape – hand graphics and AutoCAD • Attended meetings with architect and developers, visited sites, documented site developments – photographs • Laid out and implemented interior designs and artwork for model apartments

courtney rees


2012 Portfolio - Courtney Rees  

A collection of academic and professional landscape architecture projects, displaying creativity and design processing, graphics, programmin...

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