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Welcome to Fringe ’09 – The National Multicultural Fringe and Festival Club. With hundreds of performers over nine nights, our feature this year is the great music our fine city produces – with a few blow-ins thrown in just to prove that other states and territories can do it well, too! Bands take to the stage every night in various genres from rock to country, bluegrass to funk; there are local groups-made-good like Casual Projects, Roshambo and D’opus, Omar Musa and The Cashews (just to name but a few) and there are hot interstate acts such as The Crooked Fiddle Band, The Snowdroppers, Erin Black and the Page-

turners and Triple J Unearthed winner, the songbird with a steel stringed guitar, Abbie Cardwell. Then there’s Aussie music legend Dave Graney playing with his band The Lurid Yellow Mist – he’s in a category all by himself. Theatre-wise our “Court @ Fringe” program, features a premiere work by Canberra Youth Theatre Six Billion Love, Little Girl Lost in the Devil’s Black Beard from rapidly rising performance band Mr Fibby, the return of our popular show from last year by Centrepiece Theatre, Hot Audio Wallpaper, and sick circus in Le Petite Sideshow. Watch out for Shadow House Pits performing our third instalment of Theatre in a Car - Dying Love, Reflections of Love on the Windscreen of a Car directed by Joe Woodward; and don’t forget to visit our international stencil art exhibition Your Kid Can’t Do This at the ACT

Legislative Assembly, first floor gallery. Then there is A Stacked Deck – Fringe’s threeday celebration and salute to the art form that is Burlesque presented by the Magnificent Liberté Bell and Gale &Valance. Turn the pages, see the biggest bringing together of burlesque performers ever seen - and join in, too, with workshops galore... Thanks to all our sponsors, in particular the ACT Government through the National Multicultural Festival, DFO, and our media partners CityNews, and the only other mag not to wipe ya bum with, BMA. Come enjoy. Fringe is (mostly) FREE, FREE, FREE, I TELLS YA!!! Jorian Gardner Director

Fri Feb 6 Opening night

A plethora of performers opens Fringe 09 with beautiful destruction amid a flurry of drums, music, theatre and experimental movement in Min Mae’s La Belle Apocalypse; Triple J Unearthed winner Abbie Cardwell and Her Leading Men; National Poetry slam winner Omar Musa, The Crooked Fiddle Band and many more surprises!

Sat Feb 7 This is Big...

With community groups and market stalls on all day there is something for everyone, then from 6pm, DJ k-rad with DJ Simon provide the glue that sticks Chanel Cole, The Zawadi African Dancers, Abbie Cardwell and Her Leading Men, Tom Woodward’s The Orphanage, D’Opus and Roshambo and Casual Projects together; The CYT’s Six Billion Love and Mr Fibby’s Little Girl Lost in the Devil’s Black Beard opens in the Courtyard Studio.

Sun Feb 8 Sunday evening romp

Alice Cottee, Sean Smeaton, The Ellis Collective, Omar Musa and DJ Rush and DJ Tori Mac.

Mon Feb 9 Canberra Musicians Club Night

Featuring super solos, The Wedded Bliss, Fire on the Hill, The Band Broke Up, Los Chavos and much, much more.

Tue Feb 10 Laugh-o-rama – The Fringe Comedy night

Hosted by Jay Sullivan and featuring Ray Badran, Brian Chandler, Shane Matheson, Oliver Phommavanh, Smart Casual, Luke MacGregor, Neil Sinclair, Ryan Coffey, Mat Keneally, Tom Gibson, Emo Willis, Kale Bogdanovs, Daniel Connell, Mark Kulasingham, Herbie and the Coleslaws. Join in the National Hecklers Competition. Live music by The Fuelers. Hot Audio Wallpaper opens in the Courtyard Studio for two nights. Theatre in a Car opens for the rest of the festival.

Wed Feb 11 Live in the spotlight...

Simone Penkethman Album Launch, Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist and Dubba Rukki plus surprise performers.

Thurs Feb 12 Swing it for me!

Dr Stovepipe’s Old Time Medicinal Radio Show with Jacquie Nicole, Minouche A Trois, The Jumptown Jammers, and Jonno Zilber. Dress in your best vintage threads. A Stacked Deck opening night in the Courtyard Studio.

Fri Feb 13 A Stacked Deck

The biggest night of burlesque you’ve ever seen with live music from Erin Black and the Pageturners, all night free on the fringe stage. Le Petite Sideshow opens in the Courtyard Studio for two nights.

Sat Feb 14 Closing night

A massive closing night party including Mr Fibby, Smitten, and The Snowdroppers. Also, burlesque workshops throughout the day.

Visit for more madness...

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Canberra Youth Theatre and Fringe 09 present

FOR BOOKINGS CALL CANBERRA TICKETING: (02) 6275 2700 colebennetts photography

colebennetts photography

MC Music

Fringe ‘09 in associatio The Magnifi n with cent Libert é Belle and Gale & Vall ance Prese nt

A three day cel e b r a t i o of burlesque arts n 12 - 14 F



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S PRESE Imogen K NTATIO elly, Lola NS PER t he Vamp, Cowboy, A FORMA The Bird dam Mad NCE m a, The M Electric D agnificent ann, The Town B ollhouse, ikes, Lib M Curtis, A nnabel Li adam ZuZu, Lulu erté Belle, Dangerb Space nes, (ex Bellad oy & Ivy, the Pagetu onnas de rners, Hei Lucy Suze Taylor, L ux Vashti Hu di v Lachlan C ghes, Erin ), Celia oventry, T on Hottentot, Mis Bla s he Lindy Mlle Mon Charm Sc Billy Divine, Cris C ck and a Cromat h lucas and ique, rovi tarot read ng perfor ool for Girls, Mov er, vintage make-ove mers, sexy cigarett eable Feasts, e rs, pin-up WWW.M photo boo girls and boys, YSPACE th and mo .COM re! /A_STA CKED_D


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colebennetts photography

February 12

Everything you wante Burlesque but were af d to know about raid to ask... A delicio

us blend of live perfor mance and panel pres Kelly - Lola the Vam entations from Imog p - Fiona Patten (CE en O, Eros Association) Beattie (Australian bu - Russall S. rlesque producer) - Pr ofessor Jill Matthews by The Birdmann, wi (ANU). MC’d th musical entertainm ent from Cris Clucas Coventry, and refreshm an d Lachlan ents from The Movea ble Feasts. 7

pm, Courtyard Studio Canberra Theatre Ce ntre. $18 at the door.

February 13 Burlesque Extravaganza

An eye-popping line up of Australia’s crème de la crèm e of burlesque, cabaret and sid eshow. Something for all tastes! The Town Bikes - Space C owboy - Adam Mada - Th e Magnificent Liberté Belle - Dangerboy- Electric Dol lhouse - Madam ZuZu - Th e Birdmann - Lulu (ex Be lladonnas de Lux) - Celia Curtis - Annabel Lines Lucy Suze Taylor - Vashti Hug hes - Cris Clucas - Erin Bl ack and the Pageturners - Hei di von Hottentot - Billy D ivine - The Stacked Deck Dance rs - Mlle Mona Cromatiq ue – vintage makeovers with the Lindy Charm School for Girls - sexy cigarette girls and boys – pin up photo bo oth – peepshow - market stalls – tarot reader - and more!

Show starts 7pm sharp, F ringe Club, Civic Square, FREE entry. Prize s for best dressed!

4 1 y r a u r Feb t, Baby! classes Work Iarts workshops and Burlesque

tka h Miss Kuie moves: bump, grind, t i w e u q s sq r’s Burle core burle

Beginnee workshop covering thea basic routine. Basic danc dents learn d twirl. Stu n a y m im sh pm - $25 10am-12

es Town Bteikd with a e h T h t i w cu iosyncrathsayt makes you unique. E-xuesing an array of d i r u o y g Workin and celebrate what it is of absurdity, Bikes style Articulate a good dose mour and u h f o se n se rops! d curious p n a te ra a p dis pm - $25 10am-12

) as de Lux n n o d a ll e ! x B ge or the boudoir a ith Lulu (e

for the st king w Pastie Mtoa make your own pastiesri–als) te

Learn how - $30 (inc basic ma pm 10am-12

Birdmanofnyour own e h T h t i rsona w rmance and awareness a Stage Pe erfo

g for p Developuirnown unique persona to ce. the audien Develop yo unicate your world mm style to co 5 5pm - $2 12.45-2.4

am Madfea ats at d A h t i w g astonishin ing Arts

e Conjugrwill see you with severally guarded principles h t f o e t s a jurin fe, Close AT iately use. s of your li tion to con

duc r area immed This intro sed in othe h you can u ic e h b w n s, a c ip h rt your finge iques, whic gical techn lo o h c sy p and on. rops) e touched h quality p ig h c n will also b (i 5 5pm - $4 12.45-2.4 en e Martincsut and trim n li E h t i w cs, er Makinntsg, drafting patterns, fabri k c i n K h c e Fren ut taking measurem Learn abo knickers. for French m - $25 ls 5p ol for Ginirtage o 12.45-2.4 h c S m r v ha to get the th LindyeaC i w techniques e k th o o rn L intage make-up workshop. L Get the cV nd tical hair a 3 hour pra ’s to 1950’s. 20 look – 19 0 5pm - $3 ae .4 3 12.45h Min M t i w t n g e si m u h Move constructs of the mind n g u o r h t jo inhibiting our Mo Findingmyojo by moving beyond thiceprinciples. tantr Find your dance and entre s, e u iq n h c icultural C lt u theatre te M e h T 25 s include: 3-5pm - $ ed! Venue quefest@

les limit email: bur r, re strictly e a t s is e g c e r la p o Workshop a Theatre Centre. T r r e b and Can colebennetts colebennetts photography photography

The Beautiful (fringe) People

Director: Jorian Gardner; Creative Producer: Alice Cottee; Publicity: Chanel Cole; Design & Photography: Cole Bennetts; Technicals: Eclipse Lighting & Sound; Go-to-guy: Jim Sharrock; Court@Fringe FOH: Chenoeh Miller and Violet Barnett; Fringe performers: Peta Ward, Kat Henry, Erica Field, Lloyd Alison-Young, Hanna Cormick, Joe Woodward; A Stacked Deck: Lani Gerrish and Amy Gale; For the Canberra Theatre Centre: Freyla Ferguson and Bruce Carmichael; For the Multicultural Festival: Nic Manikis, Kabu Okai-Davies. Fringe reserves the right to make program changes where needed and without notice.

Fringe 09 - The Fringe Festival Festival of Canberra  
Fringe 09 - The Fringe Festival Festival of Canberra  

The complete program of FRINGE 09, Canberra's Fringe Festival held in Civic Square, Canberra City