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Poetry Portfolio Chiara Prytz

Statement of Intent I was really inspired about the nature around the school. So many things were happening that we never take the time to notice. I had the idea to make the haiku about leaves because I was walking and a leaf got stuck in my shoe. Since I was in my "creative mode" I thought about how we never notice as we carelessly tread on old, rotten leaves that have fallen from their trees. The leaves were once bright green and were blowing in the wind on their trees but when they fell off their tree, no one noticed them anymore. The fallen leaves aren't free anymore as they can't help but be stepped on and moved by the wind, even to the places they might not want to go. I find that I use good word choice, personification and imagery that adds more power to convey the message. I think this message is highly important because so many people and things that we don't notice are trapped and in need of help and attention.

Statement of Intent "Her Screams" was greatly inspired by the video "To this Day" by Shane Koyczan. I found the video really touching and when we were asked to make a poem like that one, my head was filled with so many great ideas because of that video. I sat under some stairs to be in the darkness in order to feel depressed. I thought of a story about a girl who goes through a lot of bullying throughout her life and begins to believe all the names she gets called. I was really inspired by the video I had just watched and I wrote my poem "Her Screams" and it turned out to be a really great poem in my opinion. I used choice of words, similes and metaphors to convey the message that one insult can turn into many and can ruin someone else. I feel this message is very important because throughout the whole world, approximately 2,000 people commit suicide everyday.

Statement of Intent For my poem "Outside" I got inspiration when I was locked outside my house so I had to sit in my garden. I had to wait an hour for someone to come home so I opened up my computer and since I had no homework I decided to write a poem for English class. I began thinking about how being locked outside wasn't such a bad thing because some children don't get to see the outside that often. I decided to write a poem about a slave boy who never went outside. I wanted to make it short and simple yet have a big impact. When I finished my poem I was satisfied. I communicated the message using word choice and similes. The subject of child labor is highly important and this poem was made to raise awareness because some children are still forced to work every day even though it is illegal.

Statement of Intent For my found poem "Nightmare" I used a passage from the hunger games. I feel it represents the subject of freedom because it explains waking up from a nightmare which you cannot escape, you are trapped in it and not free and every time you awaken from it, there is just another nightmare. I explore the idea of being in misery and then realizing that there is even more bad things that await by the use of word choice, setting of mood and climax. I feel the subject is important because "nightmares" are not created by oneself but also the people around that person. People should be more aware of how they are affecting someone else's day.

Statement of Intent For my poem “Like a Bird� I use repetition, word choice and rhyming to explore the idea of being trapped and wanting to break free like a bird. The subject is mainly slavery but also being trapped mentally and wanting to break free from all the negative thoughts. This subject is important because slavery is completely wrong and should not be done, even worse child labor! I made this poem to raise awareness about the subject in hopes that more effort would be put into stopping slavery. What I am trying to say about freedom in this poem is that everyone deserves to feel free and everyone should.

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In English class, we were asked to make several poems and put them into a portfolio. I made a few poems that I am really proud of and here t...