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All IBAK products have one thing in common: They are "made in Germany". All system components are developed, produced, installed and tested by IBAK. Due to their high quality standard, IBAK products are benchmarks for investment security and efficiency - and have been for over 60 years.

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IBAK Sewer TV inspection software

IBAK Sewer TV inspection software 2011

IBAK IKAS 32 Sewer TV inspection software Data acquisition of sewer TV inspections

IBAK IKAS 32 Software is a powerful software for the acquisition of sewer TV inspection data. For the fulfilment of inspection specifications (standard GIS interface) IKAS 32 offers comprehensive input validations. With the IKAS 32 Reportviewer, inspection data (digital reports, statistics, MPEG and Panoramo films) can be transferred to a preferred media format (DVD, USB-HDD...) and viewed. The software is available in a wide range of languages. Due to the modular and optionally expandable configuration, IKAS 32 can be quickly and easily aligned with a diverse range of requirements. Even the basic IKAS 32 system is available for a variety of functional environments. First of all for the professional TV inspection vehicles with comprehensive technical equipment, with which the IKAS 32 interacts. Additionally, tailored IKAS 32 variants are available for small systems, such as the IBAK control box (from BK 3.5), the MobiLite and an office version for project pre and post-processing1). The IKAS 32 can be equipped with a wide range of interface modules – for example ATV-M150, IKIS4, ISYBAU, TVKANDIS4, BEBEFDSS, NL-SUFRIB2, DK-DANDAS, EN13508 and many more besides. With the IKAS 32 modules the input screens, reference tables, reports (inspection reports), coding systems for the sewer condition, and data imports and exports are all provided. For IKAS 32


operators, maximum data security is granted with the IKAS 32 interface modules tailored to the customer's target system, from the verified data input right through to the standard-conformant data transfer to the customer. Features IKAS 32 Data acquisition for sections / manholes and domestic connections Picture digitalisation Video recorder control Manhole inspection with manhole graphics Project management Tour circuits Report generation: Master, inspection and photo reports, statistics; export options to Excel, Word, HTML Reportviewer for free transferral of the data Generation of the section graphics in real-time Linking / calling up PANORAMO data Controlling digital videos (MPEG-1 / -2 / -4) incl. player software Configurable video overlay EN-13508-compatible: DWA M149-3 and diverse EU systems 1) Operating system prerequisites dependent on the system hardware In the case of some functions described these are options subject to a surcharge.

Options – subject to a surcharge – are functional expansions, which may require additional hardware equipment (e. g. measurement function, PANORAMO analysis, ...) Detailed information can be found in the respective brochures, on the relevant brochure pages.

Options for IKAS 32 MPEG digitalisation Measurements PANORAMO analysis PANORAMO-SI 3D measurement Video analysis Condition classification Import of measurement data NAVIGATOR®

PLAN Profiler

Depending on the hardware used, MPEG-1,-2,-4 recordings are generated; chronological and/ or object by object logging is possible Defects measurement, deformation, tilt, temperature, diameter measurements Analysis of PANORAMO films (incl. PANORAMO wizard) Measurement of three-dimensional objects in a manhole Analysis (inspection) of digital films (incl. video analysis wizard) Classification in accordance with ISYBAU, ATV, DWA M149-3, ISYBAU2006ff Import of measurement data (incl. coordinates) for sewer master data Visual ascertainment of manifold information (direction, angle) during a lateral inspection Graphic presentation of sewer networks, background plans and map materials. Drawing functions and automatic/manual digitalisation (creation) of sewer network plans. Three-dimensional presentation of domestic connection networks. Deformation measurement with the laser profiler


IBAK IKAS 32 Report Viewer Passing on and playback of sewer TV inspection data


The IBAK Report Viewer is a powerful tool for displaying all data from a sewer TV inspection. In addition to reports, statistics, digital images and sewer network maps, it is also possible to view MPEG and PANORAMO films quickly and easily. The Report Viewer is also a licence-free program, with which the entire inspection data can be forwarded onto the customer. Report Viewer: All inspection data at a glance Transferral of all data to the customer - MPEG and PANORAMO films - Digital inspection images - Reports with inspection data, photos, section graphics, manhole graphics - Statistics (mass and video statistics) - Sewer network plans and background maps Rapid access to the complete inspection Space-saving and simple archiving

Examples of diverse inspection projects can be found on the IBAK media demo DVD. Please request this from an.


Statistics Reports Photos



Report Viewer

Point cloud viewer

Films (MPEG, PANORAMO) 3D network viewer

Rapid access to films and images Films are simply called up via the inspection data TIMECODE: Precise jumps within a film Call up film items via the distance values of the stations Independent "travelling" through PANORAMO films Open inspection images with ease, via the inspection data

Clear structuring of the reports Easily comprehensible tree structure Unique symbols Comprehensive filter functions Clear structuring by groups according to special criteria (e.g. material, street, ...)

Sewer network and plans in Reportviewer Presentation of sewer network plans and various background maps Call up reports from the sewer network plan Search and mark sewer objects in the plan


Retrospective fading out of the background maps


Printing out reports from the sewer network plan Three-dimensional presentation of the network (3D network viewer)



IBAK IKAS 32 MPEG digitalisation

With the IBAK sewer analysis system "IKAS 32" it is possible to generate MPEG recordings in real-time. The formats MPEG-1, -2 and -4 are supported (dependent on the encoder hardware) with individually adjustable quality (data rates). The result of IKAS 32-MPEG digitalisation is an MPEG video recording for sewer inspection, which is compiled for the customer in accordance with the conditions of the interfaces used (see IKAS32 interface module). The MPEG videos are also provided on DVD or hard drive in line with the target system. The IBAK-MPEG office workstation "IMBA 32" serves the retrospective digitalisation of analogue video cassettes. With the licencefree player software it is possible to display MPEG films with the associated data index and individual digital images.


IKAS 32-MPEG digitalisation MPEG-1, -2 and -4 with adjustable data rate (quality)1) Synchronous MPEG and video recordings Individual naming of the MPEG tracks Film control via the data index Licence-free player software Automatic compilation of all requisite data for CD/DVD burning Rapid access to the complete inspection Space-saving and simple archiving 1)

For MPEG-2- and -4 films it is necessary to install an appropriate decoder

MPEG Mobile MPEG digitalisation with a notebook and e.g. the BK 3 IKAS 32 plus optional (IKAS 32-MPEG digitalisation with USB encoder hardware) BK 3.5 with IKAS-32-BK edition MobiLite and IKAS32-Mobilite

IBAK IMBA 32 Office workstation for post-digitalising videos MPEG 1 / 2 / 4 with selectable quality Names of MPEG tracks freely selectable Auto. time code reference Automatic data index Licence-free viewer software 1)

MPEG in the Report Viewer Precise control of the films via the station tables of the reports Display of the films with the IBAK player software 1)


IBAK IKAS 32 Optional "PLAN" for the sewer network graphics in IKAS  32

Digital sewer network plan with background map and direct link to the object data

The common and often awkward printing out of a paper plan is superfluous

The optional "PLAN" is the graphic expansion for the IBAK sewer TV inspection software "IKAS32". IKAS32 is transformed from an inspection data program into a sewer GIS with CAD functions for graphic sewer network editing. The optional "PLAN" offers numerous possibilities: The presentation of master data, CAD drawing functions, digitalisation function for manhole, section and lateral generation, presentation of layout plans in grid and vector format, import / export of all conventional file formats (DXF, RLC, TIF, BMP, JPG and IZF). In inspection mode the sewer master data is graphically displayed directly with coordinates. With the associated layout plans a paper copy becomes superfluous - it is also possible to avoid awkward large-scale paper plans. The inspection assignment can therefore be fully completed graphically on the monitor. The inspected sewer objects are highlighted in colour; the condition data/inspection results are also graphically presented and can be conveniently examined in the office by the customer using the licence-free and free-of-charge software "IKAS32 Reportviewer".


In digitalisation mode new sewer data can be graphically generated. Here, CAD design tools used not only to generate drawings of the location and course of elements; the associated coordinates are also stored in the sewer database. Using suitable data interfaces such as ISYBAU2006, DWA M150 (V2), IBAK ISF etc. it is possible for these coordinates to be transferred to the customer as sewer master data for his GIS. Inspection results are therefore produced and graphically displayed if the sewer operator had no master data available, and can be conveniently transferred with the IKAS32 Reportviewer.

Digitalisation of a new section with construction circles

Precise alignment by turning the lateral network

Integration of the digital sewer network plans and maps in IBAK Report Viewer

Using the network section wizard1) the course of the branch laterals is automatically calculated. And this for all laterals that flow via a pipe connection to the mainline sewer in a single working process (lateral Nter arrangement). The network section wizard calculates the three-dimensional lateral course using the TV inspection data with provision of the condition coding for bends, branches and pipe connections. With just a few operating steps and CAD design tools the course is adjusted to the specifications from terrain and cadastral maps. The result is not only the graphic presentation in the network plan and elevation contours but also the database information with the X, Y and Z coordinates for every inflection point. With geo-referenced mainline sewer specifications one directly receives a matching georeferenced lateral network with no additional effort.

Features Open graphic presentation of all sewer network data automatically from the database, with geo coordinates or relative cadastral maps, aerial photographs, scanned plans etc. as vector and grid drawings matching with the coordinate area Automatic administration / loading of associated background maps Map overview Graphic editing of the sewer network data with CAD design tools Graphic generation of branch lateral courses, three-dimensionally calculated from the TV data and IBAK-NAVIGATOR measurements; presentation in top view, height course and 3D network viewer Generate / shift / rotate lateral network section Sections / laterals with inflection points GPS functions Presentation of the position via Gaus Krüger Digitalisation of sections / laterals Shifting of manholes Releasing of texts Measuring functions (area / distance) Curve cut method for auxiliary structures Printing with standard and own print head configuration Three-dimensional geometry data export in accordance with the data interface used. System requirements PC Pentium 1.8 GHz 1GB RAM 17" monitor min. resolution 1024 x 768 Windows XP, Windows 7 Operation via two-button mouse

1) IKAS32 interface module with separate data storage for lateral pipes required


IBAK IKAS 32 Optional "NAVIGATOR" Wizard for IKAS 32 TV inspection

Integration of the digital sewer network plans and maps in IBAK Report Viewer

A software solution for sewer TV inspection of the complete site sewer with automatically generated geo-referenced layout plan. The IKAS 32 NAVIGATOR is a wizard that enables the generation of directional changes to the lateral course during TV travel. Through the visual evaluation of the video image, specifications to be provided by the operator for bends / elbows are quickly and easily replaced with clicks of the mouse. With the NAVIGATOR wizard and the correctly positioned image from the IBAK camera, data acquisition takes place without additional inspection time being required -and this independent of an individual appraisal by the operator. All conventional coding systems (ATV-M143, ISYBAU01, DWA M149-2,...) require these directional specifications; specifications that it was previously necessary to estimate. The navigator wizard replaces the estimation of these specifications with an evaluation of the video image. Additionally, the directional change is not only stored in the time schematic (coding system, with 15° ranges), but also in degree-precise resolution.

The directional data, acquired for a lateral in this way, automatically provides its three-dimensional course. It is possible, via a geo-referenced reference point, to fit this lateral course into a layout plan of the lateral network and as such supplement the inspection report. The lateral course is obtained in just a few steps: – Operator travels with the camera to a bend / elbow – Camera automatically adjusts for a correctly positioned image – With a simple click of the mouse in the NAVIGATOR wizard, angles and directions are evaluated The IKAS 32 plan component then automatically generates the lateral course. Its three-dimensional X, Y, Z coordinates are stored in the IKAS 32 sewer database and can be transferred directly to any GIS databases.

IKAS32 interface module with separate data storage for lateral pipes required

– 10 –

Wizard for condition determination

With IBAK ORION L it is always possible to generate an upright image

Features Optional for the IKAS 32 with plan components Complete integration in the IKAS 32 analysis wizard (IKAS 32 EDE operation) Acquisition of directional changes in the lateral course through video evaluation With simple mouse clicks enabling: – Direction in the clockwise schematic – Angles in degrees – 3 D course determination without complex measuring in the sewer pipe


Inspection film Inspection report

Sewer network plan in the Report Viewer

NAVIGATOR dialogue

– 11 –

IBAK IKAS 32 Optional "video analysis"

Inspection with digital recording

Digital films

IKAS 32 + video analysis

DVD Reports Photos Films


On site the inspection is captured in the form of digital film using a simple recording device, e.g. an MPEG recorder. The only requisite piece of information added into the video image or noted in parallel for every station is the length counter of the coiler. Films1), produced as described in the example or in a similar manner, can be integrated into the IKAS 32 with the option "video analysis" and retrospectively "inspected".

System requirements IKAS 32 from version 1.9 IKAS 32 optional "video analysis" Inspection films  1): MPEG-1, -2 or -4, DivX, ... For the video analysis the distance value should be added into the video Windows XP, Windows 7 Operation via two-button mouse and keyboard 1) Film formats are supported, for which an appropriate decoder is installed on the computer.

– 12 –

The connection between the film and the dataset for the section of lateral is produced by way of simple assignment. A sewer object can be assigned to as many films as required with a settable sequence. Subsequently the film is "inspected" with the analysis.

Service spectrum Symbol selection (symbol wizard for EN13508) Hotkeys, determination of protracted defects Individual digital images Section graphics with inspection course Measuring functions (water level, distance/area in the pipe cross section) Operation via two-button mouse and keyboard Following the analysis the films can be compiled on a CD/DVD in the conventional manner together with all reports, photos and the ReportViewer.

– 13 –

IBAK IKAS 32 Options for condition classification DWA-M 149-3 ISYBAU XML

Class model (editable with classification per DWA-M 149-3)

With the IKAS 32 options "Condition classification DWA-M 149-3" and "Condition classification ISYBAU XML" it is possible to carry out respective classification in just a few steps. Depending on the option used, the inspection data taken into consideration is either that acquired per DWA-M 149-2 or DWA-M 149-2 in conjunction with ISYBAU. The calculation models and quantities of results are not compatible and must be used per the specifications in line with the data acquisition. The classifications are carried out automatically (in the case of DWA-M 149-3 with an individual case inspection). The results listed in tabular format comprise the required restoration totals, the condition assessment and the action requirements. Coloured labelling of the various condition assessments ensures that objects requiring rapid action are immediately discernible. In addition to the direct classification results, the following list of reports and statistics can also be generated.

– 14 –

Comprehensive reports and statistics

Reports and statistics Detailed report Various statistics Statistics by protection target (leak-tightness, stability, reliability) List of sections System requirements IKAS 32, latest version For classification DWA-M 149-3 IKAS 32 module ATV-M150, IKIS Acquisition of condition data per DWA-M 149-2 For classification ISYBAU XML IKAS 32 module ISYBAU XML Acquisition of condition data per DWA-M 149-2 in conjunction with ISYBAU

Individual case inspection (DWA-M 149-3)

Station table with classification figures

Classification dialogue with display of results ISYBAU XML

Features Quick and easy to operate Classification of sections, laterals and manholes Automatic acquisition of framework conditions from the master data Automatic classification Manual classification 1) Easy to operate individual case inspection 2) Clear presentation of results with coloured labelling of condition assessment Provision of classification results in comprehensive reports and statistics Data export via the interface of the respective IKAS 32 modules (ISYBAU XML, ATV-M150) Data export via the IBAK ISF interface Editable class model 2) 1) Only with condition classification ISYBAU XML 2) Only with condition classification DWA-M 149-3

Classification dialogue with display of results DWA-M 149-3

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IBAK Ikas32 software  
IBAK Ikas32 software