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Charting + MDS By Catalyst RAI MDS 2.0

Some folks may like to take risks...

Catalyst MDS helps with accurate and timely completion of the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) process, including submission of data to required stakeholders.

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Dynamic Charting Catalyst Charting provides users a simple and intuitive means of

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documenting and reporting on resident specific information in a way that supports clinical practice and quality assurance.

In conjunction with oneMAR, the full solution offers: Paperless clinical workflow with electronic progress notes, vital signs and measures, customized assessments, RAI MDS 2.0 assessments, RAI reports, medication and treatment administration records, safe medication administration practices and management, therapy time tracking and more.

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Luc Gervais PIN: 9245674564 Room#: 103

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Hypertension, Parkinson’s Disease, Osteoarthritis


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Feb 06, 2009



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Levodopa/Carbidopa - 100/25 - APX TAKE 1 TABLET 3 TIMES A DAY RX - 1000042 Jan 04, 2009 02195941 Dr. Marina Andricevic

Feb 06, 2009


Exp: Mar 03, 2010

Ramipril - 5mg - HMR TAKE 1 CAPSULE DAILY RX - 1000044 Jan 04, 2009 02221845 Dr. Marina Andricevic

Feb 06, 2009


Furosemide - 20mg - APX TAKE 1 TABLET DAILY RX - 1000041 Jan 04, 2009 00396788 Dr. Marina Andricevic

Feb 06, 2009



From: Feb 06, 2009 07:00 To: Feb 06, 2009 10:00 Admin By

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Lot # Exp: Sep 24, 2010

(010001GM010F) Lot # Exp: Mar 04, 2010

But not with their medication safety Find out how to take the risk out of medication administration


Your complete pharmacy solution A family owned and operated community pharmacy 1. Quality care, servicing the Greater Vancouver Region for

over 25 years

2. Servicing health care facilities ranging from 100+ beds to small

Catalyst oneMAR™ Automates Med-pass

oneMAR replaces the paper MAR with a robust, real-time electronic MAR accessed by scanning PACMED® pouches. oneMAR is an internet-based system that seamlessly integrates the information and care needs of health care facilities, pharmacies and physicians.

homes with under 10 beds

Features Customized pharmacy services with unparalleled resident care

1. Full resident profile & history, including

1. Expertise in all aspects of health care facilities

2. Daily deliveries (Monday through Saturday)

2. Barcode scanning triggers instant access

3. After hours on-call pharmacist, 24/7

picture identification to residents’ info:

4. Continuing education and in-services

–– dosing and time changes –– delivery status

Packaging options

–– notification of on-hold and

1. 35 day blister-pack

discontinued medication

2. 7 day multi-dose compliance packaging

3. Online ordering of pharmacy requests at

3. Barcode scanning technology

the point of care

4. Consult physician at the point of care –

Contact us

Marks Pharmacy

5. Real-time eMAR / eTAR

attach progress notes, vitals

3750 Oak Street Vancouver, BC V6H 2M3 t 604-731-8535 f 604-731-8534 w