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bobble hat design est. 2014


keep trying, because you’ll always get there in the end. don’t just think about the work, actually do the work. make lots of perfect mistakes and learn from them. bobble hat manifesto

edit photographs in photoshop, thats where they belong. procrastination is great, intil its the week before hand in. believe in yourself, even when no one else does

zephyr air brand identity, prouct and packaging for conceptual brand ‘zephyr’, specialising in air.

bear cereal box back collaborative brief designing illustrative box backs on the concept of what children want to be when they grow up.

national trust campaign integrated campaign to encourage new younger memberships to the national trust. included a welcome kit and an accpompanying app.

alternative movie poster movie poster for the film ‘studs lonigan’

project print propogandist newspaper campaigning and encouraging people to use traditional printing techniques as part of thier creative practise..

swash brand identity and collateral for swash, a typographic seafood restaurant

bobble hat design

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PPP2 Bobble Hat 1