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The Battle of Blairtacus! Blairtacus, the king of judging technology, has just had a fierce battle with the robotic cell phone. He had to save the human race from the elimination of modern day technology and how it is advancing so rapidly. He lay there thinking to himself, Pondering over what had just happened How he was betrayed by something he trusted. It all started on December 21st 2012 Supposedly the day the world was going to end According to the Mayan calendar. Dr. Combover had the brilliant idea of changing the technological world. He created the new best friend for man: a robotic cell phone. Technology was on the rise; people coming up with new inventions every day.

By the shore, next to the Golden Gate Bridge, Waking up next to the reflection of flames Shimmering off the still water. Blairtacus ached for the new robotic cell phone. The smartest technological guy in the land, He always rates the new ideas that come out, And he thinks this one is the greatest idea yet. “I believe the new robotic cell phone will be as big as the TV and radio,� Stated Blairtacus. What the technological nerd didn’t know was that he just bought the product that could end the world.

A month after he had the communicative-box it started malfunctioning all across the world. That is when the robotic phone flipped out and started attacking owners all around the land Shooting lasers at them with its camera.

Phones started taking over the world. And the ring leader was Blairtacus’ phone, also known Justin will his voice ever drop aka JWHVED. Blairtacus knew what he had to do; destroy JWHVED or the world of the humans would be over. Using the power of his nerd ness in technology he was ready for battle.

The battle was the fiercest one yet, one for the ages. It took place in San Francisco next to the shore of the golden gate bridge. JWHVED was ferocious like a lion hunting it’s pray. But it was no match for the great critic of technology. JWHVED twice the size of Blairtacus had a huge advantage, Pushing Blairtacus around like a ragdoll, The honored-hero fell into the mud face first next to the bay. Brute Blairtacus knew though he couldn’t give up no matter how much he was getting hit and pushed around, Because the fate of the human race relied on his shoulders. Blairtacus just had to somehow get to the back of the robotic cell phone and take out the battery. The climb was not an easy climb. Blairtacus had to cause a distraction or blind the cruddy cell; to get on its back and unplug the battery. The heroic-warrior grabbed some sand and mud when he was down on the ground. While getting up Blairtacus threw the sand in the robotic cell phones eyes. The robotic cell phone rocked back and forth turning its back towards Blairtacus leaving and opening. With the power of the nerds the great Blairtacus climbed up the gigantic robot and took out his battery. Defeating the ring leader of the cellular robotic army and saving the human race.

Blairtacus lay by the shore, next to the Great bay-spanner, Waking up next to the reflection of flames Shimmering off the still water.

Thinking to himself “I will never trust technology as long as I live. Don’t put so much trust into technology because it may turn on the human race.” The city of San Francisco built a statue for the master of the technological world. To honor the memory of the great battle between the robotic cell phone ring leader and Blairtacuse.

The Battle of Blairtacus!  
The Battle of Blairtacus!  

Battle Defending the future from being taken over from Technology.