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BZG Websites Sunday March 20, 2011 A Message from B.Goldman

Š 2011 BZG Websites INC.

BZG Websites March 20, 2011


As many of you know I announced on February 6 that I would be taking a leave of absence from my company starting April 18, 2011. The reason is personal. I didn't start it earlier because BZG Websites 5th Anniversary will be April 7. All web shows except for B.GoldmanLIVE And Tudis's YouTube Show will stop until I return. I promise to be back in less then a year. B.GoldmanLIVE season 3 will end on April 12. I will continue to do B.GoldmanLIVE shows starting with season 4 on May 3. During that break there may be extra shows. Yirmi Goldman will be in charge of some web shows and keynotes when I am gone. Websites will go on as normal. Project Future will be on pause until June 1, whether I'm back or not.

Thank You, Binyamin Goldman President, C.E.O. BZG Websites

A Message from B.Goldman  

A special message from B.Goldman

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