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Skye Herrick, Trevor Dixon Kevin Manning, Caleb Flint

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In conjunction with BYU’s Ballard Center, Google started the Community Leaders Program in Provo in August 2013 to help small businesses and non-profit organizations with their online needs.

Our team--the small business team--focused on helping businesses in downtown Provo with tasks ranging from setting up a basic email account to using advanced website analytics and advertising campaigns.

There are two other teams working on the Community Leaders Program. The United Way team is helping various nonprofit organizations in the community to develop a better online presence to increase their organizations’ impact. Another team is working with Centro Hispano to help the Hispanic community in Provo to gain necessary computer and internet skills that will better equip them to thrive in the increasingly technology driven society.

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Team & Partners

Community Leaders Program BYU Ballard Center Partners

Caleb Flint Business Strategy

Skye Herrick International Relations

Trevor Dixon Computer Science

Kevin Manning Marketing


Jennifer Holland Program Manager, Google Apps for Education

Jared Morgan Downtown Provo Inc.

Erica Swanson Program Manager, Digital Inclusion

Eddy Yujra Orem SBDC

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Our Mission

Make Provo the most digitally accessible downtown in Utah. Through... (1) Downtown Digital Development (2) Mentored Business Relationships (3) Large Group Trainings

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(1) Downtown Development

Our Goal: Get 86% of downtown businesses on social media and Google Maps (from 61%).

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(1) Downtown Development ●

Presentation at Google and Downtown Provo Inc. Luncheon in October to about 100 local businesses

Survey assessing the Downtown Digital Profile sent out to members of Downtown Provo Inc. ~ 40 Current Respondents

CLP Team began going door to door for survey respondents

Survey responses show that businesses are online but need help will more advanced tools like Analytics, Adwords, and Drive

Planning a large event at the end of March at Camp Four in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce to get business online and train on Google Tools

Working with Downtown Provo Inc. to make Provo the most digitally connected downtown in Utah

Google Confidential and Proprietary

(2) Mentored Businesses

Great Salt Lake Guitar Company Launching an online store

Enliten Bakery Developing savvier social media strategy

Los Hermanos Customers can now make reservations online, creation of an electronic comment card, and monthly newsletters

Hines Mansion Reaching more customers through online advertising and social media

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(3) Group Trainings ●

We have two training programs running currently one with the Small Business Development Center and the other through Downtown Provo Inc. Trainings occur weekly with positive responses and good attendance.

Set up 4 training modules based on attendee feedback: ○ ○ ○ ○

Google Analytics Google Adwords Google Apps Social Media/Google Maps

Google Confidential and Proprietary

SIP Fall 2013-Winter 2014 | Google Small Business CLP  

Google Community Leaders Program Small Business Development Team

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