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faculty and staff Appointments

respectively, of the Journal of

S. Kent Brown replaces Ray L.

Book of Mormon and Restoration

Huntington as academic coor­ dinator of the BYU Jerusalem

Scriptures. Paul Y. Hoskisson replaced S. Kent

Center for Near Eastern Studies.

Brown as director of the Willes

Andrew C. Skinner and Keith J.

Center for Book of Mormon

Wilson are currently serving as

Studies and the Foundation

faculty members there.

for Ancient Research and

Jeffrey R. Chadwick has been

Mormon Studies in the Neal A.

appointed to the board of

Maxwell Institute for Religious

trustees of the American


Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) for a three-year term,


2008–10. He has also been reap­

Susan Easton Black and Andrew C.

pointed as senior fellow at the

Skinner received a faculty schol­

William F. Albright Institute

arship from the Neal A. Maxwell

of Archaeological Research in

Institute for their work on the


phrase “this land” in the Book of

Brian M. Hauglid was appointed editor for the new annual peri­ odical Studies in the Bible and Antiquity. Andrew H. Hedges, Steven

Mormon. Richard B. Crookston was awarded a plaque for his five years of service to the university.

Paul Y. Hoskisson

Robert C. Freeman and Dennis A.

C. Harper, and Kerry M.

Wright received the George

Where the Ashes of the Latter-

Muhlestein were appointed

Washington Honor Medal from

day Saints Reposed’: The Far

editor and associate editors,

the Freedom Foundation in

West, Missouri, Burial Ground,”

October 2008 for gathering oral

Mormon Historical Studies 9, no. 1

histories for the Saints at War

(Spring 2008): 135–42.

Charles Swift

project, publishing several books

———. “The Final Episode of

on the subject, creating docu­

Mormonism in Missouri in the

mentary films, and establishing a

1830s: The Incarceration of the

historical archive.

Mormon Prisoners in Richmond

Charles Swift was named outstand­

and Columbia Jails, 1838–1839,”

ing faculty member for 2008

John Whitmer Historical

in the BYU chapter of Phi Eta

Association Journal 28 (2008):


1–34. Freeman, Robert C., and Jon

Non-Rsc Publications (2008)

Felt. German Saints at War.

Baugh, Alexander L., and Michael S.

Springville, UT: Cedar Fort, 2008.

Riggs. “‘That They Might Rest 26 B YU R EL I G I OU S EDUCATIO N REV IEW

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2009 Winter Review Magazine (2.1)  

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