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Q&A A Conversation with Ken McCarty Interview by Brent R. Nordgren Ken McCarty ( is assistant dean, Religious Education. Brent Nordgren ( is production manager for BYU’s Religious Studies Center.

help us with our funding needs. We have been instructed that we should always allow donors to direct how they would like their charitable gifts used. Our responsibility is to educate donors on our priorities and let them select where they would like to help.

Let me give you an example

of how it all works: I had a call this morning from an individual who was looking to make a $10,000 gift to BYU but wanted to give to an area that would have special interest for him. When I found out his wife had served a mission to Germany, I called Dr. Ken McCarty is in charge of fund-raising for Religious Education.

Roger Minert because he is working on a book to highlight members of the

Q: I think our readers would like

assist with fund-raising at Religious

Church who lived in Germany during

to know what you do, and what is


World War II. Dr. Minert is sending

your official title?

A: My title is assistant dean,

this donor a proposal to finish his

Religious Education. My assignment

Q: How do you locate people

is to raise funds for approved priori­

who are willing to donate to these

ties at Religious Education and other


research and publish the book. This may be the perfect project that the donor is looking for.

Church-related charities. I have been

A:We are fortunate at Religious

deployed from LDS Philanthropies

Education to have a national volun­

Q: That leads me to the next

(LDSP), which is a department of the

teer committee called “Friends of

question: With the economy more

Presiding Bishopric of the Church, to

Religious Education” to help us iden­

volatile lately, does that make your

tify individuals that may be willing to

efforts more difficult?


2009 Winter Review Magazine (2.1)  
2009 Winter Review Magazine (2.1)  

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